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Welcome to round 5 of the Tok'ra Kree! Prompt-a-thon!

The time has come to leave prompts for the 5th round, and due to the success of the last round we hope there will be as many prompts this time - if not more.

Prompting is open from May 1st and through May 8th. Anyone is welcome to leave Tok'ra related prompts on this post - whether you wish to create any fanworks for this round, or not. Leaving multiple prompts is encouraged! You can leave them all in one comment, or in several - it is all good.

The schedule for the rest of the prompt-a-thon can be found here.

How to leave prompts:

  • Prompts should belong to the Stargate universe (SG-1, SGA, SGU, and the original movie). Crossovers are permitted, though, and should be noted in the prompt.
  • Prompts can be for art or fic, or any. If nothing is noted, it will be assumed it is for any.
  • Prompts can be a word, a sentence, a line of dialogue, a quote, a picture, or a longer plot bunny.
  • Prompts can be ship, gen, or any. Tok'ra are listed like this: Sam|Jolinar (host|symbiote). Pairings should be listed like this: Sam|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash.
  • Prompts can, but does not have to, include the names of one or more characters.
  • OC characters, including OC Tok'ra, are welcome.
  • You can be as vague or specific as you want to, but you cannot control how someone who chose your prompt (if anyone), will interpret it.
  • It is possible to leave prompts anonymously.
  • You are allowed to reuse up to ten prompts from previous rounds. Remember to check on both the DW and LJ comm if someone already reposted that prompt :)

Prompts should be left in this format:

Fandom (SG-1, SGA, SGU, pairing/character, prompt word(s)


Crossover, (SG-1, SGA, SGU) / other fandom (or SG-1, SGA, SGU), pairing/character, prompt word(s)

Pairings can also be threesomes, foursomes, moresomes.


SG-1, Garshaw of Belote, How did she come to be known as "The most hunted Goa'uld of all time"?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Aldwin/Teyla, She took him to see the sunset from Atlantis.

SG-1, Kanan, alone

SG-1, Jolinar, She had always loved him.

SG-1, Malek/Janet, healers

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, "Yes, I suppose this would be considered a date."

SG-1, Sam/Jack , The symbiote in the jar was Tok'ra.

SGA, Caldwell/Carson Beckett and OC Tok'ra, naquadah

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, shared future

What does it mean that a prompt should be Tok'ra related?
It just means that one or more Tok'ra should be included, and should play an important part in the fic/artwork that is later created from the prompt. The Tok'ra should not merely be there as an easy way to get information and/or technology.

If you need them, the rules can be found here and the FAQ is here.

You can find information about each of the Tok'ra (including a picture) here, and about each of the Goa'uld (including a picture and symbol, if known) here. The information also contains lists of episodes the Tok'ra or Goa'uld have been in. There is also a list of episodes that have a Tok'ra in them. It can be found here.

If you need inspiration, you can find lists of prompts/plot bunnies here: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, Prompts, round 04.

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Date: 2014-05-02 00:06 (UTC)
paian: Janet Fraiser, caption 'in the mind's eye' (mind's eye by paxm)
From: [personal profile] paian
SG-1, Eliot|Lantash, how they survived together and what happened when they made it back to the Tok'ra or the SGC

SG-1, Eliot|Lantash and Carter|Jolinar, how the humans cope with the love affair between their symbiotes

SG-1, any characters, the Tok'ra in a post-Goa'uld galaxy

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Date: 2014-05-04 00:52 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
From previous rounds:

SG-1, Cordesh, he took O'Neill as host, and now the Tok'ra have to save Earth

SG-1, Jack|Malek, Jack becomes Malek's host. I want to hear a plausible reason for this happening! Don't kill Malek!

SG-1, Rosha|Jolinar, What if she met SG-1 much earlier? What if she was on Abydos as a prisoner? Or maybe SG-1 caused her to be discovered. Does she go home with them? Reveal she is Tok'ra? Does Sam become Jolinar's host?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, SG1 finds a time travel device that send their consciousness back in time to their younger bodies, right before “In the Line of Duty” and Sam, still sad about Jolinar’s death, offers herself as a willing host.

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, the SGC had a sarcophagus and used it when they thought Sam would die (maybe the ashrak killed them outright instead of letting them suffer for a little while before Jolinar died)

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, "Yes, I suppose this would be considered a date."

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, garden party with SG-1

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, going out to a nightclub

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, Sam has hit her heard (or whatever) on a mission and lost her memory. She has escaped to some planet where she has managed to get herself set up as supreme ruler. Everyone bows to her. When the rest of SG-1 and Martouf|Lantash arrive there looking for her, they are caught and taken to the queen. She has them stripped naked so she can pick a lover - she's a bit of a size-queen. She picks Martouf for her bed and sends the rest to the mines. She is very happy with the sex, but soon finds herself falling in love with Martouf|Lantash - something that's never happened in the half year or so she has ruled the world and taken local lovers. Now Martouf|Lantash must try to make her remember who she is - before Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c dies in the mines.

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, She had to admit approaching them like that had been an experiment at first - triggered by a memory from Jolinar. Soon, however, she found she could not stop herself. One kiss lead to another, and now she knew she loved them. It didn't matter if the love had been triggered by something leftover from Jolinar - it was her love now.

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Date: 2014-05-04 00:54 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, When Sam shot Martouf|Lantash in D&C, Jack watched and realized that Sam loves Martouf|Lantash. He decides to somehow rescue them so his teammate will be happy.

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Date: 2014-05-04 18:40 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
8 prompts from the previous round, with a few re-writes.

SG-1, Egeria, Egeria accidentally takes a host while the Pangarans are experimenting on her. How does this change the situation for the Tok’ra?

SG-1, Jack|Kanan, they remain blended. How does this change the events in "Fragile Balance"? Can Kanan's ability to heal stop or slow down mini!Jack's declining health from the cloning process?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, Jolinar flashes her eyes at Jack before she pushes him through the Gate in “In the Line of Duty”.

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, SG1 finds a time travel device that send their consciousness back in time to their younger bodies, right before “In the Line of Duty” and Sam, still sad about Jolinar’s death, offers herself as a willing host.

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar/Jack|Kanan, Thor cloned Sam to keep Mini!Jack company, but the cloning process somehow resurrected Jolinar and Kanan (assume Kanan died in ‘Abyss’ rather than leave). It's the summer after their HS graduation. Now what?

SGA, Freya|Anise, in a renewed attempt to form a closer alliance between the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri the PTB agree to allow two Tok'ra scientists to join the Atlantis Expedition when they return to Pegasus.

SGA, McKay/Anise, something happens and McKay ends up as her host.

Crossover, SG-1/Criminal Minds, any, rewrite of "Seth". Before the ATF and the USAF showed up in Seattle, the local Sheriff called in the BAU to help with the Cult of Seth.

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Date: 2014-05-05 05:46 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1 +/- SGA, Ayiana, In an AU of the SG-1 season 6 episode "Frozen" the Ancient Ayiana lives long enough for the Tok'Ra to arrive and offer their help. Like Jack, Ayiana becomes a Tok'Ra host to save herself. How does her presence amongst the Tok'Ra change things? Will Ayiana & the Tok'Ra go to Atlantis?


Date: 2014-05-05 11:54 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SGA/SG1, Sheppard, He becomes the new host of a Tok'ra symbiote who has been on Earth since the Antarctic Gate stopped working.

SGA/SG1, Elizabeth Weir, Her records say she's willing to become a Tok'ra host if there isn't any other alternative to save her life. So instead of activating her nanites in 'Lifelife', they put her in stasis until the Tok'ra can be contacted.

SG1, Sam|Jolinar, The episode '1969' if Jolinar had survived.

SG1, Sam|Jolinar/Jack|Kanan, Jack only accepted the Tok'ra's offer to become a host because of Sam.

SG1, Sam|Jolinar and/or Jack|Kanan, the changes in the timeline post-Moebuis caused one or both of them to have remained hosts.

SG1, (mini)Jack|Kanan, on second thought maybe it wasn't such a bright idea to let them loose on the unsuspecting masses.

SG1, Anise|Freya/Jack|Kanan, Jack changed his mind about them after he became a host.

SG1, Anise|Freya +/ Daniel, there's a new interesting find in Egypt and Anise|Freya is invited to Earth to help figure it out.

SGA/SG1, Sheppard and his SGC team, they spend a week on "loan" to the Tok'ra because of his gene.

SGA/SG1, Sheppard/Mitchell, Sheppard joins SG-1 on a mission where they end up having to work with Tok'ra operatives.

Crossover, SG-1/Harry Potter, Sirius Black, the Veil sent him to the current Tok'ra Homeworld.

Crossover, SG-1/BtVS, Buffy|Egeria, (post-Chosen) Buffy either accidentally or deliberatly enter a portal and end up in the past. Not only that, but she's on another planet, AND in another reality with no way home.

Crossover, SG1/Perception, Daniel Pierce, Dr. Pierce is hired by the SGC after he quits his job at the Chicago Lake Michigan University. They want him to diagnose current and former Goa'uld and Tok'ra hosts, in addition to screen possible future Tok'ra hosts and asses how Gate travel affects people.

Crossover, SG1/Sanctuary, Helen Magnus, a Tok'ra is brought to the Sanctuary.

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Date: 2014-05-05 14:34 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Alexi Vaselov|Lantesh (optional), Jacob|Selmak, Do you remember Alexi Vaselov? The dying Russian Air Force officer that sacrificed himself to save O’Neill from Anubis in episode “Lockdown”? What if someone else goes through the gate with Anubis to KS7-535, leaving Vaselov alive but still dying in the SGC infirmary? What if Vaselov is given the option of joining the Tok’Ra? How would the Russian and his Tok’Ra get along with Jacob & Selmak? BONUS OPTION: what if Vaselov’s symbiot is none other than Lantesh that survived the events of “Summit/Last Stand” because his symbiot tank was never broken?

SGA, have one or more of the Lantean crewmen from either the Aurora or the Tria avoid their canon death by blending with the Tok’ra and helping in the fight against the Wraith and Ori.

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Date: 2014-05-05 17:44 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Mini-Jack and Reetou-Charlie, Mini-Jack remembers about Reetou-Charlie, and decides to check up on him. Reetou-Charlie was about 10 in early 1999, so when Mini-Jack is cloned in summer 2003, Reetou-Charlie must be about 14-15. So only a little younger than Mini-Jack. Perhaps they can be friends? Go to school together, hang together (hunt chicks together in a few years...)

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Date: 2014-05-05 17:44 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Sam|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, Jack|Kanan, Kanan stayed in Jack and both survived. Later an alien devices resurrects Jolinar in Sam. She is depressed that Martouf|Lantash are dead. She and Sam keeps being depressed and are getting worse. Kanan is a good friend of Jolinar's, and worries for her, and after they find the timeship (in It's Good to Be King), Kanan convinces Jack to travel back in time and save Martouf and Lantash, somehow, and bring them back.

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Date: 2014-05-06 11:02 (UTC)
hathor_girl: Hathor (Default)
From: [personal profile] hathor_girl
SG-1, Sam|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, with Sam host to Jolinar, the episode Divide and Conquer goes differently. Martouf|Lantash are saved. Write the story how this happens.

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, Sam|Jolinar shares her time between the Tok'ra and SGC. So does their mates, Martouf|Lantash.

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, a Martouf|Lantash comes through from an extremely similar timeline where the only difference is that Sam was the zatarc instead.

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash,rewrite Divide and Conquer with Jack being the zatarc. Martouf|Lantash gets to comfort Sam.

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash and SG-1, timetravel to ancient Egypt (before Moebius episodes, and D&C didn't happen). The Tok'ra didn't exist yet (they were founded 2000 years ago) - Ra left Egypt/Earth 5000 years ago, but some Goa'uld stayed longer here and there. What happens? Martouf|Lantash probably pretends to be Goa'uld to save SG-1

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash,rewrite Window of Opportunity with Martouf|Lantash there too (Divide and Conquer didn't happen or happened differently). Your choice if Martouf|Lantash can remember from loop to loop, if only one of them can, or if neither can. Perhaps some rivalry with Jack would be fun?

(also, your tumblr link is correct in the sticky at the top of this comm, but wrong in many of your promos! The - should be a - and not a _ :) )

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Date: 2014-05-07 10:45 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, they are on a mission together, spying on the Goa'uld. Sam is the only one from SG-1 who could come (or wanted to come).

SG-1, Egeria, how did she become Tok'ra?

SG-1, Daniel/Freya|Anise, he and Anise are in love, and Freya is falling for him now too since Tok'ra love as one (deeper emotions are shared). Will Daniel learn to love Freya too?

SG-1, Jack/Freya|Anise, he did not turn them away in Divide and Conquer

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, Sam asked Martouf|Lantash to stay the night when he came to visit in Divide and Conquer. Somehow Sam discovers he is zatarc (or just realizes he has not been tested). Martouf|Lantash are tested and cured.

SG-1, Rosha|Jolinar, how did Rosha become host to Jolinar?

SG-1, Rosha|Jolinar and Martouf|Lantash and SG-1, AU - SG-1 travels to a reality where the SGC never met the Tok'ra, and Rosha|Jolinar and Martouf|Lantash are alive and well (and together, you can add ship if you want). Earth is not doing so well, and is subjugated by a Goa'uld. SG-1 must convince the Tok'ra to try and help Earth

SG-1, Rosha|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash, how did they become mates? Where Jolinar and Lantash together before Rosha and Martouf?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash and SG-1, SG-1 meets an AU Sam|Jolinar and Martouf|Lantash who are alive and together.

SG-1/SGA, Aldwin and Jacob/Selmak and Martouf/Selmak and SG-1, the people on Atlantis activates an Ancient device which pulls SG-1, Jacob/Selmak, Aldwin, Martouf/Lantash through time from the teltac they were travelling in on the way back from Netu. Author's choice if it messes completely with the timeline, only messes a little, or if the device somehow creates identical quantum copies or whatever before pulling the originals through so nothing changes with the timeline. How does the season three humans, Tok'ra and Jaffa react to suddenly being in the future on Atlantis?

SG-1/X-files, any Tok'ra, SG-1 and some Tok'ra are on a mission on Earth and meets Mulder and Scully. Maybe Thor beams all of them up to save them from something?

SG-1/Teen Wolf, Martouf/Lantash and any other Tok'ra and humans, I read a fic where Martouf is Chris Argent's twin brother, and Chris Argent had ended up on Earth b/c a teltac with him and other kids stolen by the Goa'uld crashed on Earth. I wanna see more in this universe. Maybe the hunters find a stasis jar with a Goa'uld or Tok'ra? Maybe SG-1 meets Chris Argent? Maybe Martouf/Lantash is on a secret mission on Earth and meets Martouf's brother?

Sam/Martouf|Lantash, SG-1 meet Martouf|Lantash earlier, but after Sam has been host to Jolinar. Sam recognize them (does SG-1 save Martouf|Lantash or the other way around? Or do they just meet?) Martouf|Lantash get to go back to Earth with SG-1 and spends time with Sam. They fall in love.
Edited Date: 2014-05-07 10:47 (UTC)

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Date: 2014-05-08 04:50 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, In an alternative universe the Egyptian Stargate was either taken by Ra or was never discovered by Dr. Langford. There was no mission to Abydos, no SGC and Earth never met the Tok'Ra. But when Garshaw & the High Council learn that the long-lost System Lord Seth is hiding on Tau'ri (Earth), a group of Tok'Ra are sent by Tel'tak to find & neutralize him. Which of our favorite Tok'Ra characters will go to Earth? Will they choose to make First Contact with the people of Earth, asking the human authorities to help them in their search for Seth? Or will choose to work undercover, trying to blend in amongst the strange inhabitants of this bizarre planet we called Earth? Will the Tok'Ra succeed in their mission and who will they meet along the way?

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Date: 2014-05-08 17:15 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Anise|Freya, In an AU version of the episode "Meridian", Anise & Freya instead of Jacob & Selmak arrive to heal Daniel. When Daniel dies Anise/Freya, feeling the loss of Daniel and experiencing a degree of guilt for not being able to help him, offer to take his place on SG-1. How do things turn out differently with Anise/Freya on SG-1 instead of Jonas Quinn?

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Date: 2014-05-08 18:36 (UTC)
roeskva: Jolinar confronts the ashrak (Default)
From: [personal profile] roeskva
SG-1, Korra, let us hear of his mission undercover with Sokar

SG-1, Kelmaa, instead of committing suicide, she jumped into the tank

SG-1, Khonsu, he does not die immediately when his first prime turns on him, and when SG-1 comes to meet him, one of them agrees to be his host - temporary at first, but maybe the SG-1 member decides to remain his host?

SG-1, Malek and Jolinar, they were on an ill-fated mission together. This should be pre-Jolinar/Lantash, so you can make it shippy or friendship as you want

SG-1, Ocker, life as a Tok'ra Chief of Security

SG-1, Jack O'Neill|Delek, I want to see Jack O'Neill as host to Delek.

SG-1, Delek, mission with the Tau'ri

SG-1, Per'sus, the daily life of a Tok'ra High Councillor

SG-1, Dr. Raully, she survived her wounds by taking Sam as host (Sam volunteers and/or is unconscious and/or badly injured)

SG-1, Selmak, why is she so small?

SG-1, Jacob/Selmak, their first mission together

SG-1, Sina, what does she think of Stargate Command and Earth food?

SG-1, Ta'seem, he is a Tok'ra healer/surgeon. Let him meet and talk to SGC doctors. They must be able to tell each other things/teach each other things.

SG-1, Thoran, the episode 'The Abyss' as seen from his point of view. Kanan was his best friend, and now the humans at the SGC is talking trash about him. That can't be making him happy or cooperative - especially with his grief and worry for his friend at the same time!

SG-1, Zarin, let her live. Maybe have Teal'c put her in a sarcophagus when he realizes the Tok'ra are not to blame.

SG-1, any Tok'ra, (From Tok'ra I, Teal'c: "According to Jaffa legend, the Tok'ra are the Goa'uld resistance. Their stated goal is the destruction of the System Lords and a change in the ways of the empire. They are hunted and despised by the Goa'uld." Jack O'Neill: "Yes! My kinda guys!") This was how the Tok'ra were viewed and showed in the first seasons we saw them - season 2 and 3. That is how they should have continued being seen. Please rewrite a later episode with this sentiment intact!

SG-1, Zanuf, he survived and took Adria as host. How does he handle having such a host? Can he handle the powers? Most people would get delusions of grandeur and become power hungry, but maybe a Tok'ra can withstand the temptation.

SG-1, Jack|Malek, SG-1 and Malek is on a mission together. Jack and Malek's host are very badly injured, Malek's host too badly for him to heal, but he can heal Jack. If he and the rest of SG-1 can just convince Jack to allow it.

SG-1, Selmak/Garshaw, Jacob is surprised when he learns Selmak has a mate - Yosuuf|Garshaw. How does he react? Will he agree to continue the relationship?

SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, AU. To Sam's surprise and happiness, Martouf and Lantash survive their wounds after being shot as a zatarc. The event has forced her to confront her feelings for them, and she realizes she loves them.

SGA, any Tok'ra, McKay becomes a host to a feisty symbiote

SGA, any Tok'ra, they find Tok'ra in stasis jars on Atlantis. Maybe queens too?

SGA, any Tok'ra, Earth and her allies the Tok'ra go together to Atlantis, and explores this new place together, as it should be

SGU, any Tok'ra, some Tok'ra went through to the Destiny and then on to a habitable planet. They had a queen, so there are symbiotes in a lake. Your choice if there are hosts for the Tok'ra on that planet, if the human hosts from back then has been breeding too, or if there are now only symbiotes which the Destiny people somehow guesses are Tok'ra/or decides to bring with them on the ship (have to make quick decisions, you know!)

SGU, any canon Tokra, some canon Tok'ra is part of the expedition to the Destiny

SGU, any Tok'ra, what if one of the crew members of Destiny was a Tok'ra? How would the communication stones work with two consciousnesses? Maybe no one knew they were Tok'ra before?

SGU, any Tok'ra, at some point on the past some Tok'ra had made it onto the Destiny. They are found in stasis, or maybe only the symbiotes are found in stasis and some of the crew volunteers as hosts

SG-1/Star Trek, any Tok'ra, SG-1 and some Tok'ra go through a Stargate when some energy discharge hits it and ends up in another reality, and in the future. Author's pick if it is TOS time or TNG time or whatever, and who they meet!

(no subject)

Date: 2014-05-08 21:14 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG1, any, a new race and/or planet contact the Tok'ra and insist that they mediate a meeting between them and the Tau'ri.

SG1, any, Ba'al managed to get various Goa'uld to Earth while he was in hiding there, but what if at least one of them had been a Tok'ra?

SG1, any, there were one or more survivors after the attck on the new Tollan homeworld, but they are badly injured and their only chance of survival is to become a Tok'ra host.

SG1, any, would a Nox become host to a Tok'ra symbiote if it was the only thing that would save the symbiotes life?

SG1, Charlie O'Neill|symbiote, an alternate version of Jack's son comes through the Stargate, his reality has been taken over by [big bad of you choice] and he's asking for permission to stay. He's also a Tok'ra.

SG1, Gen. Hammond, he becomes a host.

SG1, Janet|Egeria, an alternate version of Janet comes through the Stargate, her reality has been taken over by [big bad of your choice] and she's asking permission to stay if neither she nor Egeria is alive in our reality.

SG1, Jonas Quinn, he survives the Ori's attack on his homeworld and is rescued by the Tok'ra, who recognize him as a member of SG-1.

SG1, Sam|Jolinar, they survive the attack by the Ashrak, but the NID still manages to officially get 'custody' of them. They manage to escape during transport, but where do they go from there?

SG1, Sam|Jolinar, they're captured by the Jaffa before they manage to escape through the Stargate. Now Sam is a host against her will, she's hurt, and a captive of the Goa'uld.

SG1, SG-1, the team somehow activates a machine that send them to a number of other realities, and in some of the realities Sam is still host to Jolinar, Jack is still host to Kanan, and the various other members of the team are also hosts. In some realities a member of the team has been replaced by a Tok'ra, a Jaffa, or some other alien. How does 'our' team react to the differences, and how do they get home?

SG1, Sha're, the Tok'ra manage to save Sha're before she becomes pregnant and they contact the Tau'ri to return her to Daniel, rather than Abydos, in an act of goodwill to strengthen their alliance.

SG1/SGA, any, a previously unknown enemy decide to take advantage of the power vacuum after the Ori are destroyed and conquer the Milky Way Galaxy. Atlantis is "parked" behind the moon and pick up the unknown ships on the long range sensors which gives the people of Earth about 2-3 days to evacuate. A quick call to Earth's allies gives them either no answer or the Gate won't connect. A few surviving Tok'ra gate in from an unknown planet and escape to Pegasus along with the Tau'ri and a few other allies.

SG1/SGA, any, the Tau'ri and a few of their allies didn't go to Pegasus to explore, they used it to escape.

SG1/SGA, Jacob|Selmak, the Tok'ra find out about Atlantis and Jacob|Selmak is sent to the City to evalute if the Wraith is a threat to the Milky Way.

SG1/SGA, John|symbiote/Nancy|symbiote, John and Nancy meet up after Atlantis splash lands on Earth. At some point prior to this both of them have become Tok'ra hosts, but are unaware of the other one's choice. How does the SGC react to an unknown Tok'ra on Earth?

SG1/SGA, Ronon|symbiote(/Sheppard), rewrite "Broken Ties" so Ronon is a Tok'ra host when he's captured. Do the Wraith still succeed in brainwashing him/them?

SG1/SGA, Sheppard and Carter, (post-EAtG) the Tok'ra ask the Tau'ri for assistance, specifically they want Sam because of her scientific background and Jack because of the ATA gene. Jack is tied up with politics in D.C. and he orders Sheppard to take his place.

SG1/SGA, Sheppard|symbiote, Sheppard is on Earth and his symbiote is insisting that he checks in with Dave, but John is reluctant due to their history.

SG1(/SGA), any, the enemy of your choice wins, and Earth is either destroyed or it is left with only a few survivors. The Tok'ra pick up the few who are left.

SG1/SGU, Eli Wallace|symbiote, someone convinces Eli to become a Tok'ra host in order to keep him motivated and to prolong his usefulness before he's sent off world.

Crossover, SG1/Charmed, Prue + Daniel, Daniel and Prue know each other because of her work at the Museum of Natural History and Buckland Auction House. Daniel convinces Gen. Hammond to give her the security clearance needed to join him on a joint archeological dig with the Tok'ra.

Crossover, SG1/SGU/Numb3rs, David Telford + Ian Edgerton, someone mistakes Edgerton for Telford. How does Edgerton react to suddenly being in the middle of what seems to be a crazy alien conspiracy? Then he's forced to become host to an undercover Tok'ra. (Both Telford and Edgerton were played by Lou Diamond Phillips).


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