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Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology, 2/3 - Ships

This is one of the pages in a list of known Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology

Weapons | Ships | Miscellaneous technology

Due to the Tok'ra having to appear Goa'uld in order to successfully infiltrate them, much of their technology is Goa'uld. However, the Tok'ra have also developed many kinds of technology themselves, as well as some in conjunction with the Tau'ri.

Much of the technology we have seen have been weapons-related, which makes sense given that we have mostly seen the Tok'ra in situations where there is an immediate threat.




Key episodes
AlkeshAn alkesh is a Goa'uld mid-range bomber capable of hyperspace travel. It is able to cloak and it has a ring transporter. Fast and highly manoeuvrable, though not as much as a death glider. Smaller than a mothership (Ha'tak), but is well armed. It is often used for aerial attacks, but it can also carry large armies for ground assault. The first time SG-1 encountered an alkesh was during the evacuation of Vorash.4x22: Exodus, 5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 6x22: Full Circle, 7x09: Avenger 2.0, 7x17: Heroes, 7x21: Lost City, 8x10: Endgame, 8x12: Prometheus Unbound, 8x14: Full Alert, 8x16: Reckoning, 9x04: The Ties That Bind, 9x14: Stronghold, 10x03: The Pegasus Project, 10x04: Insiders
Cargo carrier

Large transport vessel, approximately the size of an Alkesh, and usually towed by either Alkesh or similar craft. Multiple carriers can be linked in a chain via tractor emitters. Most likely it is possible to transport them through hyperspace like this.

Aside from the Goa'uld, the Lucian alliance also utilized these (after stealing them).
10x15: Bounty
Death glider

Death gliders are small, two man crafts, with only sublight engines. One man pilots the vessel while the other controls the two powerful staff cannons. Deat gliders are highly maneauverable, both inside the atmostphere and outside. While they are not constructed for this use, they will function under water as well. They are normally launched from inside Ha'taks, which carry several wings of death gliders. The second-to-last picture on the left shows death gliders inside the glider bay on an Ha'tak. They can land on any flat surface, or dock inside an Ha'tak. Like Teltacs they have the ability to hover.
A number of different varieties exist, including Ra's udajeet, shown as the second picture on the left. It cannot operate outside the atmosphere or under water, due to its open cockpit. The third picture shows another variant of the glider, which has ring transporter and room for transporting passengers.
"Stargate" the Movie, 1x01-02: Children of the Gods, 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 2x18: Serpent's Song, 4x12: Tangent, 4x22: Exodus, 6x03: Descent, 6x11: Prometheus, 7x22: Lost City II
Escape pod

Small, one-person escape pod installed in various Goa'uld and Tok'ra vessels. The escape pods are opened with a split down the center to allow access. They possess their own life support systems and if there is a hull breach of the ship they are on, they can be used while still onboard, to preserve the lives of those hiding inside. They can be shot out of the ship at great speed in emergency situations. This is also used as the means of transportation for prisoners being sent to Netu.3x07: Deadman Switch, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 5x16: Last Stand, 5x17: Fail Safe

The Ha'tak (also called mothership) is the capital ship used by powerful Goa'uld. They look slightly different depending on which Goa'uld owns it. Whether this means there are several classes or just that different Goa'uld have different tastes, is unknown. Powerful Goa'uld System Lords would have dozens of ha'tak, while minor Goa'uld might only have one or two. This means that there are at least hundreds Ha'tak positioned around the galaxy. While Jaffa and human slaves are needed to mine and refine the materials used in the ships, the ha'tak are partially automated in construction and maintenance. They are vast ships with room for many minor ships inside, including Teltacs, Alkesh, and deathgliders. Some Ha'tak are fitted with Stargates. Aside from containing several wings of death gliders and a number of Alkesh's the Ha'tak are also armed with large staff cannons and bomb launchers. In addition they are able to carry thousands of Jaffa troops. The Ha'tak have strong shields for protection and fast hyperspace engines enabling them to traverse the vast distances of interstellar Goa'uld empires in short time. The interior design is dependent on the Goa'uld who owns the ships, but generally they are decorated with gold and hieroglyphic inscriptions. The Ha'tak vessels have several ring transporters, and usually a number of sarcophagi as well. Typically, pyramid-like platforms are used for landing. The two latter pictures on the left show the bridge (Pel'tak) of a typical Ha'tak vessel, and a glider bay.1x21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 2x12: The Tok'ra II, 4x21: Double Jeopardy, 4x22: Exodus, 5x01: Enemies, 5x22: Revelations, 6x03: Descent, 6x22: Full Circle, 7x21: Lost City I, 7x22: Lost City II, 9x14: Stronghold
"Needle Threader"An older, less used type of fighter ship designed to fit through a Stargate. Flying through the gate was called "threading the needle", and few pilots were able to master this, according to Bra'tac. This was possibly one of the reasons why it had fallen into disuse. Bra'tac and General Hammond used such a ship to attack Hathor's defences when they were helping to rescue SG-1 who had been captured by Hathor.3x01: Into the Fire
Osiris's ship

Osiris's ship is a small craft, with design features reminding of both a Teltac and an Ha'tak. It had been hidden under an Egyptian sand dune for thousands of years.

Below the craft a large spike extends when it prepares for flight. This spike is not appearant when the vessel just hovers, awaiting its passengers, or when it is landed. The ship was reactivated when Osiris, in the body of Dr. Sarah Gardner, arrived with the key. He activated the ship and used ring transporters to board it, before escaping from Earth and returning to try and carve out a piece of the Goa'uld empire for himself.
4x13: The Curse
SpacestationThis particular spacestation is considered neutral territory by the standards of the Goa'uld and was chosen as the site of meetings for the High Council of System Lords.

It seems quite large and presumable has many rooms and corridors. We do know that it contains a conference chamber with eight seats, formed in a circle to symbolize equality, so that no System Lords would feel slighted by being seated in an inferior position. In addition to the conference chamber and a number of corridors, there are luxurious living quarters (suites) for each System Lord, decorated and furnished to suit each ones taste.
There are a number of specially designed docking bays on the space station, allowing several Teltacs to dock at the same time. The station's sensors can detect any disturbances to the atmosphere surrounding the craft, and the space station's main computer will sound an alarm if anything suspicious happens, like unregistered docking.
5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 8x16: Reckoning
Teltac (Also called cargo ship, Teltak, Tel'tak, Tel'tac)

Teltacs are small transport ships of Goa'uld design. They are vaguely pyramid-shaped vessels. When landed, the tips of the wings retract to allow boarding, then extend once more when in-flight. Another way of boarding is by using the transportation rings. Like death gliders, this ship can hover.
The ship has several compartments, where the two major ones are the flight deck (peltak) and the cargo section in the back. The main entrance opens into the flight deck. The two sections are separated by a bulkhead, which can be retracted. Aside from the two main compartments, there is an engine room further back, and this is also where the control crystals are located.
Teltacs are mainly used for transport of cargo or passengers.
Teltacs have hyperdrive, but generally do not fly as fast as either Alkesh's or Hatak's. Standard Teltacs have transportations rings and four escape pods. They have minimal shielding and no armament, though that can be installed extra, as can cloak. The ship is highly maneuverable, though not as much as death gliders. It can dock aboard Ha'taks.
Teal'c states that Teltacs can travel at twice the speed of light, but that is too low a figure to allow for practical interstellar flight and should be assumed to be erroneous.
Teltacs can be modified in many ways to suit their owners - better shields, weapons (staff cannons), cloaks...
3x07: Deadman Switch, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 3x13: The Devil You Know, 4x12: Tangent, 4x14: The Serpent's Venom, 5x01: Enemies, 5x16: Last Stand, 5x17: Fail Safe, 7x11: Evolution I, 7x12: Evolution II, 7x22: Lost City II, 8x01: New Order I
Various motherships

While small differences in the design of Ha'taks/mothership is common among the Goa'uld, a number of them have motherships which are much more different. Particularly Ra, who together with his son Heru'ur have pyramid ships with a square bottom opening, which lands on pyramid-structures (shown being built, bottom left). Ra's ships also do not have the outer structure that is otherwise normal for Ha'tak. Another ship of a different make is Apophis's new mothership, which he was constructing when SG-1 destroyed it after receiving intel from the Tok'ra. This ship type is shown at the top left (with construction support structures). Just below it is show another mothership of Apophis's, namely the one he got after taking over Sokar's forces. The rest of the ships shown are Ra's or Heru'ur's.Stargate: the Movie, 2x06: Thor's Chariot, 4x03: Upgrades, 5x01: Enemies


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