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Date: 2015-11-19 04:06 (UTC)
SG-1 Prompts:

Any, "Some people said he was a ghost / Wouldn't wanna be his host / Or just to meet him" -excerpt from Boney M's "He Was A Steppenwolf"

Any, A rogue Tok'Ra goes after the Trust on Earth, seeking revenge for his/her fallen companions killed by Hoskins's gas-attacks in "Endgame". The other Tok'Ra & the SGC try & stop the lone vigilante before he/she does more harm than good or unwittingly reveals the existence of aliens to Earth's public.

Robot-Sam (+\- rest of robot-SG1), Jacob|Selmak, While going on an off-world mission with the rest of the team Robo-Sam gets the shock of her life when she discovers that her father has been taken over by a Goa'uld (Jacob|Selmak is undercover, robo-SG1 doesn't know about the Tok'Ra while Tok'Ra don't know about Harlan's SG-1 duplicates. Hijinks ensue!)

Egeria, What if the punishments of Ra's two rebellious queens, Egeria and Hathor, were reversed? What if Ra trapped Egeria inside a Central American sarcophagus while Hathor was removed from her host & placed in a canopic jar off-world on Pangara? What happens when Dr. Kleinhouse & his team unseal the sarcophagus in Central America and discover Egeria there instead of Hathor?

Egeria, Although her body is dying, the Tok'Ra and SG-1 manage to save Egeria by capturing a healthy Goa'uld queen and swapping her consciousness with that of the Tok'Ra queen using Ma'chello's machine. Which queen is used for this task? Maybe Vala|Qetesh? Or maybe Sha're|Amaunet (assuming an earlier point of divergence where she survives events of "Forever in a Day")?

Jacob|Selmak, They don't die – they get healed by the Nox (Tok'Ra were allied to the Tollan and Tollan knew the Nox)

Joe Spencer, Jack O'Neill|Kanan, How would the events of "Citizen Joe" go differently if Jack had remained host to Kanan? We know that Jack saw glimpses of Joe Spencer's life for years and found them "relaxing" – but how would Kanan interpret them? And what secrets of the Tok'Ra would Joe know?

Jack O'Neill, Harry Maybourne, Any Tok'Ra, AU for the episode "Paradise Lost". When Jack O'Neill & Harry Maybourne are transported to the Furling Utopia they find the society there alive and well, inhabited by humans, Furlings and other alien races. Among the paradise's denizens is (one or more) Tok'Ra – possibly even a Tok'Ra queen.

General Miraslov Kiselev, After the events of "Full Alert" the Tok'Ra remove the Goa'uld from inside General Kiselev. How does he react to meeting "good Goa'uld"?

RepliCarter/Martouf|Lantash & Sam Carter/Martouf|Lantash, In a timeline where Martouf|Lantash are alive, RepliCarter kidnaps them. Sam (the original) must find a way to free them.
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