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Date: 2015-11-20 04:19 (UTC)
More SG-1 Prompts:

Anna|Tok'Ra, The goa'uld-human hybrid Anna survives the events of "Resurrection" but she is plagued by Sekhmet's memories and alternate personality. To help her deal with the effects of the goa'uld D.N.A., Anna agrees to become a Tok'Ra host. Can the Tok'Ra help suppress Sekhmet's consciousness? How would the three-way interaction between Anna, her Tok'Ra symbiote and Sekhmet play out?

Apophis & his host, After being captured & tortured by Sokar, Apophis is too injured to retain full control of his host. He has to cooperate with his host for the 1st time to escape Sokar’s clutches.

Sam Carter, Martouf|Lantash, Jacob|Selmak, Any other, The events of “The Road Not Taken” go differently and Sam discovers she is permanently stuck in the alternative universe. She is put to work in Area 51 by President Landry’s dictatorial regime. However, she finds out that in this universe both her father, Selmak and Martouf|Lantash are alive. Sam’s only hope now is to send a message to the Tok’Ra and ask them to help her escape off-world out of Landry’s grasp so that she might continue her efforts to free the galaxy from the Ori. Will the Tok’Ra help her? Who else will assist them (Teal’c perhaps?)?

Samantha Carter|Symbiote, What if Dr. Richard Flemming’s serum in “Nightwalkers” didn’t kill the cloned Goa’uld but just prevented them from taking over an unwilling host? So Sam still succeeds in foiling their plans when she injects herself with Dr. Flemming’s chemical but is now stuck with a symbiote in her head. Do the Tok’Ra remove it? Or can it be “converted” into a Tok’Ra with a combination of Jolinar’s memories & exposure to other Tok’Ra?

Sam Carter|Egeria, According to Daniel in “Mobeus”, he was the only member of SG-1 to survive the failed first rebellion against Ra. But what if Sam survived too and was captured by Ra’s Jaffa? What if Ra then gave her as a host to one of his queens – Egeria? Can be either AU or an “addition” to canon (a.k.a.: what if having Sam as a host is the reason Egeria became Tok’Ra in the first place?).

Col. Chekov/Freya|Anise, After the S.G.C. falls and Earth is invaded by the Goa'uld, Freya|Anise is sent there to help a Russian resistance cell.

Daniel|Merlin, Any Tok'Ra, After the events of "The Shroud" Merlin's consciousness does not leave Daniel's mind. The Tok'Ra of your choice is brought in to teach Daniel and Merlin how two minds can share a body in the long-term.

Daniel Jackson, Any, Daniel thought that the timeline was restored to normal after SG-1's doppelgangers helped ensure Ra didn't take the Giza Stargate during the uprising. But then ANOTHER timejumper showed up, this time crewed by people who should have been dead. (Which Tok'Ra/Tau'ri is part of the time-traveling crew is up to you)

Daniel Jackson, Rosha|Jolinar, After touching the Quantum Mirror on P3R-233, Daniel finds himself in an alternative reality where he was never part of the Stargate Program and Earth is under the attack of Apophis. Unfortunately for him, when he gates to Earth General Jack O'Neill and other members of the “S.G.A.” assume he is a Goa'uld spy. And so Daniel finds himself in one of the prison cells deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain - right next to a captured enemy combatant, who claims to be Jolinar of Malkshur, a member of the anti-Goa'uld underground sent to help Earth…

US President|Tok’Ra, The Goa’uld’s plan in “Divide and Conquer” works and the za'tarc(s) attack both the Tok’Ra delegation and the US President. Finding himself severely wounded and bleeding out on the gateroom floor, the US president agrees to become a host for one of the dying Tok’Ra (possibly Per'sus) next to him. What happens now?
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