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Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology, 1/3 - Weapons

This is one of the pages in a list of known Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology

Weapons | Ships | Miscellaneous technology

Due to the Tok'ra having to appear Goa'uld in order to successfully infiltrate them, much of their technology is Goa'uld. However, the Tok'ra have also developed many kinds of technology themselves, as well as some in conjunction with the Tau'ri.

Much of the technology we have seen have been weapons-related, which makes sense given that we have mostly seen the Tok'ra in situations where there is an immediate threat.




Key episodes
Weapons and weapons structures

These are powerful Goa'uld explosive devices, of varying potency and size - from small and compact to very large and bulky. Will generally be capable of destroying entire installations - or even parts of the land mass they are placed on. Since a main component is weapons grade naquadah, used to enhance the explosive yield, the larger ones are very heavy, and at least two Jaffa are needed to carry them. The smaller bombs can be hidden inside Goa'uld Arks. Larger Goa'uld bombs generally are controlled by crystals and require manual programming to be set to detonate. 6x21: Prophecy, 7x19: Resurrection, 10x16: Bad Guys
Brainwashing device Multi-pronged handheld Goa'uld device used in conjunction with a memory recall device, used to torture a subject until the individual allows his or her mind to be pliable. A green indicator on the top of the unit marks the intensity. The device can work within several meters of the subject. 9x14: Stronghold
Cannon tower

A large multi-storied tower with room for a Jaffa and with a Goa'uld cannon at the top. The top can be concealed underground and raised to the surface in order to surprise and trap invaders. The cannon is fitted with targeting sensors, which locks on stationary targets easily but have more trouble with moving targets. 3x01: Into the Fire
Hand device (also known as Ribbon device or Kara'kesh)

This device is useful both for interrogation and as a weapon. In 'ribbon mode' it can inflict great pain - usually with a beam of energy directed against the victim's forehead. While extended exposure can kill, the hand device can also be used to calm or almost hypnotize the victim. In addition to the ribbon mode, it is capable of creating a powerful shockwave that can send an enemy across the room.

The device is controlled through the user's thoughts and emotions, and it is theoretically possible for the user to communicate a message to the victim when the weapon is in ribbon mode.

The user must have naquadah in their bloodstream to make the device work, meaning it can only be used by Goa'uld, Tok'ra, or former hosts.

1x14: Hathor, 2x06: Thor's Chariot, 3x01: Into the Fire, 3x02: Seth, 3x10: Forever In a Day, 5:20: Revelations, 7x12: Evolution II, 7x15: Chimera

An ring-like weapon used by Ashrak assassins to inflict pain and death on their subjects. It is often used for torture. Sokar is also known to have made use of it, at least against Apophis. The weapon is a three-sided ring, which fits over two middle fingers. 2x02: In the Line of Duty
Intar A non-lethal Jaffa training weapon. It can take the form of any weapon - Tau'ri or Goa'uld. It can be identified by a large red crystal in the handle. It works by firing low-energy bursts at its target. The blasts sting, but several shots are needed to render someone unconscious. The power of the shots can be adjusted, from minimum to maximum setting. 3x09: Rules of Engagement, 5x13: Proving Ground
Kull Disruptor

Only known energy weapon capable of disabling a Kull warrior (Anubis's genetically-engineered super-soldier). The Kull Disruptor can be mounted on many different weapons, including Transphase eradication rods (T.E.R.s) as well as Earth-made P-90. The shots look like blue plasma. The disruptor technology is based on the same Ancient healing device that the Goa'uld used to animate the super-soldiers (and which was used to create the sarcophagus originally). The Kull Disruptor was created as a joint project between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra. 7x16: Death Knell, 7x21: Lost City II
Nish'ta Nish'ta is a biological compound employed by the Goa'uld as a powerful form of mind-control. It is an organism delivered in a gaseous form and is absorbed by the body's tissues, rendering the subject's mind "extremely pliable" and open to suggestion.
An electrical shock, like from a Zat'nik'tel discharge, will kill the organism and free the victim from its control. Once freed, the subject is immune from repeat infection.
Family, Seth
Pain stick

A three-pronged, rod-like weapon, slightly under half a meter long. It is capable of delivering a powerful, painful jolt of energy when in contact with an individual. The primary use if for torture. When the weapon is pressed against a victom - generally against the neck - bright light is seen from the eyes and mouth of the the person. 3x06: Point of View, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 4x14: The Serpent's Venom, 5x07: Beast of Burden, 5x20: The Sentinel, 9x07: Ex Deus Machina
Particle beam/particle accelerator Sokar used this device both to transmit an image of himself through the iris of Earth's stargate, and to slowly heat up the iris so it would be destroyed. According to Sam and Martouf|Lantash, the space between the iris and the wormhole was just large enough that highly energetic subatomic particles could reintegrate and hit the iris at velocities near that of light. 2x18: Serpent's Song
Shock grenade

Small device capable of blinding and rendering an entire room of individuals unconscious. The device has a concealed button on the side, used to activate it before rolling or throwing it towards the enemy. 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 5x01: Enemies, 7x04: Orpheus
Staff Cannon

A heavy weapon installed on death gliders. In many ways similar to a staff weapon, but much larger and thus allowing for much more powerful bursts of plasms. While these weapons are large and heavy, they can be removed from a downed death glider and used as 'normal' staff weapons - as longer as the wielder is strong enough. 5x04: The Fifth Man, 5x14: 48 Hours
Staff weapon

This weapon is several feet in length, with a bulbous head which divides into four parts when activated. The other end has a flat, oblong disc, which can be used for hitting an enemy with. The staff weapon fires powerful bolts of plasma energy. It is powered by a small container of liquid naquadah. It is considered a weapon of terror. It takes a skilled warrior to hit a target in motion. A large part of the training of a Jaffa, is learning to aim and fire the weapon, as well as use it in hand-to-hand combat. Young warriors are taught combat techniques with a wooden training staff in the shape of a staff weapon.
Staff weapons are also sometimes used by the Goa'uld, and regularly by Tok'ra guards.
1x16: Cor-Ai, 2x15: The Fifth Race, 5x18: The Warrior
Symbiote poison (invented by the Tok'ra)

An aerosol toxin deadly to Goa'uld symbiotes. It is highly potent, even in minute quantities, and kills quickly. It is originally developed by the Tok'ra, including Ren'al, in order to assassinate the System Lords, but is instead used to wipe out Anubis' army on Revanna. The Trust later gains access to the poison and uses it to attack Goa'uld worlds in "Endgame", killing millions of Jaffa (and also some Tok'ra) in the process. 5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 8x10: Endgame, 10x19: Dominion
Tacluchnatagamuntoron (also spelled Tac'unitagamunition and Takunitagaminituron, or simply Tac/Tak) A small automatic Goa'uld device, in appearance somewhat like a shock grenade. It senses motion as well as heat (warm blooded beings, flares), and fires short blasts of energy. They are often used as a hidden security system, firing on trespassers when they get near. 3x07: Deadman Switch
Transphase Eradication Rod (T.E.R.)

Goa'uld weapon capable of making visible and eradicating any object that is out of phase from normal sensory perception. It fires a powerful blast of energy, and is mounted with a search device capable of making invisible enemies visible, including those utilizing a Personal cloaking device. Several versions of this device have been ripped off and created by the Tok'ra. 2x20: Show and Tell, 3x03: Fair Game, 5x06: Rite of Passage, 7x16: Death Knell
Weather control ring This ring-weapon was worn by the 'canon' in a medieaval Christian village SG-1 found on a planet in Sokar's domain. It is capable of summoning violent storms of energy and lightening, and hit a specific group of subjects who will then remain unconscious for many hours. It is likely working in conjunction with an orbital satellite, and probably given to the 'canon' by the Goa'uld, as a means of controlling the local population and keeping them in fear. 3x08: Demons
Za'tarc weapon

This weapon is a small, ring-like device worn on two fingers, which releases a powerful burst of energy in the form of a cutting beam. It can easily be hidden until it is to be used. It is activated by pressing the center of the small device. Pressing it again will cause it to overload and explode. It is used by some Goa'uld, as well as by Za'tarc assassins, which are innocent people who have been brainwashed by the Goa'uld. 4x05: Divide and Conquer, 7x15: Chimera
Zat'nik'tel (also Zat'ni'katel, Zat, Zat gun)

A handheld Goa'uld weapon, formed in the shape of a coiled serpent. The zat'nik'tel was nicknamed "zat gun" by Colonel Jack O'Neill. The zat'nik'tel uses a different form of energy which is less powerful than that of a staff weapon. One shot will usually render a victim unconscious. Two shots will kill most subjects. Three shots disintegrates them. Three shots against something inanimate, like a box, will also disintegrate this. A shot by a zat'nik'tel may cure a victim of some forms of brainwashing. 1x22: Within the Serpent's Grasp, 2x08: Family, 2x21: 1969, 4x19: Prodigy
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