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Tok'ra and Tau'ri cooperation

Here I am going to list instances where the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri have been cooperating. I will add to the list as I find more examples. All episodes refer to Stargate SG-1 unless otherwise mentioned.

  • Finding and killing Seth (S03xE02: Seth)
  • Goes on mission to track the Reetou rebels together (Jacob|Selmak and another Tok'ra). Also helps fight and kill the rebel Reetou who has come through to the SGC to spread terror on Earth. (S02xE20: Show and Tell)

  • Convincing Aris Boch to resist the Goa'uld (somewhat, at least, as he defied Sokar), let them try and find a cure for the drug Rosna - and to let Korra go (S03xE07: Dead Man Switch)

  • Rescuing Jacob/Selmak and killing Sokar (S03xE12: Jolinar's Memories, S03xE13: The Devil You Know)

  • Destroying Apophis's mothership (S04xE03: Upgrades)

  • Stops the budding alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur (S04xE14: Serpent's Venom) - yes, unfortunately no war happens between them and Apophis just takes Heru'ur's forces, but that was an accident

  • They were going to move the Tok'ra and a Stargate to a safe world using Cronus mothership (S04xE22: Exodus)

  • Using Tanith for misinformation

  • Planning to vipe out most of Apophis's fleet by blowing up Vorash's sun (S04xE22 Exodus)

  • Killed Apophis (with unwitting help from the replicators). (S05xE01: Enemies)

  • Attempting to kill off most of the major Goa'uld system lords with a hit on their summit (S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand)

  • Jacob/Selmak go with SG-1 to check out Anubis's dead-in-space mothership and save Thor.

  • SG-1 goes to meet an undercover Tok'ra, Khonsu, to get information about Anubis (pretending to be captured by him). (S06xE08: The Other Guys

  • Works together (also with the Jaffa) to capture an ashrak (S06xE09: Allegiance)

  • Stays at the same base for a period of time

  • Works together to affect the power situation among the Goa'uld in the Galaxy (S06xE21: Prophecy and many other episodes)

  • Works together to try and destroy Anubis's mothership and/or his forces, including luring Anubis to a planet with a fake tablet the Tok'ra plants

  • Testing virus to disable a Stargate (a Tok'ra operative monitors and relays the results of the test through their sub-space communication network). (S07xE09: Avenger 2.0)

  • Working together to examine a Kull warrior and then capture a live Kull warrior - then interrogating the one they capture, with the help of a Tok'ra memory recall device (S07xE11: Evolution I and S07xE12: Evolution II)

  • Working together to find Telchak's healing device (which the Tok'ra says they will study to try and find a way to fix the sarcophagus and remove the sideeffects) (S07xE11: Evolution I and S07xE12: Evolution II)

  • Works together to infilitrate Anubis's secret lair where he makes Kull warriors. kills the queen that works with him (S07xE11: Evolution I and S07xE12: Evolution II)

  • Works together to make a weapon against the Kull warriors (S07xE16: Death Knell)

  • Works together to stop the replicators (S08xE16: Reckoning I and S08xE17: Reckoning II)

  • (AU) Martouf/Lantash help Sam find a way to return them and the other members of the stranded SG-1 teams to their own universes (S09xE13: Ripple Effect)

  • Fights the Ori together, both through subterfuge, intelligence gathering (lots episodes), and actual combat (S09xE20: Camelot)

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