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The posting period has now ended for the 6th Round.

Four authors wrote stories, with one of you even writing two! Great job everyone!

The seventh round will begin on May 1st or sometime in early May. We hope to see you all then, including new people. 

Until then enjoy the fics that were written for this round, and don't forget to give feedback to the authors. Even a short "I liked this" will make the authors smile.

The Masterlist, Round 6:

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Title: Father's Paradox
Characters: Jacob/Selmak, Sam, others
Pairings: None
Category: General, AU
Warnings: None
Summary: What if someone other than Cassie greeted SG-1 when they arrived in the future? AU for episode "1969".
Prompt: 023. SG-1, any Tok'ra, add any Tok'ra to an episode that does not have Tok'ra. How is the episode changed?

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Title: Altered Reality
Characters: Sam, Daniel, O'Neill, Mitchell, Vala, Teal'c, Malek, others
Pairings: None seen, but multiple mentioned: Sam/Martouf/Lantash, Sam/Jack, Jack/Leira, Freya/Anise/Daniel, Teal'c/Shau'nac, Malek/Janet
Category: AU, Drama, Adventure, Fix-it (very much so - mainly the relationship between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra)
Warnings: None
Summary: What if the timeline remained altered in a different way after the events of Stargate: Continuum?
Prompt: 099. SG-1, SG-1 and any Tok'ra, after Continuum, the timeline is changed. You chose what is different, but there need to be some Tok'ra alive that were dead before, and the Tok'ra must be better friends with Earth.

DW | LJ | Fanfiction.net | Symbiotica | AO3

(Note that I am having some problems posting on Fanfiction.net, and it may take a few days before the entire fic is posted there)
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Title: Two Hundred Plus One
Characters: Martin Lloyd, Sam, Jolinar, others
Pairings: hints of Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash
Category: Humor, Action/Adventure, AU
Warnings: None
Summary: When Martin Lloyd comes to the SGC looking for help with his movie script he gets a plot-pitch from an unexpected source. AU for episode "200".
084. SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, any episode - how would it have played out if Sam was host to Jolinar still?


[personal profile] stargatefanatic123
Title: Lost and Found
Characters: Sheppard, Ronon, others
Pairings: N/A
Category: Angst, AU
Warnings: Might be a bit of language. No outright swearing.
Summary: Travelling to a world where Ronon Dex hid weapons while a Runner wasn't meant to bring anything more than an impressive load of weapons. Instead, symbiotes are found and Atlantis isn't sure of what needs to be done.

184. SG-1/SGA, John Sheppard, Sheppard's team finds some stasis jars in a cave on a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy. They take them back to base. The text on them is in Goa'uld, and say they are children of Egeria - Tok'ra. Somehow they must have visited Atlantis and went to a planet there and got stranded. Or maybe Egeria hid them there? Sheppard must become a host to one of them.

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Title: Pegasus Happiness
Sam, Jolinar, Martouf/Lantash, Sheppard, others
Drama, AU
Warnings: None
Shortly after Sam arrived in Atlantis, she was attacked by a Wraith. Things did not go as could be expected, and that was not the only surprise to come.
194. SG-1/SGA, Samantha Carter, Sam in Atlantis. She is fed upon by a Wraith, but the naquadah in her blood means 1) she gets younger instead, by life being drained from the Wraith, 2) the Wraith dies, 3) by draining all the life from the Wraith, Jolinar is rejuvenated from some remnants that was left in Sam (I've seen fanfic have tendrils remain there)

207. SG-1/SGA, Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, fun with timelines: Martouf & Lantash are alive and are members of the Atlantis Expedition... from the timeline where Atlantis floods as soon as the expedition sets foot in the city. Fortunately Martouf|Lantash is one of the people that escapes the doomed city in the time-travel jumper and end up ten thousand years in the past just before the Ancients evacuate the city. When the Ancients leave Atlantis, Janus has Martouf & Lantash stay behind in the stasis pod, coming out of stasis every 3300 years to rotating the city's ZPMs. That means that when the events of the episode "Before I Sleep" occur the new Atlantis Expedition discovers Martouf|Lantash in the stasis room instead of an aged Dr. Weir (being a Tok'Ra Martouf has aged much less while in stasis). Upon being awakened M&L learn that in the new timeline they died during the events of "Divide and Conquer" and that their beloved Samantha is a member of the current expedition.

AO3 | Fanfiction.net | Symbiotica | DW | LJ

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Open posting for round 06 has begun today and runs through March 2nd (until midnight your timezone).

You may post your fanwork anytime during the open posting period.

You can find posting instructions in this post on DW and this post on LJ.
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Posting for round 6 is now open!

Posting of your fanwork can happen anytime from today and until March 2nd, 2015. (midnight your timezone).

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FAQ (LJ // DW) || Schedule (LJ // DW) || Claiming (LJ // DW)
tokra_kree || tokra_kree || tokra-kree

Claiming is ongoing, and we have now opened for additional claiming. There is still one month left to claim, and 1 1/2 month left to create your fanwork! Come claim a prompt! We look forward to seeing what you create!

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Prompts are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. Each prompt can be claimed twice. Claimed prompts will be confirmed by a reply comment and struck out by the mods on the master prompt list. Make sure to check the comment section before you make your claim(s), just in case we haven't gotten to it yet.

Prompts are (mostly) listed by the main Stargate fandom, then the pairings, and at the end are crossovers with non-Stargate fandoms. However the lines might be a little blurry in some places.

The prompts are just that: prompts. You are free to interpret your prompt(s) in any way you wish, so don't worry if your fic/art/video doesn't line up exactly.

Claiming is open from Jan. 2nd, 2015 and through Jan. 16th and you may claim up to two (2) prompts during this time. If you're feeling ambitious you may claim additional prompts after that, but please complete at least one of your original claims first.

By claiming a prompt you are committing yourself to either writing a fic of at least 500 words, creating a medium sized piece of art, or make at least 5 icons. If you are doing a vid, it needs to be at least 30 seconds long.

From round 6 we are opening the prompt-a-thon for podfic as well. All fics with Tok'ra-centric or a heavy Tok'ra presence are eligible. Before you star recording please ensure that you have permission from the author, either by looking for a 'blanket permission' on their journal or directly contacting them to ask for permission. For more on this please read Fanlore's entries on Blanket Permission and Podfics.

You may post your finished work at any time between Feb. 16th and March 2nd, 2015.

If you have any questions you can either ask on the page-a-mod post, or PM [personal profile] queen_egeria .

Any show, Any character/pairing.

Any show, any )

SG-1, Any character(s)

SG-1 - any )

SG-1, specific characters.

SG-1 - specific characters )

SG-1, pairings.

SG1 - pairings )

SGA, any characters.

SGA - any )

SGA, specific characters.

SGA - specific characters )

SGA, pairings.

SGA - pairings )

SGU, all.


Crossovers with non-Stargate fandoms.

Crossovers )
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Welcome to round 6 of the Tok'ra Kree! Prompt-a-thon!

The time has come to leave prompts for the 6th round, and due to the success of the last round we hope there will be as many prompts this time - if not more.

Prompting is open from 15 Dec and through 28 Dec. Anyone is welcome to leave Tok'ra related prompts on this post - whether you wish to create any fanworks for this round, or not. Leaving multiple prompts is encouraged! You can leave them all in one comment, or in several - it is all good.

The schedule for the rest of the prompt-a-thon can be found here.

Various info, formatting of promts, etc )
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Timeline: Round 06: Prompt-A-Thon!

Prompting: Dec 15th - 28th extended to 31st
Claiming: Jan 2nd - 16th (max 2 prompts).
Claiming: Jan 16th - Feb 16th (additional claiming (please finish other claims first))
Last day to drop out: Feb 16th
Posting: Feb 16th - Mar 2nd
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Round 6 of the Tok'ra Kree! prompt-a-thon will start on December 15th.

From December 15th and through December 28th anyone can leave Tok'ra related prompts on the official prompt post, which will be up in 2 weeks.

Claiming will open after the prompts have been collected and ordered, on January 2nd. Claiming will run through February 16th. During the two first weeks (until January 16th), you may only claim two prompts. After that it is open for additional claiming!

Open posting will begin on February 16th and run until March 2nd. You can post at any time between those dates.

The requirement for your fic/artwork is only that one or more Tok'ra play an important part, and are not merely there as an easy way to get information and/or technology.

If you need them, the rules can be found here: LJ | DW. The FAQ is here LJ | DW.

Note: We are aware this is about 1 1/2 month late according to the expected schedule, and we apologize for that. One of the mods had some RL issues at the beginning of November, and since a lot of people were doing NaNoWriMo, the mods decided it would probably be better to wait until December in any case. Mid-December should give people time to finish NaNoWriMo and catch their breath afterwards!

We hope the current schedule won't clash with the various Holiday fic-a-thons.


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