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Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology, 3/3 - Miscellaneous technology

This is one of the pages in a list of known Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology

Weapons | Ships | Miscellaneous technology

Due to the Tok'ra having to appear Goa'uld in order to successfully infiltrate them, much of their technology is Goa'uld. However, the Tok'ra have also developed many kinds of technology themselves, as well as some in conjunction with the Tau'ri.

Much of the technology we have seen have been weapons-related, which makes sense given that we have mostly seen the Tok'ra in situations where there is an immediate threat.

Name Picture Description Key episodes
Miscellaneous technology

Combination-lock box of Goa'uld design. An ark can be used to hold valueable possessions or gifts, but can also be used to store a bomb. The boxes are usually adorned with gold and perhaps gemstones. In order to open an ark, the combination-lock must be opened. This is done by aligning four scarabs on the top correctly. In addition to this lock, sometimes control crystals will be installed to protect it, perhaps by arming a bomb if someone aside from the owner tries to open it. 7x19: Resurrection, 10x16: Bad Guys

Atmospheric containment unit designed to preserve any inside organisms from hazardous elements beyond the radius of the dome. The Goa'uld have created these on various worlds, where the environment is/was too hostile for a population to live, but where there was something worthwhile the expense to construct a biodome. One example is from a planet where the sun emits deadly ultraviolet rays, preventing the population from moving around during daytime. However, a Goa'uld device erected an energy dome over the village, protecting the people. 1x06: The First Commandment
Bio sensor (Tok'ra) A small device used by the Tok'ra to monitor every aspect of an individual's physiology. It is placed on the chest of a person who can then go about in their day or be tested in specific areas. The bio sensor transmits the collected data wirelessly over long distances to a display device/small handheld computer. 4x03: Upgrades
Bio sign cloak/radioactive isotope (Tok'ra) Isotope developed by the Tok'ra, capable of being injected into the body. It essentially "cloaks" the bio signs of an individual, hiding the recipient from Goa'uld sensors for up to eight hours. 7x01: Fallen, 7x02: Homecoming, 7x12: Evolution II
Control Crystals

Commonly, Goa'uld and Tok'ra technology use crystals. They can be both a power source and be used for storing and transmitting information. A special type of crystals are the control crystals - called delmacs - which are used in many types of technology, for instance computers, ring transporters (first picture on the left), hand devices, and ships.
Goa'uld ships rely on control crystals for the control systems,shields, cloak, sub-light engines, and hyperdrive. Pictures two and three on the left show control crystals from an Ha'tak. Picture four is also from an Ha'tak and shows crystals controlling the Glider Bay doors. The picture after that is control crystals from a Teltac.
Crystals usually glow when activated and are dim when removed or broken.

The Tok'ra also use crystal technology to grow tunnels.

Since the SGC has begun to incorporate alien technology, they have begun to use control crystals as well, instead of wires and chips. An example of Tau'ri control crystals used on their ships can be seen in the bottom picture on the left.

Crystals of different colours usually have different functions. The Tau'ri, however, use the same colour - clear - for all their control crystals.

2x11: The Tok'ra I, 5x16: Last Stand, 5x01: Enemies, 6x03: Descent, 7x19: Resurrection, 7x21: Lost City, 8x12: Prometheus Unbound
Cryogenic chamber (Tok'ra)
Technology capable of cryogenically freezing a subject body, decreasing the rate of cellular decay to nearly zero. This technology is used by the Tok'ra, and has also been seen used by Hathor, though she may have learned of it from the Tok'ra as she was gathering information from everywhere she could. The cryogenic chamber is apparently not safe for symbiotes who have not yet blended fully with their hosts. This is probably because the technology of the chamber does not recognize that there are two separate lifeforms which are to be preserved, and since the symbiote's systems are not yet connected to the host, it is not prepared/frozen correctly by the device.
2x22: Out of Mind, 3x01: Into the Fire, 7x03: Fragile Balance
Communicator (Tok'ra) Handheld communications device developed by the Tok'ra. It is able to transmit over very long distances, for instance from deep beneath the surface of a planet to as far away as an orbiting spacecraft. The devices are small, handheld, and easily concealed, as well as durable. The communicators are presumable secure, since the Tok'ra would probably not use them otherwise.
They are often used by members of SG-1 on missions together with the Tok'ra.
3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 3x13: The Devil You Know, 5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 7x02: Homecoming, 7x11: Evolution II
Data crystal (Goa'uld, Tok'ra)

Data crystals are an information storage technology utilized by the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra. Data crystals are capable of storing vast amounts of information from a computer system. They come in all sizes and shapes, and are extremely durable. The data stored on data crystals will not degrade even after hundreds or thousands of years of storage.

5x15: Summit,
7x02: Homecoming, 7x21: Lost City I
Display device/pad (Tok'ra)

The display device or pad is a tool used by the Tok'ra to (among other things) monitor every aspect of an individual's physiology. It can receive input from a small bio-sensor worn on the chest of the individual. This sensor could transmit its data wirelessly over long range distances to the display device. 4x03: Upgrades
Force shield

An energy field erected for defence. Goa'uld shields work on an oscillating frequency principle. They can cover vast structures or areas to secure them. The Tok'ra have constructed one-way forceshields, which are useful for keeping prisoners trapped. 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 3x01: Into the Fire, 4x03: Upgrades, 6x02: Redemption II, 7x11: Evolution I, 7x21: Homecoming, 9x09: Prototype
Ha'tak dry dock/construction platform Ha'tak vessels are generally constructed in a dry dock which is hovering above the surface a planet. This construction platform is able to remain hovering due to the presence of four antigravity emitters beneath it.
These dry docks are often placed above planets rich in naquadah, which is then mined, processed, and purified below. Teltacs then transport the refined naquadah ore to the ship, where it is used in the construction of the ship.
7x14: Orpheus
Heads-up display (Tok'ra)

A heads-up display (H.U.D.) is a head piece sometimes worn by the Tok'ra. The H.U.D. allows the users to keep one eye on the small headpiece monitor and one eye on the piloting controls and other things, for instance while piloting a ship.
The second picture shows an example of the display.
4x14: The Serpent's Venom, 8x01: New Order I
Healing device Using a healing device requires naquadah in the blood, just like using a hand device. Healing devices are used by the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld to heal someone's injuries. While it is far less powerful than a sarcophagus, and unable to bring someone back from death, it is still very effective at treating a large range of injuries. For instance, it can repair damage caused by a staff weapon, and even return people from the brink of death. 1x10: Thor's Hammer, 3x03: Fair Game, 5x20: Meridian, 10x05: Uninvited
Healing ring A healing device in the shape of a ring. Like the normal healing device, this can only be used by someone who is (or has been) a host. It is capable of healing wounds just like the larger healing device, but is more compact and easier to carry. 8x12: Prometheus Unbound
Heavy gravity field

Heavy gravity fields are known to be used by Ba'al, who has installed the technology in many of his prison cells, as well as in one of his torture chambers. The function of the field is to keep prisoners contained in their cells without need of doors and locks. Status of the field inside the prison cells can be determined by ornate dagger-shaped symbols imbedded into the walls. These would shift position when the gravity changd.
Ba'al also used this in at least one of his torture chambers, giving him the opportunity to let daggers or whatever else he wants fall towards the victim merely by lifting his hand.
Of course, if power is knocked out, this artificial gravity field fails almost immediately. This is perhaps why the system is not in wider use among the Goa'uld, because all prisoners are instantly free.
6x06: Abyss
Holographic projector

Device capable of relaying a variety of information holographically in 3-D. Used by both the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld, and can be updated in real time through subspace. 3x02: Seth, 4x22: Exodus, 7x01: Fallen, 8x16: Reckoning I, 9x06: Beachhead
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive engines allow space-faring craft to travel faster than the speed of light in hyperspace. Most likely they are powered by some form of naquadah, perhaps in combination with other elements. 1x21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, 4x22: Exodus, 5x01: Enemies, 5x20: Meridian,
6x11: Prometheus, 6x20: Memento, 7x09: Avenger 2.0, 7x13: Grace
Kor Mak Kor Mak are bracelets that were originally used by the Goa'uld System Lord Cronus to insure obedience among his Jaffa. They are designed to work in pairs. Once they have been attached to two individuals, separating them more than 100 feet for more than 30 minutes is fatal. In addition, if one of the bracelet wearers die, the other does as well. According to Teal'c, one way of using them was that Cronus strapped one bracelet to a prisoner and one to the Jaffa in charge of that prisoner. If the prisoner was killed or escaped, the Jaffa guard would die too. This ensured that the prisoner would be taken to where he/she was meant to be taken, and that the guard responsible would not slacken his vigilance or let the prisoner go.
The kor mak can be removed by a small, red crystal key.
9x01: Avalon I, 9x02: Avalon II, 9x03: Origin
Light emitter device/recreational light device Powerfully addictive device of Goa'uld design which emits a liquid-like flow of light. When activated, those who see it are attracted to the emitting point of the device where they can lose all sense of time in the gaze, standing in the same position for hours before realizing time has past. It is believed the structure in which the light emitter is stored used to be a Goa'uld "opium den." Goa'uld servants would have to continually bring nourishment to their gods who were occupied by the device, as anyone in its presence would be turned over to its control.
A host or a Jaffa will not experience side effects when leaving the effects of the device, but a human will get serious suicidal side-effects if they do not scale down the exposure slowly.
The device can be deactivated by a remote, which only works close to the device.
There is a panel located beneath the upper mount of the device, from where it is possible to lower the settings of the device incrementally. After two to three weeks a human can leave the planet without experiencing ill effects.
4x18: The Light
Liquid naquadah A variant of the element naquadah. Liquid naquadah is used in very small quantities to power staff weapons (liquid naquadah power cells), and presumably a number of other forms of Goa'uld technology. 2x15: The Fifth Race, 4x17: Absolute Power
Long range communication device

Long range communication devices are used for two-way communication over great distances, including across space. They range in size from larger than a beach ball to small enough to fit into the palm of the hand. When they are inactive they appear as a polished grey sphere. When activated they transmit sound and full.colour video, shown as an image that is slight faded out along the outer edges. Since long range communication devices are not a secure technology, the Tok'ra do not use them. 1x21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, 2x08: Family, 2x12: The Tok'ra II, 3x18: Shades of Grey, 4x22: Exodus, 7x14: Fallout
Memory Recall Device (Tok'ra)

A device used by the Tok'ra to help recall repressed or forgotten memories, to analyze the thoughts of individuals, or to extracting strategic information from captured enemies. Two of the devices can also be used in tandem to allow two people to share the same thoughts and dreams, even interacting with one another on an unconscious level, as Osiris showed when he used it to guide and intervene in Daniel Jackson's dreams.
The device can be used either with or without a holographic display which enables anyone present to view the memories.
2x22: Out of Mind, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 3x13: The Devil You Know, 4x05: Divide and Conquer, 6x09: Allegiance, 7x11: Evolution I, 7x15: Chimera, 9x14: Stronghold
Nanite Microscopic device capable of infiltrating human cells and manipulating their D.N.A. structure. The Goa'uld Pelops once experimented with nanites on the population of The Chosen, accelerating their lifecycle several thousand times faster than normal. This way he could study many generations of humans in a short time. These nanite breeds were called nanocytes. 1x09: Brief Candle, 3x05: Learning Curve, 5x13: Proving Ground
Nanite controller A device of Goa'uld design. It was used by Pelops on the planet Argos to control the nanites that caused the Argosians to live their lives at a greatly accelerated rate.
The device was hidden inside the bottom of a statue of Pelops, which was located in a temple.
1x09: Brief Candle
Page turning device A dark stone shaped much like Asgard control stones, which is capable of turning pages on a Goa'uld tablet as it is passed over the device.
Page-turning devices can conceal objects, such as Ma'chello's Goa'uld killers.
1x09: Brief Candle, 3x04: Legacy
Personal cloaking device Technology making the wearer invisible. The user of this technology can be made visible with a T.E.R. 2x22: Out of Mind, 3x03: Fair Game, 5x06: Rite of Passage, 6x16: Metamorphosis
Personal defence shield Energy shield that is used by many Goa'uld System Lords to protect themselves from attack (weapons fire, mainly). Presumably these shields function in the same way as the much larger force shields which are used to protect installations etc. According to Samantha Carter, the strength of a personal defense shield is directly proportional to the amount of kinetic energy directed at it. This means that blasts from energy weapons as well as bullets are stopped, but a slower moving weapon, like a knife being thrown, will be able to pass through.
The controls for personal defence shields (as well as possibly their power source) appear to often be located in hand devices.
1x08: The Nox, 2x09: Secrets, 3x13: The Devil You Know, 4x17: Absolute Power, 5x01: Enemies
Recall device Recall devices were incorporated into Apophis's death gliders after Teal'c rebelled against him. Before that no one had imagined such a device might be necessary. After the death glider has launced, it flies on for some time, then the recall device takes control of all flight operations and sets a course for Apophis's home world. When that has been done, a message from Apophis plays: "Shol'vah! To all those who would turn against their god, know this. For your insolence you will die in the cold of space. What is rightfully mine will now return to me!"
Since a death glider does not have hyperdrive capabilities, it might take decades or more likely centures for it to return to Apophis's world. It is not known what the consequences of tampering with the recall device is, or if it has been installed in any other type of craft belonging to Apophis.
4x12: Tangent, 5x17: Fail Safe
Reconnaissance drone Goa'uld version of a M.A.L.P. used by Anubis, sent to planets to investigate whether or not it is worth a visit by the Goa'uld's forces. The probe is equipped with micro-plasma blasters, as well as a defense shield and long-range communicators. 7x17: Heroes I, 7x21: Lost City I
Re'ol chemical ring (Tok'ra)

A memory-altering substance derived from the natural secretions of the Re'ol species, which allows a subject to fool another into trusting them. The Tok'ra have created this synthetically and placed it in a ring-injector which Daniel Jackson uses to infiltrate a summit of the System Lords. Later it is also used by Cameron Mitchell to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance. 5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 10x19: Company of Thieves
Ring transporter

Circular rings about half the size of the Stargate, which function on the same principles.
Transport rings transmit all matter within their circular formation to another pair of rings at a different location. When activated, the rings come up from the ground and around the person(s) or object(s) inside the circle. A bright flash of light is seen as transportation happens. At the other end, the cycle is concluded when the rings disappear back into the ground.
Transportation can happen both ways at the same time, with someone/something being sent from each pair of rings and then exchange places.
It is possible to intercept the energy field by moving a mobile set of transport rings (on board a ship) into the correct position along the matter stream. Ships equipped with rings are capable of detecting the location of receiving rings on a planet's surface, or on board another ship.
Generally, a ring transporter is activated by either a remote or by a control panel (last picture on the left) on a ship or some construction.
While both a sending and receiving ring platform is normally neeeded, a ship's rings can be used to send and retrieve matter located immediately below it, within the range of the physical ring
Ring transporters are installed on most Goa'uld ship and in most Goa'uld structures. They can sometimes be found buried on the surfaces of planets as well.
The Tok'ra normally use ring transporters to enter and exit their tunnel complexes. These rings are concealed in the sand, and can only be found by those who know they are there (or possibly the Tok'ra can sense the naquadah that are likely in the rings). When the Tok'ra deconstruct a base, they also destroy the rings after the last people have escaped.
"Stargate" the Movie, 2x11: Tok'ra I, 3x13: The Devil You Know, 5x08: The Tomb, 6x08: The Other Guys, 7x21: Lost City II
Ring transporter platform Storage base that houses Goa'uld Transportation rings when they are inactive. Ring platforms can be installed in the ground or anywhere else. They are also portable, and are equipped with sensors to detect the location of other rings.
Ring platforms are usually installed in Goa'uld ships, buildings, and planets. The Tok'ra also use the rings to transport into their  underground tunnels.
4x14: The Serpent's Venom, 6x08: The Other Guys, 7x02: Homecoming
Ring transportation remote controller

A device commonly worn on the arm or hand by Goa'uld and Jaffa, allowing remote activation of a transport ring device at the push of a button. The remote usually takes the form of a partial glove or hand armor and is activated by pressing a large crystal on the center of the device.

Transport ring remotes can also be integrated into a Goa'uld hand device.
"Stargate" the Movie, 2x09: Secrets, 4x13: The Curse, 7x01: Fallen

The sarcophagus is a device used by the Goa'uld, which is capable of completely restoring an individual placed inside, including bringing them back from the dead, provided not too long has passed.
However, while the sarcophagus can restore the flesh, the mind is affected in a negative way after frequent use, eventually causing delusions and power hunger. The problem is that using the sarcophagus is addictive and makes people feel good, thus causing them to use it even more.
The Tok'ra refuse to use the sarcophagus, believing that it drains the good from one's soul.
The sarcophagus was developed by the Goa'uld Telchak thousands of years ago, based on a powerful Ancients healing device. The sarcophagus uses a similar, but less powerful form of the energy emitted by this technology.
Anubis wanted the Ancient device and went to war with Telchak, but he had hidden it in Central America, on Earth.
The Tok'ra have long sought the Ancients' healing device in the hopes of perfecting the sarcophagus technology, so that its benefits may be enjoyed by all without the negative effects.
"Stargate" the Movie, 1x14: Hathor, 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 2x05: Need, 5x01: Enemies, 5x08: The Tomb, 6x06: Abyss, 7x11: Evolution I
Scanning grenade The scanning grenade is a silver-coloured, spherical device, small enough to be thrown by hand. Usually they were sent through a Stargate to an unexplored world, in order to gather intel. After landing, part of the device opened on the top and emitted a yellow scanning beam. The information collected by it was most likelt transmitted back through the Stargate to the Goa'uld or Jaffa that had thrown it through the wormhole. 1x01: Children of the Gods
Spy satellite Satellite of Goa'uld design, capable of transmitting sensitive telemetry across many light years to the proper receiving equipment, such as a database with a Goa'uld holographic projector. 9x06: Beachhead
Stargate Activation device The Stargate activation device is used to dial and address and activate a Stargate without a DHD. Some of the Goa'uld have been seen to own such a device. 1x01: Children of the Gods
Stasis chamber (Tok'ra) Just like cryogenic freezing, stasis chambers are a way to preserve an organism for an indefinite amount of time, without any degeneration of the tissues. Just like with freezing, time will not pass for the being in stasis. This can for instance be used to preserve the life of someone until a way can be found to heal them. Like with the smaller stasis jars, it would also be a way of imprisoning someone indefinitely. 5x15: Summit

Stasis jar
A small jar used as a long-term prison for Goa'uld symbiotes. On the outside the jar appears to be simple ceramic, resembling canopic jars. However, on the inside it is equipped with advanced Goa'uld technology. A small powersource (a radioactive isotope) enables the jar's stasis systems to keep a symbiote alive and healthy indefinitely. Osiris, Isis, and Egeria are all known to have been banished in such jars for many years. This was possibly Sekhmet's fate as well. 4x13: The Curse, 6x10: Cure, 7x19: Resurrection
Strength gauge (Tok'ra) Device of Tok'ra design which measures the strength of a subject's grip. As pressure is applied, a high-pitched sound escalates until the individual applies maximum strength. The information is transferred via
wireless to an accompanying Tok'ra data pad.
Strength gauges are a metallic grey and can fit in the palm of a humanoid hand.
4x03: Upgrades
Subspace network (Tok'ra) Galaxy-wide encoded communications network constructed by the Tok'ra, existing entirely in subspace. Created by Tok'ra operatives who have over the years 'tagged' lots and lots of Goa'uld ships with locator beacons. The network can be accessed via Tok'ra subspace receivers. 8x16: Reckoning I
Subspace receiver (Tok'ra) Small, portable unit of Tok'ra construction which connects to the Tok'ra subspace network. Not only does the receiver display all locator beacons in the galaxy, but it has access to all intelligence reports from Tok'ra operatives. 8x16: Reckoning I
Symbiote extractor (Tok'ra) Apparatus used to extract a symbiote from a host. Ba'al's clone was the first to be shown having been removed from its human host in this manner. Other symbiotes have been removed from their host by the Tok'Ra before this, but it is unknown if this device was used then. Probably not, given that this is not how the Ba'al symbiote was attempted removed from Adria. Stargate: Continuum
Symbiote-masking drug This compound, created by the Goa'uld, is capable of masking the presence of a symbiote from Goa'uld, Tok'ra, and former hosts who would otherwise sense it.
The drug is injected with regular intervals and while it is active it allows a Goa'uld to be undetected.
7x14: Fallout
Symbiote tank/chamber Aquatic container with various kinds of environmental controls, and outfitted with a small electric current to mimic human bioelectric energy. Can also have various structures inside it, as well as air pumps for oxygenating the water. In these tanks symbiotes can probably survive indefinitely. Mobile units exist as well. 1x12: Bloodlines, 2x10: Bane, 5x02: Threshold, 5x11: Desperate Measures, 5x15: Summit, 7x10: Birthright
Tablet Palm-sized, triangular tablet, showing Goa'uld writing on the 'screen'. With a page turning device the tablet can change 'pages'. This is done by waving the page turning device over the tablet, causing the text of the 'page' to disappear and be exchanged for the text of the next 'page'. 1x09: Brief Candle, 3x04: Legacy
Tretonin (Pangarans, Tok'ra) The substance Tretonin was originally dereived from ground-up symbiotes, and was created by the Pangarans. Tretonin functions as an alternate and much superior immune system, giving some of the health advantages that having a symbiote would have given. However, when someone starts using Tretonin, it causes their own immune system to stop functioning and it will not rebound after a person stops taking the drug. Since its availability was dependent on a queen symbiote giving birth to children to be killed for the drug, it was impossible for the Pangarans to get enough Tretonin for their entire population from just one queen symbiote - who was dying from the forced breeding and bad environmental conditions.
The Tok'ra - with the help of their queen Egeria, who eventually died from the massive stress to her system by the Tretonin production - cured the Pangarans of their dependency on the drug. Later, a team lead by the Tok'ra Malek found a way to produce the drug synthetically and change it so it would work instead of a symbiote in Jaffa - though while it gives them an immune system, perfect health, and longer life, it does not appear to give the faster healing and immunity to various gases and poisons, etc.
Tretonin has freed the Jaffa from their dependency of the Goa'uld, and lead the way to their eventual freedom - even if some Jaffa have not been willing to make the switch.
The drug was at least originally produced by the Tok'ra, and then also the Tau'ri.
The drug is administered with a tretonin injector.
6x10: Cure, 6x19: The Changeling, 7x10: Birthright, 8x09: Sacrifices, 9x14: Stronghold, 10x19: Dominion
Tretonin injector (Tok'ra)

Small, flat, cylindrical device used to inject Tretonin into a patient. At least originally produced by the Tok'ra.
The device administers a small amount of tretonin directly into an artery without piercing the skin. Tretonin is usually injected into an artery in the wrist or the forearm.
7x04: Orpheus, 8x09: Sacrifices, 10x19: Dominion
Tunnel crystals (Tok'ra)

The Tok'ra conceal themselves underground, in tunnels constructed by Tok'ra tunnel crystals. As soon as the Tok'ra arrive on a planet where they are going to set up base, they immediately move beneath the surface using special crystals to forme the tunnels. Oxygen is produced as a byproduct of the construction, so there is time to set up the life support system. The Tok'ra have different types of crystals of various sizes and shapes. Some will create long and straight tunnels, some short, some curtved, some leading upwards or downwards, and some creating rooms and other structures. Just as the tunnels can be created automatically, they can also be destroyed automatically, deconstructing one tunnel or the entire tunnel complex including the ring transporters, dependent on need. This way nothing will be found when the Tok'ra have moved on from one base to another. 2x11: The Tok'ra I, 2x12: The Tok'ra II, 3x01: Into the Fire, 5x16: Last Stand, 7x14: Fallout
Zatarc detector (Tok'ra) The Zatarc detector was constructed by the Tok'ra, under the supervision of Anise|Freya. It was designed to determine whether or not someone had become a zatarc - a subconsciouslly programmed Goa'uld assassin. There is a device to analyze the retina of the subject and at the same time a variant of the Tok'ra memory recall device is used to compares the conscious memory to the unconscious mind. If they do not match, it is concluded that the subject has been programmed to be a za'tarc and the event covered up with a false memory.
The zatarc detector can also be used as a lie detector since the subconscious mind cannot be made to believe a lie.
Note however that the zatarc detector is not always completely reliable in detecting zatarcs and can on occasion give false positives.
4x05: Divide and Conquer, 4x17: Absolute Power, 6x09: Allegiance
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Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology, 2/3 - Ships

This is one of the pages in a list of known Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology

Weapons | Ships | Miscellaneous technology

Due to the Tok'ra having to appear Goa'uld in order to successfully infiltrate them, much of their technology is Goa'uld. However, the Tok'ra have also developed many kinds of technology themselves, as well as some in conjunction with the Tau'ri.

Much of the technology we have seen have been weapons-related, which makes sense given that we have mostly seen the Tok'ra in situations where there is an immediate threat.




Key episodes
AlkeshAn alkesh is a Goa'uld mid-range bomber capable of hyperspace travel. It is able to cloak and it has a ring transporter. Fast and highly manoeuvrable, though not as much as a death glider. Smaller than a mothership (Ha'tak), but is well armed. It is often used for aerial attacks, but it can also carry large armies for ground assault. The first time SG-1 encountered an alkesh was during the evacuation of Vorash.4x22: Exodus, 5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 6x22: Full Circle, 7x09: Avenger 2.0, 7x17: Heroes, 7x21: Lost City, 8x10: Endgame, 8x12: Prometheus Unbound, 8x14: Full Alert, 8x16: Reckoning, 9x04: The Ties That Bind, 9x14: Stronghold, 10x03: The Pegasus Project, 10x04: Insiders
Cargo carrier

Large transport vessel, approximately the size of an Alkesh, and usually towed by either Alkesh or similar craft. Multiple carriers can be linked in a chain via tractor emitters. Most likely it is possible to transport them through hyperspace like this.

Aside from the Goa'uld, the Lucian alliance also utilized these (after stealing them).
10x15: Bounty
Death glider

Death gliders are small, two man crafts, with only sublight engines. One man pilots the vessel while the other controls the two powerful staff cannons. Deat gliders are highly maneauverable, both inside the atmostphere and outside. While they are not constructed for this use, they will function under water as well. They are normally launched from inside Ha'taks, which carry several wings of death gliders. The second-to-last picture on the left shows death gliders inside the glider bay on an Ha'tak. They can land on any flat surface, or dock inside an Ha'tak. Like Teltacs they have the ability to hover.
A number of different varieties exist, including Ra's udajeet, shown as the second picture on the left. It cannot operate outside the atmosphere or under water, due to its open cockpit. The third picture shows another variant of the glider, which has ring transporter and room for transporting passengers.
"Stargate" the Movie, 1x01-02: Children of the Gods, 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 2x18: Serpent's Song, 4x12: Tangent, 4x22: Exodus, 6x03: Descent, 6x11: Prometheus, 7x22: Lost City II
Escape pod

Small, one-person escape pod installed in various Goa'uld and Tok'ra vessels. The escape pods are opened with a split down the center to allow access. They possess their own life support systems and if there is a hull breach of the ship they are on, they can be used while still onboard, to preserve the lives of those hiding inside. They can be shot out of the ship at great speed in emergency situations. This is also used as the means of transportation for prisoners being sent to Netu.3x07: Deadman Switch, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 5x16: Last Stand, 5x17: Fail Safe

The Ha'tak (also called mothership) is the capital ship used by powerful Goa'uld. They look slightly different depending on which Goa'uld owns it. Whether this means there are several classes or just that different Goa'uld have different tastes, is unknown. Powerful Goa'uld System Lords would have dozens of ha'tak, while minor Goa'uld might only have one or two. This means that there are at least hundreds Ha'tak positioned around the galaxy. While Jaffa and human slaves are needed to mine and refine the materials used in the ships, the ha'tak are partially automated in construction and maintenance. They are vast ships with room for many minor ships inside, including Teltacs, Alkesh, and deathgliders. Some Ha'tak are fitted with Stargates. Aside from containing several wings of death gliders and a number of Alkesh's the Ha'tak are also armed with large staff cannons and bomb launchers. In addition they are able to carry thousands of Jaffa troops. The Ha'tak have strong shields for protection and fast hyperspace engines enabling them to traverse the vast distances of interstellar Goa'uld empires in short time. The interior design is dependent on the Goa'uld who owns the ships, but generally they are decorated with gold and hieroglyphic inscriptions. The Ha'tak vessels have several ring transporters, and usually a number of sarcophagi as well. Typically, pyramid-like platforms are used for landing. The two latter pictures on the left show the bridge (Pel'tak) of a typical Ha'tak vessel, and a glider bay.1x21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 2x12: The Tok'ra II, 4x21: Double Jeopardy, 4x22: Exodus, 5x01: Enemies, 5x22: Revelations, 6x03: Descent, 6x22: Full Circle, 7x21: Lost City I, 7x22: Lost City II, 9x14: Stronghold
"Needle Threader"An older, less used type of fighter ship designed to fit through a Stargate. Flying through the gate was called "threading the needle", and few pilots were able to master this, according to Bra'tac. This was possibly one of the reasons why it had fallen into disuse. Bra'tac and General Hammond used such a ship to attack Hathor's defences when they were helping to rescue SG-1 who had been captured by Hathor.3x01: Into the Fire
Osiris's ship

Osiris's ship is a small craft, with design features reminding of both a Teltac and an Ha'tak. It had been hidden under an Egyptian sand dune for thousands of years.

Below the craft a large spike extends when it prepares for flight. This spike is not appearant when the vessel just hovers, awaiting its passengers, or when it is landed. The ship was reactivated when Osiris, in the body of Dr. Sarah Gardner, arrived with the key. He activated the ship and used ring transporters to board it, before escaping from Earth and returning to try and carve out a piece of the Goa'uld empire for himself.
4x13: The Curse
SpacestationThis particular spacestation is considered neutral territory by the standards of the Goa'uld and was chosen as the site of meetings for the High Council of System Lords.

It seems quite large and presumable has many rooms and corridors. We do know that it contains a conference chamber with eight seats, formed in a circle to symbolize equality, so that no System Lords would feel slighted by being seated in an inferior position. In addition to the conference chamber and a number of corridors, there are luxurious living quarters (suites) for each System Lord, decorated and furnished to suit each ones taste.
There are a number of specially designed docking bays on the space station, allowing several Teltacs to dock at the same time. The station's sensors can detect any disturbances to the atmosphere surrounding the craft, and the space station's main computer will sound an alarm if anything suspicious happens, like unregistered docking.
5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 8x16: Reckoning
Teltac (Also called cargo ship, Teltak, Tel'tak, Tel'tac)

Teltacs are small transport ships of Goa'uld design. They are vaguely pyramid-shaped vessels. When landed, the tips of the wings retract to allow boarding, then extend once more when in-flight. Another way of boarding is by using the transportation rings. Like death gliders, this ship can hover.
The ship has several compartments, where the two major ones are the flight deck (peltak) and the cargo section in the back. The main entrance opens into the flight deck. The two sections are separated by a bulkhead, which can be retracted. Aside from the two main compartments, there is an engine room further back, and this is also where the control crystals are located.
Teltacs are mainly used for transport of cargo or passengers.
Teltacs have hyperdrive, but generally do not fly as fast as either Alkesh's or Hatak's. Standard Teltacs have transportations rings and four escape pods. They have minimal shielding and no armament, though that can be installed extra, as can cloak. The ship is highly maneuverable, though not as much as death gliders. It can dock aboard Ha'taks.
Teal'c states that Teltacs can travel at twice the speed of light, but that is too low a figure to allow for practical interstellar flight and should be assumed to be erroneous.
Teltacs can be modified in many ways to suit their owners - better shields, weapons (staff cannons), cloaks...
3x07: Deadman Switch, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 3x13: The Devil You Know, 4x12: Tangent, 4x14: The Serpent's Venom, 5x01: Enemies, 5x16: Last Stand, 5x17: Fail Safe, 7x11: Evolution I, 7x12: Evolution II, 7x22: Lost City II, 8x01: New Order I
Various motherships

While small differences in the design of Ha'taks/mothership is common among the Goa'uld, a number of them have motherships which are much more different. Particularly Ra, who together with his son Heru'ur have pyramid ships with a square bottom opening, which lands on pyramid-structures (shown being built, bottom left). Ra's ships also do not have the outer structure that is otherwise normal for Ha'tak. Another ship of a different make is Apophis's new mothership, which he was constructing when SG-1 destroyed it after receiving intel from the Tok'ra. This ship type is shown at the top left (with construction support structures). Just below it is show another mothership of Apophis's, namely the one he got after taking over Sokar's forces. The rest of the ships shown are Ra's or Heru'ur's.Stargate: the Movie, 2x06: Thor's Chariot, 4x03: Upgrades, 5x01: Enemies
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Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology, 1/3 - Weapons

This is one of the pages in a list of known Tok'ra and Goa'uld technology

Weapons | Ships | Miscellaneous technology

Due to the Tok'ra having to appear Goa'uld in order to successfully infiltrate them, much of their technology is Goa'uld. However, the Tok'ra have also developed many kinds of technology themselves, as well as some in conjunction with the Tau'ri.

Much of the technology we have seen have been weapons-related, which makes sense given that we have mostly seen the Tok'ra in situations where there is an immediate threat.




Key episodes
Weapons and weapons structures

These are powerful Goa'uld explosive devices, of varying potency and size - from small and compact to very large and bulky. Will generally be capable of destroying entire installations - or even parts of the land mass they are placed on. Since a main component is weapons grade naquadah, used to enhance the explosive yield, the larger ones are very heavy, and at least two Jaffa are needed to carry them. The smaller bombs can be hidden inside Goa'uld Arks. Larger Goa'uld bombs generally are controlled by crystals and require manual programming to be set to detonate. 6x21: Prophecy, 7x19: Resurrection, 10x16: Bad Guys
Brainwashing device Multi-pronged handheld Goa'uld device used in conjunction with a memory recall device, used to torture a subject until the individual allows his or her mind to be pliable. A green indicator on the top of the unit marks the intensity. The device can work within several meters of the subject. 9x14: Stronghold
Cannon tower

A large multi-storied tower with room for a Jaffa and with a Goa'uld cannon at the top. The top can be concealed underground and raised to the surface in order to surprise and trap invaders. The cannon is fitted with targeting sensors, which locks on stationary targets easily but have more trouble with moving targets. 3x01: Into the Fire
Hand device (also known as Ribbon device or Kara'kesh)

This device is useful both for interrogation and as a weapon. In 'ribbon mode' it can inflict great pain - usually with a beam of energy directed against the victim's forehead. While extended exposure can kill, the hand device can also be used to calm or almost hypnotize the victim. In addition to the ribbon mode, it is capable of creating a powerful shockwave that can send an enemy across the room.

The device is controlled through the user's thoughts and emotions, and it is theoretically possible for the user to communicate a message to the victim when the weapon is in ribbon mode.

The user must have naquadah in their bloodstream to make the device work, meaning it can only be used by Goa'uld, Tok'ra, or former hosts.

1x14: Hathor, 2x06: Thor's Chariot, 3x01: Into the Fire, 3x02: Seth, 3x10: Forever In a Day, 5:20: Revelations, 7x12: Evolution II, 7x15: Chimera

An ring-like weapon used by Ashrak assassins to inflict pain and death on their subjects. It is often used for torture. Sokar is also known to have made use of it, at least against Apophis. The weapon is a three-sided ring, which fits over two middle fingers. 2x02: In the Line of Duty
Intar A non-lethal Jaffa training weapon. It can take the form of any weapon - Tau'ri or Goa'uld. It can be identified by a large red crystal in the handle. It works by firing low-energy bursts at its target. The blasts sting, but several shots are needed to render someone unconscious. The power of the shots can be adjusted, from minimum to maximum setting. 3x09: Rules of Engagement, 5x13: Proving Ground
Kull Disruptor

Only known energy weapon capable of disabling a Kull warrior (Anubis's genetically-engineered super-soldier). The Kull Disruptor can be mounted on many different weapons, including Transphase eradication rods (T.E.R.s) as well as Earth-made P-90. The shots look like blue plasma. The disruptor technology is based on the same Ancient healing device that the Goa'uld used to animate the super-soldiers (and which was used to create the sarcophagus originally). The Kull Disruptor was created as a joint project between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra. 7x16: Death Knell, 7x21: Lost City II
Nish'ta Nish'ta is a biological compound employed by the Goa'uld as a powerful form of mind-control. It is an organism delivered in a gaseous form and is absorbed by the body's tissues, rendering the subject's mind "extremely pliable" and open to suggestion.
An electrical shock, like from a Zat'nik'tel discharge, will kill the organism and free the victim from its control. Once freed, the subject is immune from repeat infection.
Family, Seth
Pain stick

A three-pronged, rod-like weapon, slightly under half a meter long. It is capable of delivering a powerful, painful jolt of energy when in contact with an individual. The primary use if for torture. When the weapon is pressed against a victom - generally against the neck - bright light is seen from the eyes and mouth of the the person. 3x06: Point of View, 3x12: Jolinar's Memories, 4x14: The Serpent's Venom, 5x07: Beast of Burden, 5x20: The Sentinel, 9x07: Ex Deus Machina
Particle beam/particle accelerator Sokar used this device both to transmit an image of himself through the iris of Earth's stargate, and to slowly heat up the iris so it would be destroyed. According to Sam and Martouf|Lantash, the space between the iris and the wormhole was just large enough that highly energetic subatomic particles could reintegrate and hit the iris at velocities near that of light. 2x18: Serpent's Song
Shock grenade

Small device capable of blinding and rendering an entire room of individuals unconscious. The device has a concealed button on the side, used to activate it before rolling or throwing it towards the enemy. 2x01: The Serpent's Lair, 5x01: Enemies, 7x04: Orpheus
Staff Cannon

A heavy weapon installed on death gliders. In many ways similar to a staff weapon, but much larger and thus allowing for much more powerful bursts of plasms. While these weapons are large and heavy, they can be removed from a downed death glider and used as 'normal' staff weapons - as longer as the wielder is strong enough. 5x04: The Fifth Man, 5x14: 48 Hours
Staff weapon

This weapon is several feet in length, with a bulbous head which divides into four parts when activated. The other end has a flat, oblong disc, which can be used for hitting an enemy with. The staff weapon fires powerful bolts of plasma energy. It is powered by a small container of liquid naquadah. It is considered a weapon of terror. It takes a skilled warrior to hit a target in motion. A large part of the training of a Jaffa, is learning to aim and fire the weapon, as well as use it in hand-to-hand combat. Young warriors are taught combat techniques with a wooden training staff in the shape of a staff weapon.
Staff weapons are also sometimes used by the Goa'uld, and regularly by Tok'ra guards.
1x16: Cor-Ai, 2x15: The Fifth Race, 5x18: The Warrior
Symbiote poison (invented by the Tok'ra)

An aerosol toxin deadly to Goa'uld symbiotes. It is highly potent, even in minute quantities, and kills quickly. It is originally developed by the Tok'ra, including Ren'al, in order to assassinate the System Lords, but is instead used to wipe out Anubis' army on Revanna. The Trust later gains access to the poison and uses it to attack Goa'uld worlds in "Endgame", killing millions of Jaffa (and also some Tok'ra) in the process. 5x15: Summit, 5x16: Last Stand, 8x10: Endgame, 10x19: Dominion
Tacluchnatagamuntoron (also spelled Tac'unitagamunition and Takunitagaminituron, or simply Tac/Tak) A small automatic Goa'uld device, in appearance somewhat like a shock grenade. It senses motion as well as heat (warm blooded beings, flares), and fires short blasts of energy. They are often used as a hidden security system, firing on trespassers when they get near. 3x07: Deadman Switch
Transphase Eradication Rod (T.E.R.)

Goa'uld weapon capable of making visible and eradicating any object that is out of phase from normal sensory perception. It fires a powerful blast of energy, and is mounted with a search device capable of making invisible enemies visible, including those utilizing a Personal cloaking device. Several versions of this device have been ripped off and created by the Tok'ra. 2x20: Show and Tell, 3x03: Fair Game, 5x06: Rite of Passage, 7x16: Death Knell
Weather control ring This ring-weapon was worn by the 'canon' in a medieaval Christian village SG-1 found on a planet in Sokar's domain. It is capable of summoning violent storms of energy and lightening, and hit a specific group of subjects who will then remain unconscious for many hours. It is likely working in conjunction with an orbital satellite, and probably given to the 'canon' by the Goa'uld, as a means of controlling the local population and keeping them in fear. 3x08: Demons
Za'tarc weapon

This weapon is a small, ring-like device worn on two fingers, which releases a powerful burst of energy in the form of a cutting beam. It can easily be hidden until it is to be used. It is activated by pressing the center of the small device. Pressing it again will cause it to overload and explode. It is used by some Goa'uld, as well as by Za'tarc assassins, which are innocent people who have been brainwashed by the Goa'uld. 4x05: Divide and Conquer, 7x15: Chimera
Zat'nik'tel (also Zat'ni'katel, Zat, Zat gun)

A handheld Goa'uld weapon, formed in the shape of a coiled serpent. The zat'nik'tel was nicknamed "zat gun" by Colonel Jack O'Neill. The zat'nik'tel uses a different form of energy which is less powerful than that of a staff weapon. One shot will usually render a victim unconscious. Two shots will kill most subjects. Three shots disintegrates them. Three shots against something inanimate, like a box, will also disintegrate this. A shot by a zat'nik'tel may cure a victim of some forms of brainwashing. 1x22: Within the Serpent's Grasp, 2x08: Family, 2x21: 1969, 4x19: Prodigy


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