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This post contains a list (with some descriptions) of canon Tok'ra.

Known HostsPicturesInformationStatus (main universe)
UnknownAldwin This is one of the Tok'ra where the host is more often in control than the symbiote. Aldwin has had several dealings with the SGC, and he is friendly towards the Tau'ri. He is a very loyal Tok'ra, and the Tok'ra cause is very important to him. He is helpful, as long as helping does not jeopardize the good of the Galaxy and the Tok'ra cause. Was ready to sacrifice SG-1, Jacob/Selmak, and Martouf/Lantash in order to kill the Goa'uld Sokar.Killed by Zipacna's Jaffa during an attack on Revanna.S03xE13: The Devil You Know, S04xE17: Absolute Power, S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand
UnknownCharlie Charlie is a child created by the Retou, to use for communicating with the humans, in order to warn them against Retou terrorists wishing to kill all humans (they wish to destroy the Goa'uld by removing their host-source). The Retou were in a hurry, and Charlie was not viable. However, a symbiote would be able to cure him, and he returned to the Tok'ra with Jacob/Selmak, in order to become a host.AliveS02xE20: Show and Tell
AniseFreya Anise/Freya is a scientist and historian/archaeologist. The name "Anise" means "Noble Strength". Freya is from a planet where people are more open and direct about their affections for someone, than what is usual of many cultures on Earth. Freya is attracted to Jack O'Neill, while Anise likes Daniel Jackson better. Presumably these are not deep emotions, as Tok'ra 'love as one', as stated by Martouf/Lantash. Because of her name and outfit, Anise/Freya is occasionally referred to as 'Tok'ra Spice' in fandom. AliveS04xE03: Upgrades, S04xE04: Crossroads, S04xE05: Divide and Conquer
CordeshUnknown Cordesh was most likely originally a loyal Tok'ra, but he was either killed and another symbiote implanted in his host, or he was somehow brainwashed/changed to with to destroy the Tok'ra. He was a member of the Tok'ra Council when SG-1 first met the Tok'ra. Either killed by an impostor, or killed by the Tok'ra after removal.S02xE11: The Tok'ra I, S02xE12: The Tok'ra II
DelekUnknown Member of the Tok'ra High Council, and thus one of the leaders of the Tok'ra. He has had limited dealings with Earth, and not very successful ones. The interests of the Tok'ra are of highest interest to him, and he is worried about the Tok'ra alliance with the Tau'ri and the Jaffa, since he fears it may get too many Tok'ra killed. He fears for the survival of his people. He appears to have a somewhat lower view of human hosts, or at least fears too strong hosts will affect the Tok'ra in an unfortunate way at this point in time. He does not wish the Tok'ra to receive more hosts from the Tau'ri.
S07xE16: Death Knell
EgeriaUnknown Egeria is the queen mother of the Tok'ra, and has given birth to the vast majority of them, imprinting them with her views and morals. She started the rebellion against Ra - the Tok'ra - and literally spawned the movement. She was originally a Goa'uld queen, who realized the wrongs she and her kind did to their hosts and others in the Galaxy. Egeria is kind and selfless, and proud of what her offspring have become. As her last act, she saves the people who have been both torturing her for 50 years, and have been killing her children.
Dead from torture, medical experimentation, and forced breeding
S06xE10: Cure
Garshaw of BeloteYosuuf Garshaw is the Grand Councillor of the Tok'ra, and known as 'the most hunted Goa'uld of all time'. The safety of the Tok'ra is very important to her, and she is at first suspicious of the Tau'ri, finding them too primitive, as well as a security risk. Yosuuf was slightly more open to an alliance, and eventually Garshaw also agreed. Fans usually assume Garshaw was a Goa'uld, who became Tok'ra. 

S02xE11: The Tok'ra I, S02xE12: The Tok'ra II
JalenUnknown Jalen has had several dealings with the SGC, and has responded to SG-1's distress call, saving them when they were stranded on an asteroid. She is generally friendly towards Earth and helpful. 
S04xE22: Exodus, S05xE17: Fail Safe
JalrowUnknown Jalrow is a Tok'ra who, having been informed Jack O'Neill was missing, flew over and scanned the planet he was missing on. Jalrow found signs of Jack O'Neill's lifeform on the planet (because he was on the moon instead), and reported this to the SGC.
S06xE15: Paradise Lost
Jolinar of MalkshurRosha,
Samantha Carter

Jolinar was an important and influential member of the Tok'ra resistance movement. She seems to have worked often as an undercover agent among the Goa'uld. Jolinar once had an army, and was about to defeat a System Lord, when Apophis and Ra joined the fight against her. Fans usually assume she was originally Goa'uld, but changed and became Tok'ra. She is the first Tok'ra we meet. 
Rosha was Jolinar's host, and she was very beautiful. According to Martouf, her eyes were the colour of the waters of Marloon, and her hair the colour of the sand of Abydos. 
Jolinar was Lantash's mate for almost a century. For at least some of that time, Rosha was Jolinar's host, and for at least some of that time, Martouf was Lantash's host.
Rosha and Jolinar were prisoners of Sokar for a significant amount of time. They were badly tortured and imprisoned on the Hellish moon Netu - a place no one had escaped from before Rosha/Jolinar did. They escaped by seducing Sokar's prison guard Bynarr, and stealing the key to the transportation rings while he slept.
At a later time, Jolinar did something that made Cronus send an ashrak (a Goa'uld assassin) after her.
Jolinar had been on the run from the ashrak for at least many months. Rosha had been killed (presumably), and she had taken a male host (after only ever having female hosts), when she met SG-1. Her host was dying from his wounds, and Jolinar took Samantha Carter as her host. Sam was giving the dying man CPR and trying to breathe for him. In the chaos and panic of it all, Jolinar may or may not have taken this as an invitation, as the Tok'ra blend through the mouth instead of the neck (to avoid scars) - regardless, she took Sam as her host. As she fought Jolinar, the symbiote had to take control against her will. She was discovered, put into a holding cell, and there the ashrak caught up with her. He killed her using a hara'kesh, though Jolinar managed to save Sam, by giving her own life. Sam was left with memories, feelings (for Martouf and Lantash), and a changed body chemistry. The memories, and especially the feelings, are a source of confusion for her, as she has difficulty determining which emotions are Jolinar's and which are her own.
Killed by an ashrak while a prisoner at the SGC. 
S02xE02: In the Line of Duty. Mentioned in S02xE11: The Tok'ra I, S02xE12: The Tok'ra II. Seen in memory flashes in S03xE12: Jolinar's memories and S03xE13: The Devil You Know 
KananJack O'Neill Kanan was a good friend of the Tok'ra Thoran. He infiltrated Ba'al's secret base. In order to get more information, he seduced Ba'al's lo'tar, Shallan, and ended up falling in love with her. When he later was blended with Jack O'Neill (to cure the human of an Ancient plague), he was affected by O'Neill's wish never to leave anyone behind. O'Neill was extremely antagonistic to the Tok'ra and thus Kanan in particular, and so Kanan locked out O'Neill completely until they could unblend and he could get another host. Before doing so, Kanan decided to go and rescue Shallan. During the escape, they were captured, and Kanan left O'Neill's body, presumably to avoid being forced to give up Tok'ra secrets. This experience left O'Neill hating the Tok'ra even more than he already did.
Probably dead
S06x06: Abyss
KelmaaUnknown Kelmaa is a scientist working with Malek. She sacrificed herself so that Egeria could use her host.
S06xE10: Cure
Khonsu (Lord of Amon Shek)Unknown Khonsu may not be this Tok'ra's real name, and 'Lord of Amon Shek' is certainly his undercover position. He pretends to be a minor Goa'uld loyal to Anubis. When he had some information he needed communicated to the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri, he sought to make contact with SG-1. They allowed themselves to be captured, but the plan failed, when Khonsu's First Prime, Herak, discovered Khonsu was really a Tok'ra, and not loyal to Anubis. Herak then killed Khonsu and became First Prime of Anubis instead.
S06xE08: The Other Guys
KorraUnknown Korra posed as a minor Goa'uld loyal to Sokar, using the alias Keltar. However, Sokar discovered Korra was not loyal to him, and he had to flee. Sokar then sent a bounty hunter (Aris Boch) after Korra. Fortunately for Korra, SG-1 had been captured by Aris Boch (who wanted to turn them in for bounty money) . Aris Boch forced SG-1 to help him capture the presumed Goa'uld. However, SG-1 had already met and become friends with the Tok'ra, and Sam recognized Korra from Jolinar's memories. They managed to convince Aris Boch to let them all go - including Korra - when he realized that Korra would rather sacrifice himself than risk his fellow Tok'ra. This was something a Goa'uld would never do, and Aris Boch realized the Tok'ra were real, and different from the Goa'uld.
AliveS03xE07: Dead Man's Switch
Kevin Elliot

Lantash has been shown to have many different duties, from diplomat, to runner for the Council, to guard, to being sent on rescue missions. Lantash was the mate of Jolinar for almost one hundred years. During this time, Rosha was Jolinar's host at least some of the time, and Martouf was Lantash's host at least some of the time. 
Lantash is intelligent, and very passionate in his ideas. He loves Samantha Carter as deeply as he once loved Jolinar. Since Tok'ra love as one, Martouf shares these feelings.
Martouf is wise and kind, as well as usually much more controlled and calm than Lantash.
Martouf and Lantash have a truly symbiotic relationship. Despite their differences, they are a good match, and compliment each other in many ways. They have been on missions with SG-1, as well as come to the aid of the SGC on several occasions. They are generally well liked, and friendly. They are sympathetic to the Tau'ri, perhaps partially because of Samantha Carter. 
Martouf/Lantash became a zatarc ( a brainwashed assassin), and attempted to kill the US president during the signing of a treaty. They were shot, with Sam firing the shot that seemed to kill them.
They did not die, but were placed in stasis. However, at some point the Tok'ra decided not to risk letting Lantash attempt to heal Martouf, and removed Lantash and allowed Martouf to die. Sam accused them of doing this because they wanted to examine the brain of a zatarc victim, rather than because they did not think Lantash could heal him.
Lantash survived, and healed slowly in a healing tank. When he was almost ready to take a new host, Zipacna attacked the planet, and his healing tank was destroyed. He took the mortally wounded Kevin Elliot of the Tau'ri as his new host, but he was too weak to heal him. After telling Sam of Lantash's feelings for her, Elliot and Lantash volunteered to take symbiote poison to the Jaffa, so SG-1 and Jacob/Selmak could escape when the Jaffa (and Elliot/Lantash) had died.
An AU version of Martouf/Lantash came through from one of the parallel universes, at a later time. They had joined the SGC and SG-1 in order to be closer to Sam. After she left them for someone else, they stayed on SG-1, fighting with the Tau'ri.
Shot as zatarc. Died from his wounds and symbiote poison, giving his life to save SG-1 and Jacob/Selmak.
S02xE11: The Tok'ra I, S02xE12: The Tok'ra II, S02xE18: Serpent's Song, S03xE12: Jolinar's Memories, S03xE13: The Devil You Know, S04xE05: Divide and Conquer, S05xE15: Summit (Elliot as host), S05xE16: Last Stand (Elliot as host), S09xE13: Ripple Effect
MalekUnknown Malek was a base commander of the Tok'ra outpost in the Risa system, and an influential member of the Tok'ra resistance movement. He has had several dealings with the SGC. He is very strong-willed and determined, and the Tok'ra cause is extremely important for him.
He cooperates well enough with the Tau'ri, but has little patience with the free Jaffa, as is the case for many of the Tok'ra. This is due to the fact that the Tok'ra hosts are often from planets that have been subjugated by the Jaffa, and also that most Tok'ra that has been killed over the time, has been so by the Jaffa.
When his life was saved by Bra'tac, he was able to see further than his own misconceptions, and admit to his errors. He is a competent biochemist, and was later able to help develop the tretonin which freed the Jaffa from their dependence on Goa'uld larvae. When his queen mother, Egeria, was found, he met her before she died.
S06xE09: Allegiance,
S06xE10: Cure
MarnonUnknown Marnon is a Tok'ra who probably works with Freya/Anise. When she arrived to test the Atanik armbands on SG-1, Marnon accompanied her. 
S04xE03: Upgrades
OckerUnknown Ocker was a Tok'ra Security Chief for Malek, who fled to the Alpha Site after their base was attacked. He was very suspicious and defiant towards the Tau'ri and especially the Jaffa.
Ocker was killed by an Ashrak in an attempt to create mistrust between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa Rebellion.
Dead. Killed by an ashrak at the Tau'ri alpha site.

S06xE09: Allegiance
Per'susUnknown Per'sus is the Supreme High Councilor of the Tok'ra. He was interested in solidifying the alliance with the Tau'ri. Per'sus was almost killed by a Zatarc. He has only been seen once, and presumably is somewhere safe.Alive

S04xE05: Divide and Conquer
'Dr. Raully'Unknown Dr. Raully is her undercover name, her real name is unknown.
She is a Tok'ra operative who infiltrated Hathor's ranks, pretending to be a Goa'uld. Hathor attempted to get much needed information from SG-1 when she captured them, and Dr. Raully posed as a doctor from the future, to get SG-1 to talk. However, she was a Tok'ra, and managed to smuggle information out, which the Tok'ra delivered to the SGC. This information was used to mount a rescue operation. When the SGC started their attack, she revealed herself to be a Tok'ra, and made sure the Goa'uld Hathor had made Jack O'Neill host to, was killed.
Hathor discovered Dr. Raully's true loyalty, and injured her with a hand device. It is unknown if she managed to heal herself and get away before SGC blew up the place.
Her name is sometimes spelled Dr. Raleigh, by fans.
S02xE22: Out of Mind, S03xE01: Into the Fire 
Ren'alUnknown Ren'al was a Tok'ra operative and member of the Tok'ra High Council. She was the ambassador to Earth when Jacob/Selmak was not available. She has had several dealings with the SGC.
She is a biochemistrist who were in large part responsible for developing the Tok'ra symbiote poison. She also came up with the plan of using this bio weapon to kill all the Goa'uld System Lords, who met in the Hassara system for a summit.
Dead. Killed by falling tunnel crystals
S05xE01: Enemies,
S05xE15: Summit
Jacob Carter

Selmak is a member of the Tok'ra High Council, and known as one of their oldest and wisest leaders. She is also a Tok'ra operative, and often goes on undercover mission, posing as a Goa'uld.
Saroosh was Selmak's host before Jacob. She had been her host for a long time, and had enjoyed her sense of humor, as well as her good company, greatly. When Saroosh died, Jacob Carter, Samantha Carter's father, became host to Selmak. She cured him, thus saving his life, and he saved her life as well, as she was in desperate need of a new host.
Jacob/Selmak became a liaison between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra.
General Jacob Carter (Ret.) was a veteran USAF Major General before becoming host to Selmak. He is also a good friend of General Hammond.
Jacob's blending with Selmak created an alliance between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra. Selmak were again able to take on covert operations, and from time to time to help SGC. Because of their closeness to the Tau'ri, and because her host is Tau'ri, some Tok'ra complain about their divided loyalties. They do, however, also often support the Tok'ra cause, to the expense of the Tau'ri, as seen when they let the Tok'ra mission take presedence despite this meaning they risk the life of members of the SGC.
Jacob has also been known to refer to humanity's level of development as "infantile", and to warn against human attempts to reverse-engineer Goa'uld technology.
Selmak, and with her, Jacob, died from unknown causes, by fans speculated to be either poison or some sort of illness. Before doing so, they helped save the Galaxy from the Replicator threat.
They are mentioned as being alive, in one of the AU universes in the Ripple Effect episode.
S02xE11: The Tok'ra I, S02xE12: The Tok'ra II, S02xE20: Show and Tell, S03xE02: Seth, S03xE12: Jolinar's Memories, S03xE13: The Devil You Know, S04xE12: Tangent, S04xE14: The Serpent's Venom, S04xE22: Exodus, S05xE01: Enemies, S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S05xE21: Meridian, S06xE03: Descent, S06xE09: Allegiance, S06x19: The Changeling, S07xE03: Fragile Balance, S07xE11: Evolution I, S07xE12: Evolution II, S07xE13: Grace (hallucination), S07xE16: Death Knell, S08xE16: Reckoning I, S08xE17: Reckoning II, S08xE18: Threads
SinaUnknown Sina has provided the SGC with valuable intelligence regarding the System Lords and Ba'al's vulnerable position.

She later returned to Earth to offer her expertise in mounting an attack on the Goa’uld Anubis who was rising to dominance. She provided the schematics for Anubis’ mothership and injected Dr. Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn with the Radioactive Tok’ra isotope so they could get aboard undetected.
S06xE21: Prophecy, S07xE01: Fallen.
Ta'seemUnknown Ta'seem is a Tok'ra scientist who traveled to the Earth vessel Odyssey to extract the Goa'uld symbiote Baal from Adria and replace it with a Tok'ra symbiote, Zanuf.
The extraction procedure failed, as Ba'al released his fatal neurotoxin before the removal process could be completed.
Following Ba'al's removal, Adria regained consciousness and used the minutes she had left to live to (probably) kill Ta'seem and ascend.
Ta'seem had once known Vala Mal Doran as Qetesh.
Probably dead

S10xE19: Dominion
ThellasUnknown Tok'ra operative who assessed the disabling of Stargate functionality across known space. After several hours, Thellas reported to the S.G.C. that the entire gate network was down following the deployment of Dr. Jay Felger's "Avenger" computer virus.Alive
S07xE09: Avenger 2.0
ThoranUnknown Thoran is a loyal member of the Tok'ra resistance movement, who has had a few tense dealings with Earth. During these meetings with the SGC, he was frequently involved in heated discussions with SGC members.
He is intensely loyal and protective of the Tok'ra. Tok'ra interests and secrets are extremely important to him, more so than the Tok'ra-Tau'ri alliance. He was a close friend of the Tok'ra Kanan, and supervised his blending with Jack O'Neill.
S06x04: Frozen, S06x06: Abyss
'Tok'ra Elder'Unknown 'Tok'ra Elder' may not be an appropriate name for this Tok'ra - while the host seems to be elderly, the symbiote inside is not.
We do not know the name of either the Tok'ra symbiote or the host. He was in charge of the extraction/execution ceremony for the last? Ba'al clone. The ceremony took 3 hours, since 'Tok'ra Elder' first recited all the crimes Ba'al was known to have committed.
Movie: Continuum
ZanufUnknown Tok'ra symbiote selected to take Ba'al's place in the body of the Orici, Adria, thus possessing her secrets and abilities.
Zanuf was transported aboard the Earth vessel Odyssey by his colleague, Ta'seem, and two Tok'ra aides. Unfortunately, the extraction procedure failed, as the Ba'al symbiote released his fatal neurotoxin inside Adria, ultimately killing them both.
May have died since he did not get a new host. Depends on whether or not the transportation tank he was in was damaged, and how long he could survive in it. S10xE19: Dominion
ZarinUnknown Zarin often worked undercover, and once posed as a minor Goa'uld serving Ba'al on P3S-114. She controlled several garrisons and had been able to mask her true identity perfectly for some time.
The alliance between the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri, and between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa seems to be important to her, as she risked everything to avoid the torture of Teal'c and M'Zel when they came to her palace. Zarin were killed by symbiote poison launched by the Trust.
Dead S08xE10: Endgame



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