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Jaffa forehead symbols

All of the major Goa'uld System Lords have their own 'mark' that they put on their Jaffa. The minor System Lords generally use the mark of their overlord, but there are exceptions.

Most Jaffa have a mark/tattoo that is in black ink. Higher ranking Jaffa can have silver tattoos. The First Prime of a Goa'uld will have a gold embossed mark, which is made by cutting into the flesh and pouring pure molten gold into the wound.

The tattoos - and the gold one in particular - are obviously very painful to apply, and they are also very difficult to remove. If a Jaffa try to do that, he or she will end up with an ugly mark. However, the Goa'uld are able to remove the marks, for instance to apply their own mark instead, after taking over the army of a rival Goa'uld.

This table shows the correspondence between Goa'uld and the forehead symbols their Jaffa have - when known.Read more... )
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Title: Altered Reality
Characters: Sam, Daniel, O'Neill, Mitchell, Vala, Teal'c, Malek, others
Pairings: None seen, but multiple mentioned: Sam/Martouf/Lantash, Sam/Jack, Jack/Leira, Freya/Anise/Daniel, Teal'c/Shau'nac, Malek/Janet
Category: AU, Drama, Adventure, Fix-it (very much so - mainly the relationship between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra)
Warnings: None
Summary: What if the timeline remained altered in a different way after the events of Stargate: Continuum?
Prompt: 099. SG-1, SG-1 and any Tok'ra, after Continuum, the timeline is changed. You chose what is different, but there need to be some Tok'ra alive that were dead before, and the Tok'ra must be better friends with Earth.

DW | LJ | Fanfiction.net | Symbiotica | AO3

(Note that I am having some problems posting on Fanfiction.net, and it may take a few days before the entire fic is posted there)
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Title: Meetings
Characters: Sam, Daniel, Martouf/Lantash, Jack, Teal'c, Freya/Anise, others
Pairings: None, some minor Sam/Martouf/Lantash UST perhaps
Category: Drama
Warnings: None
Summary: How would things change if a couple Tok'ra joined SG-1 and the other SG members when they went to the planet where the Unas and symbiotes come from?
Episode: The First Ones, but AU so Martouf/Lantash is with them. Some dialogue lifted.

DW | LJ: 1/2 2/2 | Symbiotica | AO3
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This is the sixth post for plotbunnies and other ideas for Tok'ra related fiction. It covers misc. prompts and crossovers including SGA and SGU. Which includes, but is not limited to, Goa'uld changing their allegiance to Tok'ra, Goa'uld who come from alternate realities but have always been Tok'ra, and Tok'ra who are on Earth for whatever reason and run into characters from other fandoms.

This post is for crossovers between Stargate SG-1 and non-Stargate fandoms.

: For the sake of finding things more easily we have now moved all crossovers between the various Stargate fandoms here.

Remember that these prompts are only suggestions and you can use as much or as little of them as you want. Feel free to mix and match whatever your Muse takes a liking to, or to use none of them.

Feel free to post any bunnies and/or short outlines you might have in the comments and we'll add them to this entry as soon as possible.

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This post contains a list (with some descriptions) of canon Goa'uld. All episodes below are from SG-1, unless otherwise noted.

Some information taken from Gateworld, as well as from various transcripts.

Symbols found by googling - no owner/creator was included, but if you recognize one as having been created by you, tell us and we will give credit or remove it. The actual symbols were seen on the shows, usually on Jaffa, but the black and white symbols below have been 'niced up' by someone. Some Goa'uld does not have their own symbol, but use that of their overlord on their Jaffa, most do, but there are many where we simply do not know the symbols.

Canon Goa'uld! )</td><td>The Goa'uld queen of Osiris. Isis and Osiris were imprisoned within canopic jars by their jealous brother, Seth. A millennia later, these jars were discovered in an archaeological expedition (the Stuart Expedition) and eventually transported to the Americas via a transport vessel. But the ship sank en route and the jar was damaged, breaking the stasis seal and killing Isis, the symbiote, within. Osiris' jar was preserved and he was set free by Dr. Sarah Gardner. The Isis Jar was obtained by the S.G.C., where it was opened. Inside, they found the perfectly preserved - but dead - symbiote of Isis.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S04xE13: The Curse (mentioned and seen dead)</td></tr><tr><td>Ja'din</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Underlord Goa'uld in the service of Cronus. Ja'din was a scientist who enjoyed watching her patients suffer while attempting to find new ways to make her god more powerful. She arrived in Cronus' mothership in orbit of Juna and began studying the captured duplicates of SG-1's Teal'c and Samantha Carter. Examining the decapitated body of the Dr. Jackson duplicate, Carter instructed her on how to remove its power casing, causing an explosion which killed Ja'din.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S04xE21: Double Jeopardy</td></tr><tr><td>Junior</td><td>None (immature)</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>'Junior' is the name given by O'Neill to Teal'c's prim'ta. There are actually two 'Junior' - the one Teal'c had until his son Rya'c got him, some time mid 1 season, and the second 'Junior' which is the one Teal'c has until he begins using tretonin in late 6th season ('The Changeling'). We first see the first 'Junior' in the episode of SG-1, 'Children of the Gods'. The second 'Junior' is first seen in the first season episode 'Bloodlines'.
Junior saved Teal'c's life a multitude of times over the years the Jaffa maintained and incubated him, though it showed its hatred for him more than once. Eventually the final Junior was killed while trying to sustain the lives of both Teal'c and his master, Bra'tac after a horrific massacre on planet Kresh'ta.</td><td>Dead</td><td>First junior (seen or mentioned):
S01xE01: Children of the Gods, S01xE04: The Broca Divide, S01xE09: Thor's Hammer, S01xE11: Bloodlines
Second junior (seen or mentioned):
S01xE13: Hathor, S01xE14: Singularity, S01xE18: Tin Man, S01xE21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, S02xE06: Thor's Chariot, S02xE07: Message In a Bottle, S02xE10: Bane, S02xE17: Holiday, S02xE20: Show and Tell, S02xE21: 1969, S03xE04: Legacy, S03xE08: Demons, S03xE14: Foothold, S03xE21: Crystal Skull, S04xE03: Upgrades, S04xE04: Crossroads, S04xE10: Beneath the Surface, S04xE14: The Serpent's Venom, S06xE04: Frozen, S06xE10: Cure, S06xE19: Changeling</td></tr><tr><td>Kali</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>One of the Goa'uld System Lords, also known as "Kali the Destroyer." She and the System Lord Bastet are on fairly friendly terms. They once combined forces and made a treaty with the Goa'uld Sobek. They betrayed him, decapitating him during the celebratory feast. Kali once had an outpost on Cerador until it was attacked and destroyed by Anubis. She lost two motherships to him. Despite these losses, she was one of the System Lords who voted to have Anubis rejoin the hierarchy.May be alive, though if so, she is no longer a System Lord, as Ba'al was mentioned as being the last.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand</td></tr><tr><td>Klorel</td><td>Skaara</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Klorel is the son of Apophis and an unknown queen (Amaunet was still in a Jaffa - or was she temporarily back in one? We also do not know if she is only a royal queen or also a breeding queen). At the same time as Amaunet took Sha're as host, Klorel took her brother Skaa'ra as his host. Klorel was too young too always completely keep Skaa'ra surpressed and fought with him often. After the fall of Apophis, Klorel fled and crashed on New Tollana. Skaa'ra temporarily managed to get control and demanded a trial for right of use to the host body. Such a trial was held. Skaa'ra won and the Tok'ra removed Klorel and sent him to whatever planet he wanted. His current whereabouts is unknown. </td><td>Unknown</td><td>S01xE01: Children of the Gods, S01xE21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, S02x01: The Serpent's Lair, S03xE15: Pretense</td></tr><tr><td>Marduk</td><td>Major Sergei Vallarin</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>This Goa'uld was first mentioned in the episode 'Thor's Hammer', where Kendra said she had been captured by his forces and made a host to her Goa'uld. This must have happened many thousand years ago, since we later (in 'The Tomb') met Marduk who had been imprisoned in a sarcophagus for at least 2000 years. He was incredibly evil, even for a Goa'uld, and his priests had eventually locked him up in a sarcophagus with a creature that constantly ate from him - just as the sarcophagus continued to heal him. Eventually he took the creature as host and waited for a better host, when the sarcophagus was opened and he could escape. He got a human host and could again try to flee his ziggurat and grab the eye of Tiamat which was some gadget he really liked. He is presumed to have been killed when the ziggurat was collapsed. </td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S01xE09: Thor's Hammer (mentioned), S05xE08: The Tomb</td></tr><tr><td>Moloc

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>This Goa'uld made the not very future-savvy choice to kill all female Jaffa children, since he only wanted men for his battles. The Hak'tyl ('liberation') and their leader, the Jaffa priestess Ishta, managed to save many of these female children. He was killed by a hell-fire missile. </td><td>Dead</td><td>S07xE10: Birthright (mentioned), S08xE09: Sacrifices</td></tr><tr><td>Montu

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A minor Goa'uld who served Ra and, after his defeat, fell under Baal's leadership. His First Prime was Gerak.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S09xE03: Origin</td></tr><tr><td>Morrigan</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Morrigan was a Goa'uld System Lord. At the Goa'uld summit, she voted to let Anubis rejoin the System Lords, though her forces later joined those of Yu in opposing him. Morrigan later surrendered to Ba'al rather than be destroyed by the Kull warriors. She is probably no longer a System Lord. She is known among the Goa'uld for using her human slaves to draw out information from the servants of her enemies. </td><td>Alive?</td><td>S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S07xE05: Revisions (mentioned), S08xE13: It's Good to Be King (the Tok'ra inform the SGC that Morrigan has capitulated to Ba'al)</td></tr><tr><td>Mot</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Mot was a Goa'uld who fought against Ba'al and was defeated some time in Earth's past, then went on to serve him as an underlord. He ruled over P4S-237 for a hundred years after Ba'al abandoned it, keeping the naquadah mining operation there from his master and taking the spoils as his own. (SG1: "Prophecy"). He plotted to overthrow Ba'al and take down the SGC to impress Anubis. Shot by a village girl, and is presumed dead. </td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S06xE21: Prophecy</td></tr><tr><td>Nefertum</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Son of Sekhmet, identified with a symbol of a blue-lotus blossom. Nefertum was a Goa'uld who once brought Humans to planet Bedrosia, probably forcing them into slavery. He forged the Book of Nefertum, similar Earth-based religious texts, and used it to govern the people after he left. His current whereabouts are not known.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S03xE19: New Ground (mentioned)</td></tr><tr><td>Nerus</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Nerus worked for Ba'al and was the true genius behind the multi-stargate-dialing program (at least he claimed it was he). He was a minor Goa'uld, known for 'his many appetites'. He was also known as an inventor, and he claimed responsibility for inventing a lot of Goa'uld technologies. Nerus contacted the SGC with important information that an Ori attack had begun on Kallana, where a force field had begun to expand across the planet, and he urged that Earth must attack the energy field with the most powerful weapons in their arsenal.
They followed his advice and detonated a Mark IX warhead on Kallana. When the the weapon's energy caused the force field to envelop the entire planet, they realized Nerus had deceived them from the start. He had become an agent of the Ori, confident that one day he would share their power and ascend. He therefore helped the Ori to acquire a beachhead in the Milky Way Galaxy. Nerus admitted his plan, thinking the Tau'ri would kill him and he would ascend, but they instead threw him in a dark prison cell and threatened him with starvation - and told him the Ori did not ascend their followers, since they did not want to share the power. 
When Stargates later began to disappear, he told the SGC that it was likely Ba'al stealing them, and then gave them a useful gate-address in return for his freedom. He immediately went to Ba'al to offer his services. However, he had eaten a locator beacon that was hidden in a cupcake, and SG-1 followed him. A computer virus the SGC had hidden in Nerus's technology, caused Ba'al's ha'tak's shields and power to fail. SG-1 beamed aboard the ha'tak, took back DHDs and Stargates, and left. Ba'al threatened to kill Nerus for his incompetence, but it is unknown if he did.
 </td><td>Unknown, probably dead</td><td>S09xE06: Beachhead, S09xE16: Off the Grid</td></tr><tr><td>Nirrti

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Nirrti was a Goa'uld System Lord who was known for being treacherous and amoral. She experimented to discover advanced humans (hok'taur) to use for hosts. She tried various experiments including one which ended up with the only survivor being a young girl named Cassandra - who she had booby trapped to blow up the SGC. (SG1: "Singularity") Later, when the System Lords agreed to negotiate with the Asgard to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty, Nirrti accompanied Cronus and Yu as part of the delegation. She used cloaking technology to make an attempt on Cronus's life, and blamed Teal'c, since she wanted the Goa'uld to think the Tau'ri were untrustworthy and so would not agree to the treaty. She was found out and taken back by the Goa'uld, as a prisoner. (SG1: "Fair Game"). Later she captured SG-1 and wanted to experiment on them, as she had on other SG teams and other humans. She was especially interested in Jonas Quinn, who is a more advanced human. She was killed by some of the people she had experimented on and mutated horribly - and given telekinesis.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S01xE14: Singularity (mentioned), S03xE03: Fair Game, S05xE06: Rite of Passage, S06xE06: Metamorphosis</td></tr><tr><td>Olokun</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Olokun was one of the System Lords present at the Goa'uld summit where the Goa'uld discussed forming a new order to fight against their mutual unknown enemy, who was later revealed to be Anubis. Olokun had lost one of his motherships to Anubis when the Jaffa aboard surrendered the vessel and switched sides. He voted for permitting Anubis to rejoin the System Lords. (SG1: "Summit", "Last Stand"). Later, we learn that the Tok'ra has a spy within Olokun's rank, and that the spy was discovered.  He may still be alive, but is no longer a System Lord, since Ba'al has been mentioned as being the last one.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S07xE16: Death Knell (mentioned)</td></tr><tr><td>Osiris</td><td>Sarah Gardner</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Osiris was a Goa'uld that once was a powerful System Lord. However, he and his queen and sister, Isis were betrayed by their brother Seth. They were removed from their hosts and placed in stasis jars for thousands of years. Osiris was eventually awoken when Sarah Gardner opened the jar, and he took her as as his host. (SG1: "The Curse") Taking advantage of the "favorable conditions" following the deaths of Apophis and Cronus, Osiris built up quite a powerful army. (SG1: "Summit") He became an underling of Anubis's, and was sent as Anubis's envoy to the System Lords summit, in order to get Anubis reinstated as one of the System Lords. Osiris traveled to Earth to interrogate Dr. Jackson in his subconscious mind, preying on his host's love for and memories of Daniel in the hopes that he would unlock the secret behind an Ancient map that would lead Anubis to the Lost City of the advanced species. When he discovered that Daniel did not know how to read the map, he moved to kill him -- but was overtaken and captured by the rest of SG-1. Osiris was extracted from Sarah Gardner's body by the Tok'ra. It is not known whether or not he survived, and even if he did, the Tok'ra most likely killed him.</td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S04xE13: The Curse, S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S05xE22: Revelations, S07xE15: Chimera</td></tr><tr><td>Pelops</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>God of Greek origin, and a Goa'uld responsible for developing nano-technology that rapidly increased the aging process of the Chosen on Argos, in order to study human development. Pelops left the world, and the people, forcing them to continue to live a lifestyle that only allowed them to survive one hundred (or thereabouts) days. When SG-1 arrived, Colonel O'Neill was also infected by the nanites, after having sex with one of the women, and he eventually convinced the people to rebel against Pelops, consequently damaging the Nanite controller, which was the driving force of the devices when they pull down the statue of Pelops in the temple.O'Neill then slowly returned to his younger appearance.
The fate of Pelops is not known.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S01x08: Brief Candle</td></tr><tr><td>Qetesh</td><td>Vala Mal Doran</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Qetesh was a minor Goa'uld, allied with (and queen to) Ba'al. Her last host was Vala Mal Doran - she was extracted from her host by the Tok'ra and presumably killed. At some point Qetesh had worked with Athena, another ally of Ba'al's. 
Qetesh ruled over at least one world, P8X-412, where she forced the inhabitants to mine the planet's sparse naquadah deposits. When quotas were not met she instituted both mass executions and mass torture.
Qetesh had shared a romantic "spark" with Baal, and she took great pleasure in meddling in his plans. She once attacked his fleet at Selenis, crippling his flagship and killing ten thousand of his best Jaffa. Despite their tumultuous relationship, Baal installed Qetesh (in the host of Vala) as his queen when he traveled over 80 years into the past and altered the timeline to suit himself. Qetesh disagreed with Baal's uncharacteristic approach on how to win over the Tau'ri when the Goa'uld arrived to enslave Earth. He overruled her when she suggested a more direct, mass-murder approach than the gradual takeover Baal proposed. The moment the opportunity availed itself she impaled him with his own blade and instructed the fleet to bombard the planet in the name of the soverign. Qetesh then set a course for Praxion, the planet where Baal's time machine was kept, and used ring transporters to transmit her army to the surface and eliminate SG-1, who had hoped to use the device themselves. When Qetesh arrived Teal'c, the First Prime of Baal, avenged his master by murdering Qetesh with an explosive.</td><td>Probably dead</td><td>Mentioned many times, but particularly in S09xE05: The Powers That Be, Movies: Stargate: Continuum (AU)</td></tr><tr><td>Ra

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Ra was the most powerful Goa'uld, and the Supreme System Lord. Since he represented the Goa'uld and all their evilness, the Tok'ra took their name from him, meaning 'Against Ra'. He originally came to Earth more than 10000 years ago, dying because he could not find a good host that was easy to maintain - and they had no sarcophagi at that time. He found humans and took one of those as host, realizing they were ridiculously easy to repair. So he used them to create his power base, probably selling slaves and hosts to the other Goa'uld who now all prospered and grew strong and many. After the rebellion on Earth, he took humans with him to Abydos and used that as his home world instead. He was killed by O'Neill and his team when they opened the Stargate and went to Abydos. </td><td>Dead</td><td>Movies: Stargate: the Movie, S01xE01: Children of the Gods (mentioned), S01x13: Hathor (mentioned), S06xE10: Cure (mentioned), S08xE19: Moebius I</td></tr><tr><td>Ramius

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A minor Goa'uld lord. When Ramius tried to form an alliance with Tilgath, another minor Goa'uld, he suffered losses at the hands of Anubis's new super-soldier -- including the death of his First Prime.
Ramius returned to his base of operations, only to be attacked and presumably killed by another super-soldier when attempting to flee to a ring room. Anubis likely absorbed Ramius' army into his own, gathering his forces to war against the United Alliance of the System Lords.
Ramius commanded a powerful gravity of authority. By not even having to speak, he demanded respect. He was not amused by Jack O'Neill when he captured and imprisoned SG-1, and refused to believe that the S.G. teams had come to his aid to capture the super-soldier.
Ramius initially escaped, but was probably killed by one of the super-soldiers later.</td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S07xE11: Evolution I</td></tr><tr><td>Sekhmet</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A Goa'uld who at one time was loyal to Ra. It is believed that she was a powerful ally of his, who would routinely be dispatched to rule planets in his stead, halt rebellions, and oversee mass executions. It is believed that she was exiled for plotting against him. It is also believed that she lived on Earth for most of his dynasty.
Many artifacts belonging to Sekhmet fell into the hands of Napoleon and were eventually recovered by the Nazis, including a Goa'uld Ark marked with the sign of the Eye of Ra -- and a Canopic jar holding the imprisoned symbiote itself.
Sekhmet's DNA came into the possession of rogue elements previously associated with the N.I.D., and turned over to scientists operating a secret project in Los Angeles under the unscrupulous Dr. Keffler. Sekhment's DNA was spliced with human DNA in an attempt to create a Goa'uld-human hybrid, so that Keffler and the rogue N.I.D. could access the being's genetically-passed knowledge (presumably without them having to deal with a symbiote that could take control of the host and would not do as they wanted, or they could just have cloned Sekhmet). After 45 failures, the only the essence of Sekhmet was manifested in the body of a young girl named Anna. Nanite acceleration technology from Argos (stored at Area 51) was taken by the scientists and used to accelerate Anna's growth rate. It is likely, but unknown, that the symbiote itself is long-dead, though Sekhmet's evil personality was revived in Anna. Under torture from Keffler, Sekhmet began to surface more and more frequently in the body of Anna -- but she never offered any substantial information. Once, as an attempt at blackmail for more time in control of Anna's body, Sekhmet escaped and killed 32 people in the research facility, then activated a Goa'uld explosive device inside the ark. After SG-1's arrival to investigate the compromised lab, Teal'c and Dr. Bill Lee managed to deactivate the device. It is likely that the last remnants of Sekhmet died when Anna killed herself with Keffler's fail-safe device, which released a deady toxin into her body. However, it is also possible Sekhmet is alive somewhere, having taken over someone at some point after her stasis jar was opened.</td><td>Unknown, probably dead</td><td>S07xE19: Resurrection (mentioned + her personality recreated in another being)</td></tr><tr><td>Selkhet</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Selkhet was a Goa'uld underling of Ba'al. Her name is not mentioned in the episode, but it is given in the official screenplay. She is probably killed by Repli-Carter.</td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S08xE16: Reckoning I</td></tr><tr><td>Seth

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Seth is a Goa'uld that has hidden on Earth for at least 3000 years (according to Jacob/Selmak - more probably longer, since they say he had been there since Ra left Earth, which is 5000 years ago). Since he has not had access to a sarcophagus during this time, he has changed hosts every 400 years or so (according to Jacob/Selmak). He has hidden out as the leader of small cults in various cultures around Earth. He uses nishta to brainwash the cult-members. He is killed by Sam, using a hand device.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S03xE03: Seth, S04xE13: The Curse (mentioned)</td></tr><tr><td>Shaq'ran</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A Goa'uld who once opposed the Supreme System Lord Ra. Shaq'ran successfully drove Ra from the world of Pangar, and set up an outpost directly on top of Ra's former temple there. The only evidence he left of Ra's former occupation was hidden in the chasms beneath -- including a canister holding the imprisoned Egeria, the Tok'ra queen whom Ra was believed to have killed.
Circa A.D. 1700 (Earth time), Shaq'ran was defeated by Apophis. He is presumed dead.</td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S06xE10: Cure (mentioned) </td></tr><tr><td>Sobek</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Formerly one of the Goa'uld System Lords, Sobek was killed during a feast held to celebrate a recently made treaty with Kali and Bastet. Rumor has it that Sobek's head still decorates Bastet's palace in Bubastis.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S05xE15: Summit (mentioned)</td></tr><tr><td>Sokar

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Sokar was a powerful Goa'uld System Lord, who was also well known for his cruel and sadistic nature. He chose to emulate the Devil and formerly had an Unas host. He ruled the Goa'uld at some point, but a group lead by Ra conquered him. He was believed destroyed, but somehow survived. He conquered the world of Delmak, making it his homeworld, and terraformed its moon into a hell like world, naming it Netu. He was killed by the Tok'ra, when they detonated the moon Netu, while Sokar was close enough in his ha'tak to be caught in the tidal forces. Apophis then took over his forces. The Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur was once Sokar's prisoner, and was sent to Netu, though she succeeded in escaped - the first to ever do so. </td><td>Dead</td><td>S02xE18: Serpent's Song (seen as hologram), S03xE07: Dead Man's Switch (mentioned), S03xE08: Demons (mentioned), S03xE12: Jolinar's Memories, S03xE13: The Devil You Know</td></tr><tr><td>Svarog

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A Goa'uld System lord that took part of the Goa'uld summit. He voted in favor of allowing Anubis to rejoin the System Lords. (SG1: "Summit", "Last Stand")
Svarog later led his forces into a campaign to take over the planet Latona when he saw no sign of "the Sentinel," an advanced piece of technology that once protected the world. But in the middle of his invasion, SG-1 reactivated the Sentinel and Svarog's forces vanished. It is not clear whether or not Svarog himself, who remained aboard the orbiting vessel, was killed by the device or simply sent away from the planet.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S05xE20: The Sentinel</td></tr><tr><td>Tanith</td><td>Hebron</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Tanith is a young Goa'uld who had convince the Jaffa priestess (Shau'nac) who carried him that he regretted being a Goa'uld and wanted to become a Tok'ra. He got the host Hebron and pretended to be Tok'ra, but treason was suspected when the Jaffa priestess Shau'nac died and it was later confirmed that Tanith had killed her and that he planned to get knowledge about the Tok'ra and send to his Goa'uld master, thereby gaining power. However, the Tok'ra fed him misinformation. He was probably killed when Teal'c shot down an alkesh he was piloting.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S04xE04: Crossroads, S04xE22: Exodus, S05xE09: Between Two Fires, S05xE14: 48 Hours. </td></tr><tr><td>Telchak</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A Goa'uld who long ago (presumably about 3000 years ago, or a little more, according to the episode "Evolution, part I") discovered an Ancient healing device and used it to develop the sarcophagus technology. He is probably the same figure as "Chac," described by ancient Earth mythology texts as the Mayan god of rain. Pre-ascension Anubis went to war with Telchak over possession of the Ancients' healing device. Telchak lost the war, but Anubis never acquired the device. Telchak is probably responsible for hiding the device on Earth (around 900 BC), beneath a waterfall in Honduras -- where it became the source of the Fountain of Youth myth.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S07xE11: Evolution I</td></tr><tr><td>Terok</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A Goa'uld torture master in the service of the System Lord Heru'ur, Terok was assigned to make an example of Teal'c's betrayal of his "god" in hopes of crushing the spirit of the Jaffa resistance movement.
When the Jaffa Rak'nor handed Teal'c over to the Goa'uld, Terok tortured him in front of a recording device. In the end, Teal'c made a fool of Terok by holding his ground. In a rage, Terok destroyed the recording device and swore to kill Teal'c just once before he was revived with a sarcophagus and handed over to Apophis, as a pledge of Heru'ur's new alliance with him. But when Rak'nor had a change of heart and turned on Terok, the Goa'uld was apparently killed before being transported to Apophis's mothership in Teal'c's place. The act helped to throw the new alliance into chaos, and Apophis destroyed Heru'ur. </td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S04xE14: The Serpent's Venom</td></tr><tr><td>Thanos</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Goa'uld who had occupied Langara (Kelowna) some 3,000 years ago, leaving behind a data crystal that detailed plans of his naquadria research project.
Thanos had managed to create a small amount of naquadria, a powerful variant of naquadah, but was not careful enough in experimenting with the volatile substance. The resulting explosion released subatomic particles into the crust of Langara, catalyzing two massive veins deep into the core. While his experiments created the substance that would make Langara a prime target for the Goa'uld and threatened to one day destroy the entire planet, Thanos's creation of naquadria also indirectly led to Earth's development of ships capable of travelling through hyperspace, including the F-302 and Prometheus.
Thanos's final fate is unknown, but it is likely that he was killed in the explosion that resulted from his research.</td><td>Probably dead</td><td>S07xE14: Fallout</td></tr><tr><td>Thoth</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Anubis's engineer on the planet Tartarus, who was responsible for overseeing the genetic engineering and maintenance of the Kull warriors -- Anubis's newly developed army of super-soldiers. A Goa'uld himself, Thoth was fearful of his master. When a remote probe began malfunctioning, Thoth's attention was required. He was armed with a hand device, but it was unable to save him from a zat'ni'katel and Carter's weapon, which ultimately killed him.
Thoth is probably an ancient Goa'uld, and the one credited by a great many inventions and discoveries.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S07xE12: Evolution II</td></tr><tr><td>Tilgath

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>A minor Goa'uld who attempted to forge an alliance with Ramius, another minor Goa'uld lord. This alliance was prevented by just one of Anubis's super-soldiers. Tilgath was killed in the ensuing battle, when a single Kull warrior wiped out both sides -- except for Ramius himself, who barely escaped.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S07xE11: Evolution I</td></tr><tr><td>Yu

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Yu-huang Shang Ti, the Jade Emperor, also known as Yu the Great or simply Yu, was the oldest of the Goa'uld System Lords. The first time we saw him, he was part of the delegation that negotiated Earth's entry into the Asgard's Protected Planets Treaty, along with Cronus and Nirrti. He partially favored the treaty, as his interests no longer resided in that area of the Milky Way. Yu voted against letting Anubis becoming a System Lord again (and had been among those who had banished him in the first place), and later continued to fight him. (SG1: "Summit", "Last Stand") Yu was in the end very old and weak, and starting showing signs of senility. His First Prime Oshu had to take control of his Empire to keep it from falling into anarchy - he believe Yu was too weak to take another host, which might have saved him otherwise, at least for a time. Yu was not as megalomaniacal and obsessed with total domination as the other Goa'uld, and also did not portray himself as a god. He was willing to cooperate with the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra. 
He was killed by Repli-Carter.</td><td>Dead</td><td>S03xE03: Fair Game, S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S05xE18: The Warrior, S06xE22: Full Circle, S07xE01: Fallen, S08xE16: Reckoning I</td></tr><tr><td>Zipacna

</td><td>Unknown</td><td style="text-align: center;"> </td><td>Zipacna was an Underlord of Apophis. When Klorel was placed on Triad to determine priority of the body of Skaa'ra, Zipacna served as his Archon. Zipacna used the opportunity to tag the Tollans ion cannons and later attacked. Only through the help of Lya and SG-1 were the Tollan saved. (SG1: "Pretense") After the death of Apophis, Zipacna entered the service of Anubis. He extended Osiris the offer to represent Anubis at the High Council of System Lords. Zipacna himself led an attack on the Tok'ra base on Revanna, searching for the symbiote poison. (SG1: "Summit", "Last Stand")
He may still be alive, but is no longer a System Lord, as Ba'al was said to be the last of them.</td><td>Unknown</td><td>S03xE15: Pretense, S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand</td></tr></tbody></table>
Goa'uld/human hybrids:

NamePictureInformationStatus (main universe)Episodes
AnnaAnna was treated by her creator, Dr. Keffler, more as a science experiment than a human being, and was never allowed outside of the secret facility in Los Angeles where she was created and held prisoner in a clear box. Keffler gave her many books describing the world outside, but she never saw the sun. He gave her sketch pads and drawing utensils to depict the dark images within her mind, which came from the Goa'uld Sekhmet's remnant genetic memories. Once Keffler told her it was for her birthday, likely meaning she was less than two years old, despite her appearance as a fully-grown woman (achieved with nanite acceleration technology).
Keffler's prime commitment was to use Anna's darker side to discover secrets of the Goa'uld, ultimately to save mankind. He tortured her to cause the latent Goa'uld personality come out.
At the base of Anna's brain was implanted a supply of biotoxin that, when detonated with Keffler's hand-held device, would cause a humane death within moments. Sekhmet ultimately offered her captor nothing of value. Anna herself was continually plagued by black-outs, her innocent nature only able to interpret the evil within her by creating horrific drawings. She eventually escaped under the influence of Sekhmet, who killed the scientists -- all except Keffler -- and set a Goa'uld bomb before being recaptured. SG-1 soon arrived with Malcolm Barrett -- an agent of the legitimate N.I.D. organization -- and Daniel Jackson became a close confidant to Anna and tried to get her to focus the memories she possessed. When Sekhmet appeared she used the candle in her cell to set Anna's drawings on fire, and eventually escaped. At this point Anna regained control (though she may have been in control much of the time) and killed Dr. Keffler. Sekhmet's DNA and personality would eventually take over, and Anna realized there was nothing that could be done to save her, and she used his device to release the biotoxin, killing herself.
DeadS07xE19: Resurrection
Khalek Khalek was the son of Anubis, probably with his host. He was created on P3X-584 in concert with an Ancient genetic manipulation device, to make him into an advanced being. Khalek possessed the memories of Anubis and all those who came before, likely including the queen that originally spawned him. Exactly when Khalek was created is unknown, but he possessed Anubis's memories up to, and perhaps beyond, the destruction of Abydos, meaning Anubis must somehow have been able to 'descend' a supply of his own DNA to use for creating his son.
When found, Khalek was frozen inside an Ancient stasis unit in an underground lab on P3X-584. He was taken back to Stargate Command, and when he heard he was on Earth Khalek implied that a malevolent force kidnapped him from his home planet to experiment on him. It was only after Dr. Jackson managed to wade through pages of Ancient-coded notes that he realized the danger posed by the genetically engineered human-Goa'uld hybrid.
When Khalek failed to convince the SGC to release him, he reverted to his Anubis-like traits. Khalek possessed a tremendous lust for bloodshed by his own hands and dreamt of his first kill. He promised Daniel that by the end of his time at the S.G.C. one of them would know the exquisite taste of taking another's life. According to the Ancient brain scanner, upon his arrival on Earth Khalek was approximately 60% complete in his genetic treatments to become a fully ascended being. However, after becoming shot and regenerating (helping the process), he reached an empass at 80% where he could not progress forward, and ultimately ascend, without returning to P3X-584 for two more treatments. When he realized that General Landry had no intention of allowing him to return to his planet, Khalek broke free a second time, electrocuting two security guards at the base of his confinement chair. He made his way through Level 21 until he located the primary power conduit for the base and pulled it, allowing him easy access down to Level 28, knocking aside security guards as he encountered them. Khalek used his psycho-kinesis to dial P3X-584 and traveled through the Stargate, but he did not know about the Stargate authorization device (which had been rigged to "call-forward" him right back to Earth. Returned to the Gate Room, Khalek guarded against bullets from Colonel Mitchell, but did not expect Dr. Jackson's weapon from the opposite side of the room. Mitchell and Jackson drained their clips into Khalek, who fell off the back ramp in a bloody heap.
DeadS09xE09: Prototype
Shifu The son of the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis and Sha're/Amaunet. Since both his parents are hosts, he is harcesis, and carries the genetic memories of both his symbiote-parents. Apophis intended Shifu to one day become his new host, probably believing the myth that harcesis'es carried not only the genetic memories of their parents, but of all the Goa'uld.
Shifu was genetically altered to rapidly accelerate in growth following birth (or more likely nanite acceleration technology was used), to make him ready for Apophis's use more quickly. Daniel Jackson delivered the child and hid him away on Abydos and Apophis was told that his enemy Heru'ur had stolen the infant. A year later, the Goa'uld in Sha're returned for the baby (believing Apophis to be dead) and sent him away to the mythical and forbidden world of Kheb, with one of her handmaidens. There young Shifu came into the care of Oma Desala, a powerful ascended being -- one of the Ancients. When SG-1 found him there, Jackson agreed that he would be better off under Oma's protection. Thanks to Apophis's tampering, he quickly grew from an infant to a young boy. But he also grew wise, with instruction from Oma, who also helped him to ascend to a higher plane of existence, where he no longer has need of a physical body. One year later Shifu returned to Abydos on the wind, hoping to learn of his mother, and went with Jackson back to Stargate Command. There he put Jackson in a dream state to "teach" him how dangerous the genetic knowledge the Goa'uld he possesses is - knowledge which Jackson and the S.G.C. coveted. Shifu had buried the Goa'uld knowledge deep in his mind, having learned that the only way to defeat the evil was to deny it battle. Shifu left through the Stargate in his ascended form, and presumably resides on a higher plane.
Shifu does not look at all like Apophis's host or Sha're, so presumably Apophis and Amaunet contributed more to his DNA than just genetic memory.
Alive, ascendedS02xE09: Secrets, S03xE10: Forever In a Day, S03xE20: Maternal Instinct, S04xE17: Absolute Power



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