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The amnesty period is now over.

The poll has closed. We will look at the results (mostly received on Livejournal), but it looks as if the next round will be longer, to give people more time to create.

In the meantime, go read and review some of the great fic that was written for the challenge!

Masterlist: http://tokra-kree.dreamwidth.org/6613.html
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Hello everyone! Just a quick reminder that the Amnesty period for fic/artwork/video ends on Sunday, April 21st. The posting info is here.

The poll closes at the same time. So far only two people have voted, so please go and vote. It's just so we know if we're on the right track, or if there's something we need to change, improve, or add/remove in the next round. Feel free to post any suggestions in the comments of that post. Concrit is always welcome!
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Poll #13206 Round One: Could anything have been done better?
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0

How long should the next round run for?

View Answers

Shorter than this (< 5 weeks)
0 (0.0%)

The same (5 weeks)
0 (0.0%)

2 months
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Longer (write in comments)
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How long?

Is there anything else you would want changed/added/removed? For instance, sign-ups - yes/no?

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Due to only three out of six participants making the deadline we've decided to have an amnesty periode starting today, April 8th, and going through Sunday April 21st. That's another two weeks. If you feel inspired you're welcome to post more than one fic and/or one piece of artwork.

The posting info is here, and if you missed it we have the masterlist over here. Go read and review if you haven't already! :)

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We had five fics written for round one. Thank you so much to the contributors!

The theme for round one was: "Re-imagine an episode that has Tok'ra in it. What could have been done differently?"

The amnesty period for posting fanworks that you did not get finished in time is: April 8th - April 21st

Posting instructions can be found here: http://tokra-kree.livejournal.com/5400.html

Contributions to round one:

List of fanworks, round one )
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Posting begins today, Friday April 5th, and runs through Sunday April 7th at midnight your timezone.

The theme for round one was "Re-imagine an episode that has Tok'ra in it." What could have been done differently?

Posting guidelines under here )
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If you want to participate in round one, and have not already signed up, then last chance is today! Signups close at midnight (when the last location on Earth reaches midnight).

Deadline for fanworks: April 5th

Theme: Re-imagine an episode that has Tok'ra in it. What could have been done differently?

Posting: April 5th-7th.

This means:
  • The deadline for creating fanworks for round 1 is April 5th.
  • You may post your fanwork(s) at any time during the 5th, 6th, and 7th.
You may post your fic/art/video directly to the community, or you may post it to your journal, personal website, an archive, etc. and then post the link(s) here along with a header containing at least: title, characters, pairing (if any), genre/category, summary, warnings (if any). You can copy the contents of this textbox and use:

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This is the post to sign-up for Tok'ra Kree! Round One. Tok'ra Kree! is a Stargate challenge for Tok'ra-centric fanworks.

Fic, art, and videoes welcome, as long as the focus is on the Tok'ra. Fanwork can be gen or any pairings. Any rating, any category - including crossovers.

First round is starting soon! Sign-ups start on March 1st, and you can of course start working on your fic, art, or video immediately!

Theme for Round One: Re-imagine an episode that has Tok'ra in it. What could have been done differently?

You can find more information in the rules and the FAQ!


Sign-ups: March 1st - March 29th
Deadline for fanworks: April 5th
Posting: April 5th - April 7th

You can participate on Dreamwidth (tokra_kree), Livejournal (tokra_kree), or both. If you do not have an account on either, you are welcome to use Openid. If you have an account on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal, you are encouraged to post in both places, but it is of course not a requirement.

Please sign-up on this post with: LJ name, DW name, and/or Openid.

You can copy the contents of this textbox and use:


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