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Jaffa forehead symbols

All of the major Goa'uld System Lords have their own 'mark' that they put on their Jaffa. The minor System Lords generally use the mark of their overlord, but there are exceptions.

Most Jaffa have a mark/tattoo that is in black ink. Higher ranking Jaffa can have silver tattoos. The First Prime of a Goa'uld will have a gold embossed mark, which is made by cutting into the flesh and pouring pure molten gold into the wound.

The tattoos - and the gold one in particular - are obviously very painful to apply, and they are also very difficult to remove. If a Jaffa try to do that, he or she will end up with an ugly mark. However, the Goa'uld are able to remove the marks, for instance to apply their own mark instead, after taking over the army of a rival Goa'uld.

This table shows the correspondence between Goa'uld and the forehead symbols their Jaffa have - when known.

AmaterasuSystem LordUNKNOWN 
Amaunet|Sha'reApophis's queen. Does not have her own personal Jaffa, so same symbol as Apophis. Mother of Shi'fu.
AnubisSystem Lord 
ApophisSystem Lord 
AresSystem Lord 
Ba'alSystem Lord 
BastetSystem LordUNKNOWN 
BynarrLord of Netu Commanded the prison moon of Netu. Served Sokar and did not have his own personal Jaffa.
CamulusFormer System LordUNKNOWN 
CronusSystem Lord 
GrannusCamulus's lieutenant Probably did not have his own personal Jaffa.
HathorQueen Former queen of Ra. Probably did not have her own personal Jaffa. Lured Horus guards (Heru'ur) and Serpent guards (Apophis) to her cause.
Heru'urSystem LordRa and Hathor's son.
ImhotepMinor System Lord 
IshkurSystem LordUNKNOWNFormer ruler of the Sodan.
IsisQueenUNKNOWNOsiris's queen. Imprisoned within a canopic jar by Seth.
Ja'dinServant of Cronus Probably did not have her own personal Jaffa.
KaliSystem LordUNKNOWN 
KhonsuServant of AnubisTok'ra under-cover agent
Klorel|Skaara  Apophis's son. Probably did not have his own personal Jaffa.
Unknown|Kianna CyrIn service of Ba'al Did not have her own personal Jaffa.
Marduk|Major VallarinSystem LordUNKNOWNImprisoned inside a sarcophagus by his own priests for thousands of years.
Moloc(Minor?) System LordOriginally dominant over Ishta's clans.
MontuMinor Goa'uld Served Ra and later Ba'al. Probably did not have his own personal Jaffa.
MorriganSystem LordUNKNOWN 
MotServant of Ba'al. Served Ba'al and tried to overthrow him. Probably did not have his own personal Jaffa.
Nefertum(Minor?) System LordUNKNOWNSekhmet's son. Worshipped by the Bedrosians.
NerusWorked for Ba'al as a scientist. Discovered how to dial all Stargates in the galaxy at once. Lured SG-1 into an Ori trap. Possibly killed by Ba'al. Did not have his own personal Jaffa.
NirrtiFormer System Lord. Scientist. 
OlokunSystem LordUNKNOWN 
Osiris|Sarah GardnerFormer System Lord.UNKNOWNLieutenant of Anubis. Did not have his own personal Jaffa at that point, but almost certainly did when he was a System Lord.
Pelops(Minor?) System LordUNKNOWN 
Qetesh|Vala Mal Doran(Minor?) System LordUNKNOWN 
RaSupreme System LordSupreme System Lord of the Goa'uld Empire. First to discover the Tau'ri.
RamiusMinor Goa'uld 
SekhmetRa's lieutenant. Possibly also a System Lord onceUNKNOWNOnce served Ra.
SethProbably served Ra.Brother and enemy of Osiris. Placed Osiris and Isis in stasis jars. Rebelled unsuccessfully against Ra. Hid on Earth and became marooned when the Stargate was buried. Leader of several cults in the past 5000 years. Probably did not have his own personal Jaffa.
Shak'ran(Minor?) System LordUNKNOWN 
SobekSystem LordUNKNOWN 
SokarSystem Lord. Former Supreme System Lord 
Unknown|Steven CaldwellMinor Goa'uld operative Worked for the Trust/served Ba'al. Did not have his own personal Jaffa.
SvarogSystem Lord 
Tanith|HebronMinor Goa'uld servant Infiltrated the Tok'ra as a spy. Served Apophis and Anubis.
TelchakScientist. Possible Minor System LordUNKNOWNDeveloped the Sarcophagus technology.
TerokServed Heru'ur. Expert in torture. Did not have his own personal Jaffa.
Thanos(Minor?) System Lord. ScientistUNKNOWNOnce occupied Langara. Made naquadria.
ThothServed Anubis. Scientist Oversaw the Kull Warriors. Did not have his own personal Jaffa.
TilgathMinor Goa'uldHe served Hathor at her secret base, trying to lure SG-1.
YuSystem Lord 
ZarinMinor System Lord. Serving Ba'al Tok'ra undercover operative. Her Jaffa had Ba'al's symbol on their forehead.
ZipacnaUnderlord for Apophis, Klorel, and later Anubis 

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Thank you for doing this. I haven't commented much but have been reading these posts with great interest.

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I wanted a place where it was easy to find much of the information for fic and such. I am happy you like it :)


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