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This is the sixth post for plotbunnies and other ideas for Tok'ra related fiction. It covers misc. prompts and crossovers including SGA and SGU. Which includes, but is not limited to, Goa'uld changing their allegiance to Tok'ra, Goa'uld who come from alternate realities but have always been Tok'ra, and Tok'ra who are on Earth for whatever reason and run into characters from other fandoms.

This post is for crossovers between Stargate SG-1 and non-Stargate fandoms.

: For the sake of finding things more easily we have now moved all crossovers between the various Stargate fandoms here.

Remember that these prompts are only suggestions and you can use as much or as little of them as you want. Feel free to mix and match whatever your Muse takes a liking to, or to use none of them.

Feel free to post any bunnies and/or short outlines you might have in the comments and we'll add them to this entry as soon as possible.

Canon Goa'uld who are or become Tok'ra

  • After 'Continuum’ and after all the ‘Ba’al’s are killed the SGC get visitors from an alternate reality (Ba’al, Janet/Egeria, Jacob/Selmak). They also bring a tank of symbiotes that are Tok'ra. The Ba’al from the alternate reality is Tok’ra and was not the one to torture Jack in the episode 'ABYSS’. It was Yu or Cronus. Sam and Ba’al from the other alternate reality were mates with Sam being blended with Jolinar. Once Landry and Dr. Lam and the Tok'ra of this reality confirm that Ba’al and the others are who they say they are and that Ba’al is in fact a Tok'ra, Ba’al tries to court Sam. Should have lots of angst and romance.
  • Ba'al "turns Tok'ra" for the love of a good woman (Sam). Ba'al must be sincere and change his ways to the Tok’ra lifestyle.
  •  Ba'al was on Earth for a while without being discovered. What did he get up to? He was quiet for quite a while. A bit of romance. One of the clones fall in love and starts to question his beliefs. Romantic interest can not be Goa'uld. You can use the characters from the Tok'ra or SGC but not the Goa'uld.
  • In the episode "Crossroads”, Anise mentioned the Tok’ra have a few members that were once Goa’uld but "turned Tok’ra". Your challenge is to have Martouf & Sam (with or without the rest of SG1) be responsible for a Goa’uld becoming a Tok’ra. You can use an existing Goa’uld or make up your own. Imaginary bonus points will be awarded if you can turn a system lord and/or a queen into a Tok'ra. It can be a serious fic (i.e. after much soul searching Yu/or other decides the Tok’ra is right) or a humorous one (i.e. Ba'al /or other falls in love with Sam & sees the error of his ways...) It’s up to you how Martouf and/or Sam influence the decision.
  • Kianna Cyr's Goa’uld survives. She loves Jonas enough that she starts questioning being a Goa'uld, and end up talking to her host and becoming a Tok'ra. Jonas is worried if he is worth someone doing that much for him.
  • Lord Yu, any SG1, Jacob/Selmak, Delek. Lord Yu is, actually, either a Tok'ra, or a major Tok'ra sympathizer. His growing senility is endangering the Tok'ra, and a large faction of them wants him assassinated. Delek arrives at the SGC, and asked them to help carry out their plans. Jacob/Selmak also arrives, and Selmak disagrees with the assassination order, but Jacob has mixed feelings.


  • I would have loved to have seen Egeria survive. Imagine Egeria on Earth. Imagine the crossover possibilities!

Bourne Tetralogy/Quadrilogy
  • This series now has: brainwashed killers, brainwashed killers who then commit suicide (like Zatarcs), and supersoldiers (brainwashed, doped, and/or genetically engineered killers with enhanced speed/strength/senses/intelligence) + combinations + evil conspiracy. What if 1) Loki was involved (cloning and genetic engineering). 2) A Goa'uld - Amaterasu? -originally made the Zatarcs of Stargate, but after the downfall of many of the Goa'uld, she fled to Earth and got involved making a different type of Zatarc. These Zatarcs have supersoldier stuff added in. An idea she stole from Anubis, or maybe she just stole it. Amaterasu (or other Goa'uld) of course has their own agenda. The enhancement of the supersoldiers of the Bourne movies are made with symbiote DNA; either a drug like Tretonin, or with genetic engineering. Stargate Command find out. Maybe they capture one of the brainwashed killers/supersoldiers or maybe they find the data somehow. If they suspect a Goa'uld and Loki are involved, they will surely do something. Let’s pretend this type of brainwashing show up on Zatarc-detectors. Then the Tok'ra can get involved to test them. Or you can add in any Tok'ra you feel like. It doesn’t matter if they are supposedly dead or alive. Loki could have cloned them, or cloned the ones that were killed. If you clone anyone, it has to be both host AND symbiote. Since it’s after the Goa'uld empire has started falling, and since this is a crossover, it should take place no earlier than 2002 (first of the movies in the Bourne quadrilogy). Probably no earlier than 2005 (eight season Stargate), since that would be late enough that it is clear the Goa'uld empire is falling.

Criminal Minds
  • Episode 03x02: "Seth". Before the ATF and the USAF showed up in Seattle, the local Sheriff called in the BAU to help with the Cult of Seth.

CSI: New York
  • A crossover story of Martouf/Lantash and Sam helping the CSI NY team solve the mystery of... let's say someone from the Cheyenne Mountain base.

Harry Potter
  • Harry becomes host to an OC Tok'ra. The original Tok’ra host was a very old woman who watched all the kids on Privet Drive for free, including Harry. The old woman told Harry how the Goa’uld came to be, from when the symbiotes were living in water and when they took their first hosts, to how the Goa’uld conquered world after world, and up to how Egeria chose to listen to her host and began the Tok’ra. How the slaves on Earth rebelled against Ra and how he fled through the Chappa’ai. How the Gate was buried and some Tok’ra were stranded. The symbiote also came forward and spoke to Harry, glowing eyes and dual voice included. They also gave Harry food. The old lady died before Harry went to Hogwarts and he agreed to become the new host. They run away, and use the money the woman left for them. They also have a hand device. The Earth Tok’ra keeps in contact. They thought the Hok’tau’ri had died out, so there were many surprised symbiotes when Harry received his letter. At Hogwarts the Tok’ra makes him study more, as she’s eager to find out what her host can do and how it affects the hand device. Snape, being a Legilimens, realizes that Potter is 'possessed’ and drags him to Dumbledore, where Dumbledore and the symbiote talk. Dumbledore assures Snape that the 'spirit’ possessing Harry isn’t dangerous. The symbiote gets Harry to explore the castle. How does Harry being a host affect his school adventures, is he a Gryffindor? In “Chamber of Secrets”, during the Borgin & Burke’s scene, Harry’s Tok’ra is delighted to see the books and starts searching them. As a result they don’t hide when the Malfoy’s enter. When Harry asks how he can pay when he hasn’t been to Gringotts yet, Borgin explains that the Goblins will transfer the funds from Harry’s vault to B&B’s vault. Hagrid enters the shop and a short discussion begins over whether or not there is anything worth buying in B&B, wherein the symbiote insists, through Harry, that she needs to know as much as possible about the Wizarding World. Claiming good Intel, objects and knowledge are important no matter where one obtains it.

  • SG1, Janet, Cassie, another SGC group, Martouf, Malek, and any other Tok’ra, SGA group and JAG. NO Cameron or Vala please. The Replicators come to Earth and unable to stop them they have to evacuate and with the Alpha site being demolished by Anubis' Supersoldiers they have to go to Atlantis. They take most if not all the military and their families. Pairings could be any from Sam/Martouf to Sam/Harm or McKay. Mac/AJ, Webb, or Harm, or someone from the SGC or SGA. Teyla/Teal'c or Ronon/Mac, maybe? Even if you're into slash. They make Atlantis their new home, and are put on new SGA teams. If you have watched JAG then you know how much Bud was into Star Trek! Can you imagine his reaction to this? Also, Anise comes up with a way to make one of the symbiotes into a queen.

Mummy/Mummy Returns, The
  • The story starts three thousand years ago in the city of Hamunaptra on a distant planet. Imhotep was the head High Priest for Anubis (the System Lord). Anubis chooses the woman that Imhotep loves to be the new host for his mate, angering Imhotep. Imhotep helps his beloved escape but he is caught by the Goa'uld. Anubis punishes him with the Hom-Dai, the worst of all ancient curses. The Goa'uld does not believe in the power of the Book of The Dead or The Book of Amun-Ra (book of the living) or the Hom-Dai curse. These books were brought to this planet from Egypt by the Priest who was enslaved by the Goa'uld. Imhotep's priest found his sarcophagus and brings him back to life using the Book of The Dead. With his new powers Imhotep brings death and destruction to the Goa'uld. Anubis finally stops Imhotep and puts him back in his sarcophagus. Anubis takes his Jaffa and flees the planet, killing all of the human inhabitants of the planet and declaring a quarantine of the planet. Present day... A SG team (not SG1) arrives on the planet with their own archaeologist (female) and discover the chest with the Book of the Dead. Three members of the team are present when the chest is opened, one of the persons must be Jonas Hanson. In this story Jonas, Sam's ex-fiancée, is still alive, part of SGC, and a jackass with a big ego. Write a story using the above premise and the following items: 1) Flesh eating scarabs. 2) The SG1 team finding Imhotep's sarcophagus. 3) Daniel reading from the Book of the Dead, thus awaking Imhotep. 4) When the first team arrives on the planet they trigger an alarm system that alerts Anubis that somebody has broken the quarantine and he sends his Jaffa to the planet to kill them. 5) The Jaffa arrive on the planet after SG1 has awaken Imhotep, the Jaffa prevent the SG teams from using the Stargate to escape. 6) One of the scarabs getting under one of the team members skin and somebody else has to cut it out. 7) Martouf/Lantash and Jacob/Selmak arrive at the SGC after SG1 has already left, when Selmak finds out where they went he panics because he knows what happened there millennia ago. Martouf and Jacob/Selmak leave for the planet right away. 8) A Treasure room 9) Lots of warrior and regular mummy's chasing the SG teams. 10) Romantic scenes between Sam & Martouf/Lantash. 11) Imhotep, fulfilling the curse on the chest by going after the three members of the first SG team, who were present when it was opened. Optional: The SG1 team comes to an understanding with Imhotep and he agrees to help them kill the System Lords. The curse on the chest containing the Book of the Dead: "Death will come on swift wings to who so ever opens this chest" There is one, the undead, which, if brought back to life, is bound by sacred law....to consummate this curse". He will kill all who open this chest... And assimilate their organs and fluids and in doing, he will regenerate... and no longer be the undead... but a plague upon this Earth.

Stargate Atlantis
  • Anise/Freya
  • Something happens and McKay ends up as her host. (Just think about what those two could come up with...)
  • In a renewed attempt to form a closer alliance between the Tok'ra and the  Tau'ri the PTB agree to allow two Tok'ra scientists to go to Atlantis. Anise/Freya is one of them.
  • Egeria/Host
  • Egeria survived and in an attempt to protect her from [big bad/situation of your choice] she's moved to Atlantis in a kind of Witness Protection.
  • Jolinar of Malkshur/Samantha Carter
  • After Sam takes over from Elizabeth, she and McKay decide to explore a part of the City they have previously been unable to get to. In one of the rooms they find a machine/device that somehow brings Jolinar back to life. Sam and the members of the SGA decide not to tell the SGC immediately and instead wait until the rest of SG1, and someone from the Tok’ra, come to visit them. Or would the SGA keep the Tok’ra way from Sam until they can figure out what to do?
  • Lantash/Martouf
  • 1. Martouf/Lantash comes to the SGC for a visit to learn about Earth. 2. Sam is assigned to show him around. 3. There is an emergency at the SGC and they have to go back to save the Earth or something. 4. Rodney McKay has come to help, and... is flirting with Sam (as usual) and Martouf sees this. 5. Martouf and Rodney get into some form of competition with each other to win Sam's heart. 6. Sam is oblivious to this and is confused by their constant flirting/giving gifts etc. But the rest of the SGC is aware. 7. The members of the SGC set betting pools about whom Sam will pick or if she'll pick one at all.
  • Any/OC
  • The Ori conquer the Milky Way Galaxy and the remaining Tau'ri makes the decision to escape to Atlantis while they still have a functional spaceship left. About a dozen Tok'ra flees with them.
  • Sheppard, or someone else from the Expedition, becomes a host to a Tok'ra, or a Goa'uld who has been on Earth since the Uprising and has gotten a similar point of view, prior to going to Pegasus.
  • The Tok'ra find either an Ancient Outpost or some Ancient Tech, and recognice it as such, and contact the Tau'ri to ask for their help. Specifically they want Jack to come since they know he has the ability to use it. Depending on which season you set this in they might get Sheppard and his team instead.
  • At some point in the past a Tok'ra or Goa'uld had a host with the ATA gene, he/she used a combination of Goa'uld and Ancient Technology to make a weapon and/or an outpost/lab that only someone with the same combination can use/get into. The host need to have the gene naturally, and only the host can use it as the symbiote doesn't have access.
  • Wraith attack Sam but since she has Naquadah in her system she doesn't get drained. The Wraith is the one that is either injured from the Naquadah or dies. Sam takes over the science department or the SGA itself, with Daniel and Teal'c and Janet (she never died in my mind) and Cassandra come along too. They find some Tok'ra symbiotes that Egeria had hidden in Atlantis with some of them being Queens. Sam, Janet, Weir and Teyla all eventually take a symbiote but who has a queen is up to you or maybe they all do. McKay has to take a symbiote in order to safe himself. This symbiote annoys the hell out of McKay, but McKay really likes him since the symbiote is as smart or smarter than McKay. Maybe some of the others at Atlantis take one too.

Stargate Universe
  • Any/OC
  • What if one of the crew on Destiny was a Tok'ra, but the others didn't know yet? Maybe he/she became a host shortly before leaving, to save some Tok'ra's life.
  • What if someone from Destiny used the communication stones to switch body with someone in the Milky Way, and that person had become a host/is a host? You choice if they switch with the host or the symbiote, though either could be fun! Maybe the symbiote now is in a human body, and the crew member from Destiny is now in the body of a symbiote, sharing the mind of someone else!
  • What if the people on Destiny find some Tok'ra in stasis jars, either hidden on the ship, or on some planet? Maybe Tok'ra have ended up on the ship before, and put themselves in stasis when they couldn't go home, or maybe someone/something else sent them to one of the planet they visit with Destiny.
  • Continuation of above. One of the crew members who is now Tok'ra, use the communication stones to switch body with someone on Earth. Your choice if both are Tok'ra, or if only the crew member is Tok'ra. Also, could be fun if the symbiote is in control, and is the one who get 'switched' (and the human at the other end gets into the symbiote body). Any other combination would be fun too - symbiote goes to other host's body, and that host goes to other symbiote's body, temporarily resulting in two hosts in one body and two symbiotes in another ;) In a way, at least :)


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