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Date: 2015-11-23 01:18 (UTC)
S.G.A. Prompts:

Any, When establishing ties with one of the local Pegasus cultures Dr. Elizabeth Weir is gifted a canopic jar. Who is inside and how did they end up in Pegasus? (Please don't use the tired "the canopic jar breaks/is damaged and the symbiote takes nearest person as host" trope)

Any Tau’ri, Any Tok’Ra, AU for the episode “McKay and Mrs. Miller”. Instead of ‘Rod’, a Tok’Ra of your choice comes through the matter bridge to stop McKay's & Miller's experiment.

AR-1 team, Any Tok'Ra, AU for the episode “The Daedalus Variations”. When John Sheppard and his team are exploring the transdimensional Daedalus they find a survivor of a previous boarding party from another reality – and it just happens to be a Tok'Ra who is dead in the “main” reality. When the team reverses the alternate reality drive the Tok'Ra goes back with them to the “main” reality since the drive will burn out before reaching his/her reality. (Bonus points if the Tok'Ra is Zarin or Ocker or some other Tok'Ra that doesn't feature prominently in the fandom)

(Any host)|Kanan, Kanaan of Athos, When Kanan (the Tok’Ra) travels to Atlantis, he meets Kanaan (the Athosian). Fun & hilarious name-related miscommunications ensue!

John Sheppard, Any Tok’Ra, After the Ancients retook Atlantis in “The Return”, John was put to work at the S.G.C. as a leader of an SG team in the Milky Way. But never having gone through the ‘gate before joining the Atlantis expedition, John should have no knowledge of the cultures, planets and enemies lurking in the Milky Way, right? So what if the S.G.C. decided to use this opportunity to reestablish ties with the Tok’Ra and got one of the Tok’Ra operatives to be a member of John’s team, to advise him on the interactions with the locals of the M.W. galaxy?

Ronon Dex, Any Tok’Ra, As world after world in Pegasus falls to Michael Kenmore while the I.O.A. slowly evacuates Atlantis, the Tok’Ra learn of this and decide that if allowed to continue unchecked Michael will pose a threat to Milky Way too. With the help of the S.G.C., the Tok’Ra Council sends operatives & technology to Pegasus to help Ronon’s newly-established army. Now the tactics that helped bring down System Lords in the past are deployed in a new galaxy to fight another threat. (Set in the alternative timeline seen in “The Last Man”)
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