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Date: 2016-05-07 06:01 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1 We see Lantash and Martouf killed in Divide and Conquer then discover in Summit Lantash is alive, how was this discovered, what happened to him during that time, what was going through his mind while in stasis?

SG-1 What if anything did the Tok'ra learn from Martouf's all important brain tissue?

SG-1 The show left this a decidedly loose end did the goa’uld try to make anymore za'tarcs, what was the origin of the za'tarcs, how was that actually resolved?

SG-1 directly after the closing scene in divide and conquer what happened at durring the treaty signing, what were the key points in the treaty?

SG-1 Lantash Lt. Elliot what if Lt. Elliot had survived to join the tok'ra?

SG-1 what if Egeria had survived being held by the Pangarins but could no longer spawn how would the tok'ra react, how would things change with Egeria back at the helm leading the tok'ra?

How sane was Egeria's host after being host to kelma as well assuming the above scenario?

SG-1 what would Egeria really think of the tok'ra if she had an in depth look at what they were doing (the no doors/ no secrets thing), exchange between delek and jacob/selmak?

SG-1 We known Kanan's 'girlfriend'joined the tok'ra what happened to her, did she become a host?

What would someone from earth's an American, a member of a western civilization's realistic reaction (looking for real more than the often characterized dislike or hate for the tok'ra complained about by authors when talking about the show or other fan fic) be to actually being a host even volunteering (none of that line of duty nonsense) how sane would they remain with another person in their head, what problems would arise, could they be resolved?

SG-1 How do the tok'ra help new hosts adjust to the strange new world in their head apart from the symbiote in their heads what part do the other tok'ra play in this, what happens when it goes terribly wrong and the host is left miserable and suffering?

What is life like among the tok'ra is it a community or what?

SG-1 Anise|Freya someone please follow her behavior to it's natural conclusion in a story showing the glaring consequences of walking around like an advertisement for a brothel hopefully hit hard enough with a clue stick to put some clothes on and keep them on

SG-1 Malek why is he so different from other tok'ra as in an actual decent person?

SG-1 Why was jacob carter such an abysmal tok'ra tau'ri liaison i mean the tok'ra don't seem to know about the vast governments running sections of the planet, no one seems to have ever explained CPR to them or how the whole jolinar thing came about WHY???

SG-1 Ta'seem in Dominion makes a rather rude comment about knowing Vala as Qetesh someone please write the scene that gives him the requisite tongue lashing and head smack (a tok'ra of all people should know better)

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