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This is the fifth post for plotbunnies and other ideas for Tok'ra related fiction. It covers prompts about Jolinar and Lantash. They get their own post since there are so many prompts for them, and many of them are interchangeable.

Crossovers between Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe has been move here.

Remember that these prompts are only suggestions and you can use as much or as little of them as you want. Feel free to mix and match whatever your Muse takes a liking to, or to use none of them.

Feel free to post any bunnies and/or short outlines you might have in the comments and we'll add them to this entry as soon as possible.

Jolinar of Malkshur/Rosha, /Quinta (the Nasyan man), /Captain Samantha Carter
  • She gets resurrected on a mission with SG-1 and Martouf. How does Martouf react and what does Sam say. Let her stay host.
  • Sam remains her host and Jack remains as Kanan's host. How does this affect SG-1, the Tok'ra, and the SGC/NID/etc.?
  • Sam and Martouf are stranded in a cave on an alien planet, during a flood. Sam had hit her head and she has amnesia. Her memories are slowly coming back, but in the beginning only Jolinar's memories, and Sam thinks she is Jolinar.
  • AU. Sam was never part of SG-1, but helped develop the Stargate project/crack the code. Didn't really know anything about it, though. Apophis invades Earth and enslaves everyone. The Tok'ra goes there undercover (Martouf/Lantash and Rosha/Jolinar). They meet Sam. She is afraid of them first (thinks they are Goa'uld), but eventually begins to trust them. Rosha is killed and Sam becomes host to Jolinar. This of course leads to Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash ship.
  • Angsty fic. Jolinar is brought back, somehow. Learns that Martouf/Lantash were shot as zatarcs and are in stasis (takes place between D&C and Summit/Last Stand). She and Sam decide to rescue them, using the alien device that healed/resurrected Jolinar. They somehow get hold of the drug the ashrak used to be able to not be sensed and thus hides that Jolinar is in Sam. They go to a meeting or to help the Tok'ra and at night they sneak off and take Martouf/Lantash out of stasis. They are strong enough to carry them because of Jolinar. They get out of the tunnels and zat those Tok'ra that guard the Stargate (they don't suspect Sam and she is faster now). They go to the planet with the alien device and resurrect/heal Martouf/Lantash. The others figure out what has happened and follow them. Meanwhile Sam/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash has perhaps been captured and are locked up together. They are rescued eventually, of course.
  • Jolinar/Lantash spent about 100 years together; write something from their happier moments.
  • Sam/Jolinar somehow steps through a Quantum Mirror. How do people react to this, especially Martouf/Lantash?
  • Somehow Jolinar gets revived (possibly through the sarcophagus) and Sam wants to keep her there. Oh, and maybe Martouf and Lantash can be brought back to life too?   
  • The night before Rosha/Jolinar left for the mission that would end with them stranded on Netu, they spent the night with Martouf/Lantash.
  • Tell the story of Jolinar's ill fated attempt to overthrow the System Lords. Remember it was Apophis joining the battle that defeated her. Teal’c said in “ItLoD” that he had heard of the battle. Did it happen before or after Jolinar and Lantash became a couple?
  • Write a tale about Rosha coming back and include heavy reference to when she and Jolinar parted company pre-ItLoD. Keep in mind that Jolinar is now dead, and Martouf has been a-looking elsewhere. Will she feel betrayed, just happy to get home, or "hi, Martouf/Lantash. This is my new husband Fred." Side note: you don't have to use the name Fred.
  • Rosha is still alive. She has been brainwashed into believing that Sam murdered Jolinar, and is endangering the Tok'ra. She seeks her revenge.   
  • Rosha/Jolinar &/ Martouf/Lantash. Look at this picture. How did those two (four) come to be at the SGC, together? The story can be AU, or you can try to somehow explain it in the main universe.
  • What if, at the end of season one, Sam was captured by Apophis and shared a cell with Jolinar/Rosha. There, she learns about the Tok'ra and befriend her cell companion. They escape together but Rosha does not make it. Sam saves Jolinar and becomes her new host. They live on Nasya for some time, trying to escape the Ashrak and go back to Earth when SG1 come to Nasya. The rest is up to you.   
  • Apophis invades Earth and enslaves everyone. The Tok'ra goes there undercover (Martouf/Lantash and Rosha/Jolinar). They meet Sam. She is afraid of them first (thinks they are Goa'uld), but eventually begins to trust them. Rosha is killed and Sam becomes host to Jolinar. This of course leads to Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash ship. Starts mid/late first season SG-1. Assuming things happened a bit different for SG-1, as a result of Sam not being on the team, so Apophis attacks Earth in late December 1997 instead. Also assuming Rosha/Jolinar either did not go on the mission to Cronus or was called back for a mission to the Tau'ri after Apophis took it over. As the original 'First World' and the world with most slaves (and a quasi-advanced technological human civilization), I assume the Tok'ra would find it interesting enough to send extra operatives. Sam was never part of SG-1, but she worked on the Stargate project, helping to crack the code (she and Daniel figured out how the Stargate worked and she wrote the dialing program etc.). At the beginning of the story, she only knows that the address to Abydos worked, and that a team went there. She wanted to go, but was not allowed. She does not know that they found people on Abydos, or that they fought an alien, Ra. She knows the Stargate is an ancient alien artifact, but that is all the extra terrestrial connection there is to it for her.
  • Sam/Jolinar and Martouf/Lantash come through from an alternate reality. They are married. How does our Sam react to this?
  • The Jolinar that died in Sam was a clone and another one (the real one) is somewhere. They find her. How does Sam react?
  • In (Serpent's Song?) where Apophis died at the SGC, he died before his host, and then they did the bit with the rites of the dead for the host, and finally sent him through the gate to Sokar, who obviously revived him in a sarcophagus. Using the theory above, but whereby neither SGC, the Tok'ra, nor Goa'uld realizes this can happen. Write a fic whereby a System Lord is torturing SG1. Sam dies but not to be denied the fun of torturing her some more, the Goa'uld puts her in a sarcophagus to revive her to torture her some more. The Goa'uld gets an unexpected bonus when Jolinar gets revived as well.    We don't really know what Jolinar was like. Make some suggestions on how she'd act if she woke up in Sam, how she'd react to Martouf and do you guys think that Sam would be able to stay with the SGC? Include some stuff on blending/Tok’ra ways of life.
  • What if Sam met Jolinar under totally different circumstances. Sam is captured by an alien race that wants to study her. The aliens already have another prisoner Rosha/Jolinar. Story Requirements: 1) Rosha/Jolinar has been a prisoner of the aliens for a while. 2) Rosha is ill. 3) Jolinar telling Sam about the Tok’ra and Martouf/Lantash. 4) Rosha/Jolinar & Sam becoming friends during their imprisonment. 5) Jolinar & Sam talking "tech", Jolinar is a scientist also. 6) When Rosha/Jolinar was a prisoner on Sokar’s moon, it was Rosha, not Jolinar, who used sex to escape and Martouf/Lantash knows it. This has caused a few problems between them. 7) Rosha asking Sam to become Jolinar's new host before she dies. 8) The rescue, four options here: a) Sam, blended with Jolinar, escapes and saves herself. b) SG1 rescues Sam c) The Tok'ra rescues Sam d) The SG1 team and the Tok'ra end up meeting and joining forces. 9) Sam choosing to remain Jolinar's host after her rescue. 10) A Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash romance.
  • SG1 finds a device (Ancient or Goa’uld) that resurrects Jolinar in Sam's body. Sam becomes a true Tok'ra and goes on missions for both Tok'ra and SGC.

S02xE02: In the Line of Duty
  • Assume she survives and stays in Sam. Tell the story about how they escape from Earth and goes back to the Tok'ra. Also tell how they end up allying with Earth in this version too.
  • Jolinar flashes her eyes at Jack before she pushes him through the Gate, and then she attempts to free Sha're in order to try and prove to Sam that she really isn't a Goa'uld.
  • Jolinar survives and she and Sam flee, eventually getting to the Tok'ra. Sam want Jolinar to flee, but when they learn Martouf/Lantash are captured, Jolinar begs Sam to let her stay until they can rescue them - since the Tok'ra does not want to send a rescue mission. Sam reluctantly agrees and they go on an unauthorized rescue mission, pretending to be a minor Goa'uld looking for work at the Goa'uld who has captured Martouf/Lantash. They succeed and now have to free him. They are charged with torturing/interrogating him and he does not know who they are and they dare not tell him since the Goa'uld are listening. They find a way to flee, but he does not trust them to come - they have to zat him and carry him away (heavy!). They get on a teltac and he wakes up shortly after they are taking off and begins fighting them. They tell him something that makes him suspect they are telling the truth but the ship crashes (maybe attacked) and they crash on a planet. They survive, with only scratches. They have to make it back to the stargate over a dangerous planet - Jaffa and wild animals - and get to know each other and start trusting each other. Sam falls in love of course, as Jolinar and she must love as one. Martouf/Lantash falls in love with Sam as well - and they have their Jolinar back. Sam stays a Tok'ra.
  • Jolinar's reaction to Earth culture, especially how much time and effort is put into entertainment.
  • SG-1 had found a sarcophagus just before "In the Line of Duty", and uses it to heal Sam when they fear she is dying after the Ashrak's attack. When she is healed, Jolinar is resurrected as well, and Sam and Jolinar now have to figure out what they want.
  • Jolinar escapes the Ashrak and Sam remains as her host. They rejoin the SGC. What happens then?
  • What if Jolinar was still alive, she never died but was in a coma from all the damage she had taken. Even Sam believed her to be dead for several months, until Jolinar regained enough strength to move and later on to talk to Sam. She and Sam agreed to keep her revival secret, at least for some time.
  • Sam grows attached to Jolinar as they spend time speaking to each other while they are in the cell. When the Ashrak attack them, Jolinar do not die and she and Samantha agree on escaping through the Stargate…
  • Write an alternate version of the ending of the season 2 episode, IN THE LINE OF DUTY. Jolinar and Sam both must live. Will Sam become a willing Tok'ra?
  • SG1 finds a device created by the Ancients that sends their consciousness back in time to their younger bodies, right before “In the Line of Duty” and Sam, still sad about Jolinar’s death, offers herself as a willing host.

S02xE11/12: The Tok'ra I/II
  •  The Tok'ra I&II as it would have gone with Jolinar alive and in Sam.

S03xE12/13: Jolinar's Memories/The Devil You Know
  •  ...
07x03: Fragile Balance
  • Thor cloned Sam to keep Mini!Jack company and/or in the hopes that they would produce a child with Sam’s intelligence and Jack’s ATA gene. The cloning process somehow resurrected Jolinar. Maybe make it even more AU and Kanan died in Jack in “Abyss” rather than leaving him. So instead of just Mini!Jack going to High School, there’s also Sam|Jolinar and Kanan.

S09xE13: Ripple Effect
  • Several of the AR Sam's from "Ripple Effect" were still host to Jolinar.
  • Sam from the main universe gets to talk to one of the other Sam's in Ripple Effect. This AU-Sam is still host to Jolinar. Explain a little about the differences in their life - she is obviously still with SG-1, at least part-time. Maybe 'our' Sam gets to talk to Jolinar some and ask some things that has confused her.
  • Sam talks to some of the AU Sam's in Ripple Effect. She learns about their lives - one is still host to Jolinar and married to Martouf/Lantash. Some perhaps never met the Tok'ra, most have been hosts to Jolinar. Several are married to Martouf/Lantash, some have children with him. Sam has to spend some time speculating about the future she could have had with Martouf/Lantash.

Lantash/Martouf, /Kevin Elliot
  • Sam and Martouf/Lantash are stranded (alien planet, earth in the past, other country on earth in the present). They have been affected by a drug or other and have amnesia, all of them. They don't remember meeting each other, but soon fall in love when they meet. Martouf/Lantash don't know what Tok'ra or even symbiotes are and don't know which of them owns the body originally - or if they are crazy (until Sam convinces them they are OK and she can hear them both also). They either use different names or wore tags with names on. It takes at least a year before they are found and rescued. They then get their memories back (helped by the Tok'ra). Perhaps they have a kid or more.
  • Short fluffy fic. Sam and Martouf/Lantash get married and go on a honeymoon.
  • Angst, H/C. Martouf/Lantash is on a mission with SG-1. Sam is captured and imprisoned by a Goa'uld who wishes to get his hands on Jolinar's memories and use them against the Tok'ra. He start using a modified memory recall device on her. She fights it, but it gets more and more difficult for her - also to really be sure who she is. The rest of SG-1 and Martouf/Lantash mount a rescue and during that the modified memory recall device is hit by a charge and the same happens as it did to Vala - Sam loses her memory. Our heroes free her, but she does not recognize her - except she faintly recognizes Martouf and Lantash. Since the Tok'ra believe they may be able to help her, she is sent to the Tok'ra tunnels where she slowly start to remember some things - however, at first it is only from Jolinar's memories or she is unsure which memories are hers and which are Jolinar's. Sam with no memory soon realizes she loves Martouf and Lantash - or she remembers doing so. They are unsure if her feelings are real, if they are hers or Jolinar's, or if they will stay when she regains her full memory (she loves them still, of course), and thus they tell her they should wait. She thinks they don't want her and flees, crying. Martouf/Lantash tracks her down and finds her, just in time to save her from whatever. Somehow they convince her of their feelings and they go back, happily together.
  • Write a story where: Martouf or Lantash say: 1) You! Off my planet! 2) Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental. Sam says: 1) I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter. 2) No, my powers can only be used for good. Jack says: 1) It sounds like English, but I can't understand a word you're saying. 2) Sarcasm is just one more service we offer. Daniel says: 1) Can I trade this job for what's behind door #3? 2) I don't work here. I'm a consultant. Teal'c says: 1) I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you. 2) Errors have been made. Others will be blamed.
  • It's getting hot and dry and whoa, watch out for that sun. It's the perfect time of year to introduce our favorite Tok'ra to summer activities like running through the sprinklers, going to barbeques, and eating ice cream. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Martouf sticky and messy with ice cream. Bonus points if he gets to put Jack in a headlock during the BBQ. And double bonus points if he manages to give Lantesh a wickedly evil brain freeze by eating his ice cream too fast.
  • Martouf/Lantash are undercover as a minor System Lord. The Tok'ra or SGC learns there is a spy who may be on to him, and need to warn him. SG-1 are sent to warn Martouf/Lantash. They pretend to be slaves (captured or sold to someone who brings them to Martouf/Lantash). Sam has to pretend to be Martouf and Lantash's sex slave in order to be able to talk to him in private.
  • Sam goes to work and live with the Tok'ra for a month, kind of an exchange program of sorts - to learn more about their life, their technology and tactics etc. She spends time with Dad (who must be a major part of the story), goes on a mission or two with them, and basically immerses herself in their culture. Dealing on an everyday basis with Martouf/Lantash is difficult, with those darn memories getting in the way, maybe at really inopportune times.    She finds herself very attracted to Martouf, but he isn't sure a relationship is a good idea (at least not yet); on the other hand Lantash is clearly at least in lust with her.
  • Sam and Martouf/Lantash are trapped in a cave on another planet, during some kind of bad weather (flood, blizzard, hurricane, whatever). They can't leave the cave for a couple days, and no one can get to them. They have food, and there is water and dry wood and grass in the cave. Also a hot spring.
  • Martouf is on a secret assignment to Earth (because we all know that they have 'way better' technology than us, and could easily sneak on to our little planet without our inferior detecting devices picking them up), and he walks into the bar where Sam is (she was never blended with Jolinar), and she looks up and sees him all suave, and drools! Alternatively, Sam _was_ host to Jolinar, and recognize him, but this is the first time she has seen him (Tok'ra I&II and such happened differently, or haven't happened yet).
  • Has anyone realized that in “The Tok'ra” I and II Martouf called Sam 'Captain Carter' but in “Serpent’s Song” he calls her Samantha? I would like to see a story set between “The Tok’ra” and “Serpent’s Song” in which SG-1 somehow bump into Martouf off world (who is on a mission), and Martouf somehow gets around to calling 'Captain Carter' Samantha. The only conditions are: 1) Sam/Martouf romance (well duh!) - You can decide how far it goes. 2) A private discussion between Sam and Martouf about Jolinar where Martouf reveals he had already mourned Jolinar's death because she disappeared long before Sam showed up. 3) Some sweet little 'significant looks' between Sam and Martouf. 4) Teal'c' noticing these looks and commenting on them to the others. 5) Jack NOT being completely overwhelmed with jealousy! (Okay, maybe a little bit of jealousy, for the sake of angst.)
  • Secrets, Passion, and Lies, Oh My. Story requirements: 1) A lost Goa'uld crashed his ship [ran out of fuel??] on Martouf's planet and jump into the body of one of Martouf's people, bad move. The new "host" accessed all of the Goa'uld’s memories then destroyed it. Martouf is a spy/mole for his planet that joined the Tok'ra to gather information on the Goa’uld, which he secretly sends back to his people.    2) Martouf's people are more advanced than the Goa’uld and their planet is very well hidden. 3) Jolinar/Rosha did not know Martouf's secret. 4) Martouf's people are immune to the Goa'uld mind control. If taken by a Goa'uld Martouf's people can resist the mind control & their bodies can emit a chemical/poison that kills the Goa'uld if they so desires. 5) Martouf stayed in control when he was first blended with Lantash until they came to an understanding. Martouf can control the glowing eyes and voice, though Lantash is by now Tok'ra and are allowed control so it is really him we see and not Martouf pretending to be him. 6) Martouf has access to all of Lantash's memories but the same cannot be said for Lantash, he only has access to those memories that Martouf lets him see. 7) It’s time for Martouf to take a mate, his mind & body has chosen Sam, which never happened when he was with Jolinar/Rosha. 8) As Martoufs body starts entering the mating cycle he begins to emit a pheromone that only affects Sam. 9) Martouf taking Sam back to his planet for the bonding process. 10) While Sam & Martouf are making love during the bonding process, Sam doesn't know it but Martouf's "fluids" does not contain semen but an enzyme/chemical that begins to change her body chemistry, giving her new abilities and aligning her aging process to match Martoufs. The males of Martouf's planet are sterile until they go thru the bonding process then their bodies start to produce semen so they can reproduce. 11) Martouf's people deciding that they would rather align themselves with the human's of Earth rather than the Tok'ra because they like the unpredictability/ingenuity of the humans and the fact that in the short time the earthlings have been fighting the Goa'uld they have had some major victories against them. 12) The ruling council of Martouf's planet reassigning him to Earth to be their liaison. 13) Jacob being very pissed off when he finds out that Martouf is an alien and about the changes he is causing to Sam.
  • Does Sam prefer BDUs or Tok'ra garb on Martouf? Perhaps she has always like men in BDUs or Earth military uniforms because she has a military background. But Sam has nice memories about Martouf from Jolinar.
  • Sam isn’t allowed to date the men on the base and she can't tell people topside what she does for a living. She also feels she has too much to do to have the time for a relationship, but she would like someone to have sex with now and then. She ends up talking with Martouf and Lantash about it on a mission, and they decide to "help each other out" - Martouf/Lantash either does not feel ready to have a relationship with anyone or they take this chance to be with Sam, even if she says it is only going to be for the physical relief.
  • Ascension 5.03 rewrite.    If possible use the following story ideas plus any you can come up with: 1) When Orlin & Sam share their essences with each other, he learns about her love for Martouf and how sad it made her when he died so senselessly. 2) When Orlin re-ascends at the end of the episode he becomes aware that Martouf's "body" is being kept in stasis and decides that this is a way he can be with Sam whom he loves also. 3) Orlin taking Martouf's body out of stasis and merging himself & Martouf together as one being. 4) Martouf/Orlin taking off to find Sam, the woman they love. 5) Martouf missed Lantash, so Orlin saves him too, and they are now three people in the body. 6) With Orlin as a part of Martouf, Sam finally has someone who challenges her intelligent. 7) Some Sam/Martouf/Orlin kissing and a happy ending. 8) The Tok'ra trying to get Martouf/Lantash/Orlin to stay with them but they only want to be where ever Sam is, neither one of them want to give up their second chance of being with Samantha, to have a life together.
  • What if Lantash fell for Rosha/Jolinar because they reminded him of Samantha not the other way around? Ideal: Sam and the SG1 team are exploring a new planet and discover alien technology. While study the technology the SG1 team is sent back to a earlier time in the planets history. When arriving in the past the team meets Lantash who is studying the technology. This is set in a time before Lantash has met Martouf/Jolinar/Rosha; he is in a previous host body.    1) Lantash and his current host fall in love with Sam without the Jolinar/Rosha memories getting in the way. 2) Sam would have to keep quiet about anything concerning Martouf/Jolinar/Rosha in order not to mess up the timeline. 3) Sam/Lantash and lots of tech talk. 4) Sam & Lantash come up with the way to get SG1 home. 5) Martouf does not know about Lantash meeting Sam in the past, he was waiting for Sam to get sent to the past before telling Martouf in order to prevent a time paradox. 6) Lantash in the present time is the one who rigged it so that SG1 would go to the planet in the first place so that they would be sent to the past. 
  • SG-1, Martouf/Lantash. They get captured by the population of some planet. They wake up from being knocked out by something and find themselves in prison cells. O'Neill and Teal'c are in one cell (more luxurious, with beds and stuff), the others in another. The locals have recognized Teal'c as a Jaffa, and O'Neill still has an entry scar from the episode where Hathor grabs them, so the locals think he is Goa'uld (this should probably take place late third season). Some hilarity when O'Neill tries to convince the locals he is not a Goa'uld. Daniel, Sam, Martouf/Lantash all wake on the floor of a barren cell. They wear slave neck rings with text on in some dialect of Goa'uld. Martouf/Lantash can read it - it says they are now slaves belonging to whomever. Their owner intends to use them for breeding purposes because of their exotic blue/blue-grey eyes and blond/brown hair. Because Daniel wears glasses, the locals pair him with the local woman with the best eyesight, hoping to make up for it. Sam and Martouf/Lantash are paired.
  • The SGC has captured what they think is a Goa'uld. They thought he was human first, but during an attack his eyes glow, the SG-team capture him and take him to the SGC. He will not tell anything, including his name. Sam sees him and realizes who he is - a Tok'ra. Martouf/Lantash. Set before “The Tok'ra” I&II, but after “In The Line Of Duty”.
  • SG-1 has teamed up with Martouf on an assignment requiring his expertise. While on a Goa'uld infested planet, they come under attack and must evacuate immediately. Sam and Martouf are separated from the rest delaying their escape. Under gunfire Sam's signal device becomes damaged requiring her to return to the Tok'ra base with Martouf in order to get home. In the rush to dial home, Martouf unknowingly hits one wrong symbol sending them to an unknown alien inhabited planet currently celebrating its greatest festival of the year. Your mission is to continue the story using the above prolog incorporating the following items. 1. They are unable to leave the planet until the festival is over because it would insult their alien hosts. 2. Martouf and Sam must somehow end up unknowingly married. 3. Must include, at least, one bedroom scene where they wake up together butt naked, having no idea where their clothes went or how they ended up there. 4. They must be forced to wear local attire - especially on their return home. 5. Before they leave, they must find out they are married. 6. Jack, Teal'c, Daniel, and Jacob should be waiting for them when they return to the Tok'ra home base (Optional).
  • If you look at a lot of the fan fiction around, it seems that every guy who has ever been on Stargate always does something bad to Sam (especially poor Martouf) and good old Jack is always there to save her. Well, here’s my challenge. For once, Jack is the bad guy, and does something to Sam and it has to be really, really bad. Martouf has to be her knight in shining armor and save her or comfort her - either one will do.
  • The challenge must include the following items: 1) Sam is captured and tortured by one of the System Lords. 2) SG1 doesn't know where Sam is, a Tok'ra undercover operative sends a message to the Tok'ra about Sam's location. 3) The Tok'ra does not inform SGC and mount a rescue mission without their help. 4) Martouf/Lantash must lead the rescue mission. 5) Because of the torture Sam has amnesia, no Sam or Jolinar memories. 6) Sam forms a connection with the Tok'ra since they were the ones to rescue her so when SG1 shows up she doesn't want to go back with them because they're strangers to her. 7) Sam falls in love with Martouf/Lantash. 8) Jack trying to force Sam to come back to SG Command and pissing off Lantash. 9) A native animal, from above ground, adopts/developed an attachment to Sam and tries to bite Jack whenever he comes near her. 10) Tok’ra bathing pools. 11) Sam having nightmares.
  • Daniel is captured by the Goa'uld. Martouf temporarily joins SG-1 in order to help them search for him, due to his knowledge of the various Goa’uld worlds and their customs so it’s easier to infiltrate when they find Daniel.
  • SG-1 goes to a planet where the inhabitants are Aztec. Sam, Jack, and Teal'c are captured, and the Aztec believes Sam is the chosen bride of the sun god Tonatiuh (because of her blond hair), and are planning on sacrificing her to him. Story requirements: 1) The Aztec Gods were Goa’uld. 2) The SGC bring in Martouf/Lantash to pretend to be the Aztec Sun God. 3) The Aztec High Priest speaks the Goa'uld language so that they can communicate with their gods. 4) The Aztec believe that the Stargate is a portal to the God's realm (assume that the Aztecs didn't see SG1 come thru the gate). 5) Snakes. 6) White panther. 7) Daniel was not with the others when they were captured and escapes and goes for help. 8) Sam seeing Martouf being bathed by handmaidens and getting jealous. 9) Martouf and Daniel must change into Aztec clothing before going to the planet, Martouf in clothes befitting of a Sun God and Daniel that of a servant. 10) Daniel goes back with Martouf/Lantash as his servant to help advise them on the Aztec culture and customs. Daniel cannot speak English in front of the Aztec people because that is the language of the prisoners. 11) SG1 is forced to watch the priest marry Sam to Martouf. 12) The Aztec taking away Sam's clothes and dressing her in proper attire which is fitting for a sacrifice to the Sun God. 13) The High Priests arranging quarters for Sam and Martouf/Lantash’s "honeymoon” so the marriage can be consummated and their crops will be fertile. 14) Martouf taking his new bride and new slaves back with him thru the Stargate.
  • Takes place between "In The Line Of Duty" and "The Tok'ra" I & II. SG-1 is captured by a Goa'uld. It turns out to be a Tok'ra (Martouf/Lantash) or the Tok'ra is an underling for the Goa'uld. Sam recognizes Martouf, but how do she convince him to help them? Will he believe her?
  • Write a story with at least these elements in it: Martouf/Lantash coming back from the dead; Anise/Freya turning out to be a traitor; a whack in the head for Jack.
  • Have Martouf come to visit (other Tok'ra optional) and SG-1 naturally get to show him around a bit--yes, *all* of SG-1 for at least *part* of the story. I guess I'd just like to see Sam and the others attempt explanations to some of our odd little items, quirks and technology. Especially Jack since he'd probably make up terrible lies, for instance (about a can-opener) "That’s a deadly weapon that we use to open people's heads--to look for Goa’uld". Oh, and one last thing, there has to be *at least* one kiss between Sam and Martouf. Suggestions: Can-opener (tin-opener), clothing (come on, there's some pretty bizarre fashion out there), garbage disposal, television programs, our music, some of our food--they could take him to Taco Bell--and hey, I bet he's never seen a Chihuahua.
  • Write a story where one of those 'advanced' races has their own version of the Olympics and only certain species/race's get to participate and the Tau'ri are finally included--and it's an honor, so in the spirit of diplomacy, we participate! Of course, the Tok'ra is one of those races that participate--maybe they're looking for back-up from this 'advanced race', so they're humoring them. From each race, there are two representatives, and one of the Tau'ri reps has to be Sam. Martouf represents the Tok’ra, plus someone else (maybe Anise? We can just pretend D&C never happened). These 'Olympics' are pretty much similar to ours--or you can make up some new sports for it... You could include some of the other races we've met over the years (the Tollan?). Must include: 1. "Ignore it, and it will go away". 2. "Is anyone else getting the feeling that the entire universe has something against females?" –Sam. 3. Someone arguing with the judges. 4. Major Paul Davis has to be in it somewhere... Even if it's just a mention. PS: bonus points if you include a foot race in which Sam and Martouf get kind of competitive.
  • In an effort to find a new Tok'ra home base, Jacob and Martouf explore a new planet. Although the occupants are human, the people have never progressed beyond the Medieval times. Upon seeing Martouf’s eyes glow, the locals mistake him for a warlock. With Martouf captured, Jacob rushed to seek the help of SG-1 and in particular Daniel, history was never Jacob's strong point. The situation worsens when he discovers that Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c are on another mission and unavailable. However, Sam is at the SGC and is available to travel back with him to help rescue Martouf/Lantash... Continue the story incorporating the following items: 1) Lots of Martouf anguish. 2) Sam and Jacob must dress in Medieval clothing before going through the Stargate (Sam must wear a dress). 3) They have to bring their own horses. 4) The Inquisitor has already begun torturing Martouf to get him to "confess". 5) Must make use of the various torture devices from the real Inquisition period. 6) Jacob and Sam are pretending to be a nobleman traveling with his daughter. 7) The Inquisitor becomes obsessed with Sam thus hindering their escape from the planet (and no, Sam DOES NOT sleep with him). 8) Sam & Jacob secretly help Martouf/Lantash escape but have to hide him until he is well enough to travel. 9) Optional: Sword fight between Sam & the Inquisitor.
  • Jacob, Martouf come to Earth for a visit and that weekend, Janet is having a small pool party, mainly SG-1 and maybe a couple others. So of course Martouf and Jacob are invited. Must Include: 1. The concepts of pool floaters, rafts and maybe even swimsuits being explained to Martouf. 2. Maybe there'd be some Tok'ra insight on the idea of pools since they 'like' water. 3. Cassie has to be in it! Maybe Martouf finds it endearing how Sam interacts with Cassie. 4. Someone (more than likely, Jack) intentionally makes a large splash when jumping in, and absolutely drenches a fully dressed Daniel. From the end of “Bane”, I get the idea that he's not too fond of getting wet when he's got his clothes on. 5. And OF COURSE, S/M romance of some kind!!!

S02xE11/12: The Tok'ra I/II
  • AU of Tok'ra I&II. Either they are captured or are not able to gate to Earth. Sam, Martouf/Lantash, and Jacob/Selmak spend a lot of time away from both the Tok'ra and SGC. Sam/Martouf/Lantash ship.
  • Your mission is to write a fic, altering how the end of the desert scene could have gone (i.e. no Daniel coming and disrupting them). What would they have done? Your fic can go on from there, you can completely change the way Tok'ra Part I & II ended up, if you really want... I would prefer it to be angsty and you must use at least three of the five items below: 1. The words 'But, Jack, that's not how they do it on (Insert a planet name here). 2. Those Tok'ra pools. What exactly are they used for, anyway? 3. A flower that only blooms in the desert at night. 4. Martouf brushing his butt (you all saw that he did it in the episode, you have to leave it in there). 5. Jack walking in on Martouf and Sam doing something completely innocent, but Jack takes it the wrong way.

S03xE12/13: Jolinar's Memories/The Devil You Know
  • Martouf seemed like he was acting kinda odd in "Jolinar's Memories"/"The Devil You Know". I believe that he's still in prison on Sokar's (and then, my lord, Apophis's) planet! He was captured at the same time as "Dad", yet he was taken to the planet, and Jacob was taken to NETU. On the planet, Sokar made a Martouf-Clone, and inserted a Goa'uld in place of Landash, and the clone is who was killed in "Divide and Conquer"! Martouf and Landash are stuck in the prison on Delmak, unknown to Apophis or later Goa'uld. Since Apophis never goes down to the prison, bad memories for him and all). There are Jaffa guards who keep the prison going after the Goa'uld lord of the world is gone. Martouf and Landash are in the prison, along with an alternate version of Maj. Kawalsky! Maj. K was brought there after he was captured on 233 after his world was destroyed by RA. In his world, RA wasn't destroyed in the first mission, and he got revenge. Kawalsky's still a Captain ... They somehow steal a ship or something like that, and gate to a planet where they're found by an SGC team. t should be NC-17 eventually (when Martouf/Lantash meets Sam). Maybe it takes place in late season 5 or 6.

S04xE05: Divide and Conquer
  • Martouf/Lantash didn't die in "Divide and Conquer" - either it was clones that died or Lantash managed to heal Martouf and they then made a clone of Lantash to put in the healing tank. Martouf/Lantash are sent on an undercover mission to Earth and has been there since, trying to flush out Goa'uld. The story should probably be humorous. Do Sam know? What happens when she learns of it, otherwise? What happens when they rejoin the Tok'ra?
  • SG-1 gate to a world ruled by Yu and find hundreds of dead Jaffa with no external wounds. As SG-1 search Yu's abandoned palace, they are captured by the planet's inhabitants, former slaves to the Goa'uld, who now serve a new master -– Martouf (he is either still host to Lantash, or becomes host to him again, when he is captured and Lantash taken from the healing tank and put back in Martouf). After being driven mad by numerous attempts to remove the Za'tarc device from his brain, he escaped from a stasis chamber on the Tok'ra homeworld with the symbiote poison chemical and has plotted revenge against both Goa'uld and Tok'ra alike.
  • In 'Divide and Conquer', what if they had gotten to Martouf before the programming took over?
  • The Asgard somehow save Martouf/Lantash after it's revealed that they are the Za'tarc.      
  • Martouf/Lantash, Anise/Freya. Why did no one remember to test Martouf in 'Divide and Conquer'? Surely even he would know that he wasn't tested! Unless they covered it up with a false memory or something… Something better as well for Anise than, "Oh I can't /possibly/ be a Zatarc. Never had an opportunity. Nope. Never." Wasn't the point of the programming that the person under control didn't realise. And isn't it a little stupid to have someone who hadn't been checked out running the scans? She could have been deliberately fudging the results for all we know!    Which means... who is the conspirator? Find him/her and catch him - and if at all possible, heal/revive/cure/save the dead Tok'ra!
  • Has anyone considered the possibility that Martouf ascended? 1) At the end of "Divide and Conquer" Oma Desala, or some other ascended being comes and helps Martouf to ascend, he succeeds, turns into a glowing ball of energy, yadda yadda yadda.    2) You can decide if Lantash ascends too. 3) The 'Others' won't let him interfere, thus the reason we never heard from him again. But, something happens - you can decide what - and he helps, and in the process he reveals himself to Sam. 4) You can decide if he descends. Is that possible? Or, maybe Sam dies, and she ascends? 5) Don't forget the S/M romance!
  • At the end of “Divide and Conquer”, Sam decides to blend with Lantash so that he, at least, can be saved. She joins the Tok’ra and with Lantash, Anise and Freya’s help, finds a way to cure the Zatark’s. They then go on missions with Tok’ra and sometimes the SGC. They eventually mate with Malek or any other male Tok’ra out there.
  • AU of “Divide and Conquer”. Martouf/Lantash survived, but the Tok'ra hasn’t told the Tau'ri. SG-1 are captured, and either Martouf/Lantash is pretending to be a minor System Lord, or an underling to the Lord who captures them, or he buys them/gets them as gifts. Sam gets sent to his bed chamber (as an excuse so he can talk to her without anyone suspecting anything). They have to have sex to avoid suspicion.

S05xE15/16: Summit/Last Stand
  • In "Summit" the Tok'ra say they are searching for a host for Lantash because he's almost ready. The Tok'ra go to the Tau'ri BEFORE "Summit" ever happened to find the host for Lantash. The new host can be someone from canon or an OC.
  • In 'Last Stand' and 'The Summit', Lantash doesn't go into Elliot. Instead he jumps into Sam, resulting in some interesting complications. Oh, and don't kill Sam!
  • Rewrite "The Last Stand" where a) Lantash never enters Elliot. Sam saves his tank from being destroyed and takes it back to Earth with her.    or b) Lantash enters Elliot and is able to heal him enough for both of them to survive.
  • Martouf was supposed to be in stasis too, and would have been alive at the end of the episode "Summit"/"Last Stand", if just JR Bourne had been available to play the role for the episode. Write the true, original version of "Summit"/"Last Stand" where Martouf and Lantash lives.
  • Different end to "Summit"/"Last Stand". Lantash is allowed to try and heal Martouf and himself. He succeeds and they both survive.
  • What if in "Summit"/"Last Stand" the Tok'ra had decided to try if Lantash could heal Martouf, instead of deeming it to risky - and Lantash succeeds, healing them both fully. Also, find some way of saving the Tok'ra - far too many are killed on Revanna in those two episodes. Romance - Martouf/Lantash now tell Sam what Elliott told her, about their feelings for her.
  • Lantash is in Elliot's body and Martouf would be separate. I would love to see a fic with those two meeting up and both of them still being in love with Sam. Maybe (probably) Martouf again becomes Lantash's host. How does this happen?

S09xE13: Ripple Effect
  • Ripple Effect AU. It took them longer to get the other SG-1 teams home and there is an important mission that 'real' SG-1 needs to go on first. Martouf/Lantash decides to go with them and help, since they could really use a Tok'ra on this mission. As the mission goes, he and Sam talk, and learn that they really are the same people. He tells her he still loves her. She eventually admits she loves him too, and has for a long time. They kiss, go on a date back on Earth, she end up asking him to stay and he does.
  • Takes place in the Ripple Effect AU where AU-Martouf/Lantash comes from. After meeting "our" Sam, they decide to win their Sam back. How does this happen? It is a requirement that they do succeed.
  • Another one of the AR teams also include Lantash, but his host is Kevin Elliot.


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