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The posting period has now ended for the 5th Round.

Five people claimed between one and three prompts each, and we've contacted two authors who have yet to post their stories. Four fics and two artworks were posted.  Five fics and two artworks were posted. Good work everyone! :)

The sixth round will begin sometime in November. We hope to see both old and new people then. In the meantime enjoy the fics and artwork, and don't forget to like and/or comment! After all, they did take time out of their busy schedules to write fics and make artwork, so even a short comment or 'like' will be appriciated and make them feel good. :)

Here's the masterlist for round five:

Author: [personal profile] jackdanielforev 
Title: Destiny
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Why did Daniel really descend? Was it perhaps because he knew Jack needed him?
Prompt: 152. SG-1, Sam/Jack and Sam/Martouf|Lantash and Jack/Daniel, Late season 6, shortly before Fallen. Sam and Jack are a couple. Daniel sees that Jack is not happy, and realizes he misses him. Daniel knows Jack will be too stubborn to see he loves Daniel, so Daniel convinces Martouf|Lantash to descend - which isn't hard and the only thing stopping them is Sam being with Jack. (Martouf and Elliot|Lantash ascended separately and since Elliot didn't want to be a host and Martouf wanted Lantash back, ascended-Lantash took ascended-Martouf as host). With Martouf|Lantash back alive, Sam leaves Jack. Daniel now descends (yes, he was interfering and the Ancients wanted to punish him, but Oma would have stopped them had Daniel not wanted back to Jack). Daniel now have to convince Jack that they belong together!
Notes: Slight Sam/Jack, mostly past relationship. Some Sam/Martouf/Lantash as well. All but the Jack/Daniel are mostly background.

DW | LJ | AO3

Author: [personal profile] roeskva 
Title: Selmak
Characters: Egeria, Jolinar, Selmak, others
Pairings: None
Category: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Why is Selmak smaller than the other symbiotes we have seen?
Notes: Pre-series. Very much so.
Prompt: 080. SG-1, Selmak, why is she so small?

LJ | DW | FFnet | Symbiotica | AO3

: [personal profile] hathor_girl 
Title: Chance Meetings
Category: Adventure, AU, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In a universe where Earth has no Stargate program, the Tok'ra decide to send some of their people to capture Seth. During their mission they run into some familiar people.
Characters: Jack, Daniel, Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Rosha/Jolinar, Korra, OC Tok'ra, Kawalsky, Ferretti, Seth, OC Tau'ri
Pairings: Rosha/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash, Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash
Prompt: 010. SG-1, any, in an alternative universe the Egyptian Stargate was either taken by Ra or was never discovered by Dr. Langford. There was no mission to Abydos, no SGC and Earth never met the Tok'ra. But when Garshaw & the High Council learn that the long-lost System Lord Seth is hiding on Tau'ri (Earth), a group of Tok'ra are sent by Tel'tak to find & neutralize him. Which of our favorite Tok'ra characters will go to Earth? Will they choose to make First Contact with the people of Earth, asking the human authorities to help them in their search for Seth? Or will choose to work undercover, trying to blend in amongst the strange inhabitants of this bizarre planet we called Earth? Will the Tok'ra succeed in their mission and who will they meet along the way?
Warning: Character death

AO3 | LJ | DW | Symbiotica

: [personal profile] hathor_girl 
Title: Why do these things always happen to me?
Category: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Sam, host to Jolinar, was captured by the Jaffa attacking Nasya, instead of escaping through the Stargate?
Characters: Sam, Jolinar, Martouf/Lantash, others
Pairings: Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash, but not until the end.
Prompt: 079. SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, they're captured by the Jaffa before they manage to escape through the Stargate. Now Sam is a host against her will, she's hurt, and a captive of the Goa'uld.

LJ | DW | Symbiotica | AO3

: [personal profile] roeskva 
Title: Campfire:
Summary: Sam and Martouf/Lantash enjoy a romantic evening.
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam/Martouf/Lantash
Prompt: 108. SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, a romantic barbecue

DW | LJ | AO3 | Symbiotica

: [personal profile] roeskva 
Title: Tau'ri Transportation is Terrifying
Summary: Sam takes Martouf/Lantash for a ride on her motorcycle.
Rating: G
Prompt: 123. SG-1, Sam/Martouf|Lantash, Sam takes him to try her bike

LJ | DW | Symbiotica | AO3

Author: [personal profile] jennickels 
Title: Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
Pairings: Sam/Jack
Summary: The Tok'ra called. Sam went running. Jack followed. The world almost ended. Things will never be the same.
Rating: PG
Prompt: 103. SG-1, Sam/Jack, Sam returns from a mission - as a host. What does her husband Jack say?

LJ | AO3

If you have almost finished your fanwork you may still post it to either LJ, DW, and/or our AO3 collection as it will remain open. Same thing goes for any fanfiction or artwork you may have created for a previous round but were unable to finish on time.

We have also made a new sub-collection for any fanfiction and fanart created between rounds that is not part of any of our challenges. So if you're inspired to write some Tok'ra-related fic or make some (awesome) art, please feel free to post it here. :)


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