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We have gotten a question about archiving/publishing works for the challenge. Since the questioner hadn't confirmed their email address we were unable to answer their pm due to Dreamwidth blocking replies, but this is a question that would be relevant for others too, and so is better answered like this anyway.

Q: Where can works for Tok'ra Kree! be published/archived?

A: You can post on FF.net, AO3, your journal, personal website, Wraithbait, Symbiotica, and/or any other place where you might have an account.

When you have published your fic (during the open posting period), you post a header and the link(s) to where the fic can be found.

If you go back through the entries on Tok'ra Kree! you can see that it's common for authors to post their fic in several places (most commonly on LJ, FF.net, AO3, and Symbiotica).

Most challenges allow posting wherever you like. If a challenge has restrictions on where to post it will be included in their intro and rules, otherwise you're free to choose for yourself.

Still got questions? Ask them here on this post - or on the page-a-mod.


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