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Welcome to round 9 of the Tok'ra Kree! Prompt-a-thon!

The time has come to leave prompts for the 9th round. We got a lot of wonderful prompts for the last round, and we hope the same will be the case now!

Prompting is open from May 1st and through May 14th. Anyone is welcome to leave Tok'ra related prompts on this post - whether you wish to create any fanworks for this round, or not. Leaving multiple prompts is encouraged! You can leave them all in one comment, or in several - it is all good.

The schedule for the rest of the prompt-a-thon can be found here.

How to leave prompts:

  • Prompts should belong to the Stargate universe (SG-1, SGA, SGU, and the original movie). Crossovers are permitted, though, and should be noted in the prompt.
  • Prompts can be for art or fic, or any. If nothing is noted, it will be assumed it is for any.
  • Prompts can be a word, a sentence, a line of dialogue, a quote, a picture, or a longer plot bunny.
  • Prompts can be ship, gen, or any. Tok'ra are listed like this: Samantha Carter|Jolinar (host|symbiote). Pairings should be listed like this: Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash.
  • In order to facilitate sorting of the prompts, please include the full name of the characters (i.e. Samantha Carter instead of Sam).
  • Prompts can, but does not have to, include the names of one or more characters.
  • OC characters, including OC Tok'ra, are welcome.
  • You can be as vague or specific as you want to, but you cannot control how someone who chose your prompt (if anyone), will interpret it.
  • It is possible to leave prompts anonymously.
  • You may reuse up to ten prompts from previous rounds R04 | R05 | R06 | R07 | R08

Prompts should be left in this format:

Fandom (SG-1, SGA, SGU, pairing/character, prompt word(s)


Crossover, (SG-1, SGA, SGU) / other fandom (or SG-1, SGA, SGU), pairing/character, prompt word(s)

Pairings can also be threesomes, foursomes, moresomes.


SG-1, Garshaw of Belote, How did she come to be known as "The most hunted Goa'uld of all time"?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Aldwin/Teyla Emmagan, She took him to see the sunset from Atlantis.

SG-1, Kanan, alone

SG-1, Jolinar, She had always loved him.

SG-1, Malek/Janet Fraiser, healers

SG-1, Samantha Carter/Martouf|Lantash, "Yes, I suppose this would be considered a date."

SG-1, Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, The symbiote in the jar was Tok'ra.

SGA, Steven Caldwell/Carson Beckett and OC Tok'ra, naquadah

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, shared future

What does it mean that a prompt should be Tok'ra related? It just means that one or more Tok'ra should be included, and should play an important part in the fic/artwork that is later created from the prompt. The Tok'ra should not merely be there as an easy way to get information and/or technology.

If you need them, the rules can be found here (LJ | DW) and the FAQ is here (LJ | DW).

You can find information about each of the Tok'ra (including a picture) here, and about each of the Goa'uld (including a picture and symbol, if known) here Part 1 | Part 2. The information also contains lists of episodes the Tok'ra or Goa'uld have been in. There is also a list of episodes that have a Tok'ra in them. It can be found here.

If you need inspiration, you can find lists of prompts/plot bunnies here: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, previous rounds: R04 | R05 | R06 | R07 | R08.

Links to zipped screencaps of all episodes with Tok'ra in can be found here.

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Date: 2016-05-01 21:45 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] anthropos_agnostos
Any show, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, When Sam encounters an ascended being (Oma Desala? Orlin? Chaya Sar? Ascended Daniel? Someone else?) the being resurrects Jolinar within Sam. At first it's unclear why this was done but soon Jolinar's knowledge/experience proves vital in solving a looming crisis.

SG-1, Any, The S.G.C. finds a derelict Ha’tak, battle-damaged and without power. Turns out the vessel once belonged to Egeria or Jolinar. What do they discover within the ship?

SG-1, Any, There are plenty of fanfics exploring the early days of the Tok’Ra and Egeria’s rebellion against Ra’s rule. But I’ve never seen any stories about Egeria’s Jaffa and their role at these crucial times. So write a fic dealing with Egeria’s Jaffa and their role in her war against the System Lords.

SG-1, Daniel Jackson, Egeria (or Daniel Jackson|Egeria), While in the ascended realm Daniel Jackson still kept an eye on his old team. When SG-1 visited Pangar and found Egeria, Daniel did for her what Oma Desala did for him – he offered Egeria a chance to escape death through ascension. And when Daniel is kicked out by the Others for trying to stop Anubis, Egeria chooses to follow him down to the mortal plain. Who is her host? Is she blended with Kelma's old host once more? Or maybe Daniel becomes her host?

SG-1, Egeria, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, AU for episode "1969". Instead of ending up in 1969 the SG-1 team finds itself thousands of years in the past, back when Egeria was on Earth stopping the Goa'uld from taking humans through the Stargate. How do our heroes get back to their own era? Can they prevent alterations to the timeline?

SG-1, Jack O'Neill, There are symbiotes swimming in Jack's Minnesota fishing pond. Who are they and how did they get there?

SG-1, Jolinar, How does Jolinar react to seeing “The Vagina Monologues”? (Either she goes to see the play with Teal’c in "Family Ties" or she goes alone at some other point).

SG-1, Jolinar, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Set sometime after "In the Line of Duty". The S.G.C./the Tok’Ra needs knowledge/some McGuffin that only Jolinar had. Using the memory recall device on Sam proves useless. In a desperate move to get what’s needed SG-1 goes through the Quantum Mirror to a reality where Jolinar is still alive. The problem? In that reality Jolinar never joined the Tok’Ra and still rules as one of the System Lords.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Ashrak, Nasyan Man|Jolinar, A different type of "In the Line of Duty" AU: during the evacuation of Nasya Sam gives mouth-to-mouth to what she thinks is an injured villager… except the “villager” is in reality an Ashrak assassin who uses the opportunity to take Sam as his host. Meanwhile, Nasyan Man|Jolinar are taken to the Air Force Academy hospital with the rest of the villagers. Can Jolinar stop the Ashrak and save Sam? Will Jolinar be able to convince the S.G.C. of her identity and make them realize that Carter is not herself?

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, rest of SG-1 team, What if the episode "The Nox" had occurred sometime after "In the Line of Duty"? Thus, after SG-1 is killed by Apophis's Jaffa & is revived by the Nox, Jolinar is inevitably resurrected in the process too.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, AU for "Window of Opportunity". What if Sam|Jolinar were caught in Malakai's time-loop? We know what Teal'c and Jack did in their "time off" loops -- but what would Carter & Jolinar do in their place, knowing that they could get away with doing anything they want?

SG-1, Martouf|Lantash/Samantha Carter, Pete Shanahan/Samantha Carter, When the Trust/Ba’al kidnap Sam on Earth, Martouf|Lantash & Pete have to work together and combine their skills to find her.

SG-1, Teal’c/Freya|Anise, It all started with an undercover mission where Teal’c had to act as her First Prime…

SG-1, Teal’c/Samantha Carter|Jolinar, "Unending" AU. Normally, a romance between a First Prime of a System Lord and a Tok’Ra operative within a Tau’ri host would be out of the question. But they had spent 9 years together on the same team, helping each other through personal tragedies and being there for the other’s individual triumphs. Then they spent 50 years together on the Odyssey. At least aging wasn’t much of a concern for either of them…
Edited Date: 2016-05-02 01:20 (UTC)

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Date: 2016-05-04 11:34 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Egeria, Who was Egeria’s mother? What did Egeria inherit from her?

SG-1, Egeria, any goa’uld, any Tok’ra, Egeria’s siblings – goa’uld spawn lots at a time so Egeria must have siblings. What relationships do they have? Is there any sympathy in Egeria’s goa’uld siblings for their Tok’ra relatives?

SG-1, Garshaw, any Tok’ra, She was born a goa’uld and became a Tok’ra by choice. Does she or the other Tok’ra see a difference between her and the born-Tok’ra?

SG-1, Jolinar, Lantash, They were mates for over a hundred years, but that is only a short time in the life of a Tok’ra. What was their relationship like centuries before they became mates?

SG-1, Anise|Freya, any Tok’ra, It’s a new base and this one is on a very very wet planet. The tunnels start leaking and it’s trying everyone’s patience. Anise is being hassled to find a fix and her temper is running very short.

SG-1, SG-1 Team, any Tok’ra, The SG-1 team is stuck somewhere very boring with a few Tok’ra and to pass the time, they try teaching the Tok’ra some Tau’ri games.

SG-1, SG-1 Team, Anise|Freya, Before they encounter Jolinar, SG-1 meets Anise|Freya on a planet with some interesting techy artifacts. She hides what she is, but ends up making friends with the team. After becoming friends, how do SG-1 discover that Anise|Freya is Tok’ra and how do they handle it?

SG-1, any Tok’ra, any goa’uld, A goa’uld lets a captured Tok’ra go and it is not a trick.

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, During In The Line Of Duty, a desperate Sam|Jolinar attempt to flee the ashrak via a quantuum mirror. Can be an alternate Sam visiting the main canon reality, or some other combination. What do they find on the other side of the mirro and how do they get home?

SG-1, SG-1 Team, Jacob|Selmak, Any Tok’ra, SG-1 are running a training exercise off-world for a bunch of new SGC recruits and Jacob brings some Tok’ra along to join in.

SG-1, Any Tok'ra, SG-1 team, General Hammond, The Tok'ra council feels Sam is owed a debt for what she went through as an involuntary host to Jolinar. How do they attempt to repay this debt?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, Someone from the SGC comes forward offering to be a host to Jolinar during In The Line of Duty. Why would they offer, how does Sam feel about it and what is Jolinar's response?

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Date: 2016-05-07 06:01 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1 We see Lantash and Martouf killed in Divide and Conquer then discover in Summit Lantash is alive, how was this discovered, what happened to him during that time, what was going through his mind while in stasis?

SG-1 What if anything did the Tok'ra learn from Martouf's all important brain tissue?

SG-1 The show left this a decidedly loose end did the goa’uld try to make anymore za'tarcs, what was the origin of the za'tarcs, how was that actually resolved?

SG-1 directly after the closing scene in divide and conquer what happened at durring the treaty signing, what were the key points in the treaty?

SG-1 Lantash Lt. Elliot what if Lt. Elliot had survived to join the tok'ra?

SG-1 what if Egeria had survived being held by the Pangarins but could no longer spawn how would the tok'ra react, how would things change with Egeria back at the helm leading the tok'ra?

How sane was Egeria's host after being host to kelma as well assuming the above scenario?

SG-1 what would Egeria really think of the tok'ra if she had an in depth look at what they were doing (the no doors/ no secrets thing), exchange between delek and jacob/selmak?

SG-1 We known Kanan's 'girlfriend'joined the tok'ra what happened to her, did she become a host?

What would someone from earth's an American, a member of a western civilization's realistic reaction (looking for real more than the often characterized dislike or hate for the tok'ra complained about by authors when talking about the show or other fan fic) be to actually being a host even volunteering (none of that line of duty nonsense) how sane would they remain with another person in their head, what problems would arise, could they be resolved?

SG-1 How do the tok'ra help new hosts adjust to the strange new world in their head apart from the symbiote in their heads what part do the other tok'ra play in this, what happens when it goes terribly wrong and the host is left miserable and suffering?

What is life like among the tok'ra is it a community or what?

SG-1 Anise|Freya someone please follow her behavior to it's natural conclusion in a story showing the glaring consequences of walking around like an advertisement for a brothel hopefully hit hard enough with a clue stick to put some clothes on and keep them on

SG-1 Malek why is he so different from other tok'ra as in an actual decent person?

SG-1 Why was jacob carter such an abysmal tok'ra tau'ri liaison i mean the tok'ra don't seem to know about the vast governments running sections of the planet, no one seems to have ever explained CPR to them or how the whole jolinar thing came about WHY???

SG-1 Ta'seem in Dominion makes a rather rude comment about knowing Vala as Qetesh someone please write the scene that gives him the requisite tongue lashing and head smack (a tok'ra of all people should know better)

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Date: 2016-05-07 20:31 (UTC)
mirrored_illusions: Daniel Sam Jack sitting and staring in surprise. (Stargate SG-1)
From: [personal profile] mirrored_illusions
SG-1, Daniel Jackson /or& Anise|Freya, Daniel invites his fellow archeologist to come with him to a museum with a large Egyptian exhibition.

SG-1, Daniel Jackson, during a joint mission Daniel and a Tok'ra are separated from the rest of the group and end up having to survive for several days/a week on their own.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Egeria, Sam became host to the Tok'ra Queen in "Cure", but in an attempt to hide her continued existence from the Goa'uld very few are told of her real identity (or even that Sam is a host). Years later they are sent to Atlantis as the new Expedition Leader, either as an extra measure to hide the Queen or in order to hide that she is finally healthy enough to breed.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, Jolinar made the decision to walk out of the military hospital instead of seeing Cassandra.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar/Jack O'Neill|Kanan, do the military rules still apply to them or can they openly be a couple?

SG-1, SG-1 Team + Freya|Anise, the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri reach an agreement which leads to several Tok'ra (temporarily) joining SG Teams and several Tau'ri joining the Tok'ra scientists in an attempt to find a way to deal with the Goa'uld.

SG-1, Sha're/Daniel Jackson, the Tok'ra manage to capture Amaunet and remove her from Sha're before she's impregnated.

Crossover, SG-1/any, any|Egeria, the Tok'ra Queen either wasn't captured by Ra or she escaped somehow. At some point she ended up on Earth, later realizing there was no way off the planet. She's done her best to survive hoping for a chance to be reunited with her fellow Tok'ra in the future. Who is her current host and how does she meet up with the SGC and/or the Tok'ra?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, John Sheppard(|any Tok'ra) /or& Nancy Sheppard|any Tok'ra, when Ba'al was hiding on Earth at least one of the symbiotes he brought with him was a Tok'ra and she/he is implanted into Nancy. They manage to avoid being captured when Ba'al is found and killed/captured. Years later Nancy meets up with her ex-husband, does she/they tell him (or did he already know if they were still married when she was snaked)? Can be set either after "Outcast" or "Enemy At The Gate".

Crossover, SG-1/SGA/The Walking Dead(/any fandom(s)), any, when the infection hits and starts spreading the President makes the decision to bury/enclose the Stargate in order to contain the outbreak and stop it from spreading to other planets. He also orders the Mountain to be sealed shut. Meanwhile a number of people from Atlantis are on Earth, as are several Tok'ra. After leaving the Mountain do they run into any of the TWD people?

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Date: 2016-05-09 02:33 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Freya|Anise, Aldwin, Delek, Pick one these Tok’ra and have them stuck at the SGC during a lock-down. How does it affect their opinion of the Tau’ri and what the SGC thinks of the Tok’ra?

SG-1, Ren’al, Any Tok’ra, What motivated Ren’al to develop the symbiote poison and what does the average Tok’ra think of it, give it’s just as lethal to them as to the goa’uld?

SG-1, Per’sus, What is the connection between Per’sus of the Tok’ra and Perseus of Greek mythology?

SG-1, Any Tok’ra, Do the Tok’ra have any kind of plan for the future if they won against the goa’uld? What do they imagine victory to be like?

SG-1, Samanatha Carter|Jolinar, When attempting to fly a stolen teltak back to Earth, it is damaged and crashes on the planet of the Nox. Sam is killed in the crash, and when she is restored to life, Jolinar is also restored and neither is at all happy about it.

SG-1, George Hammond, Any Tok’ra, Hammond blends with a Tok’ra to save both their lives during a foothold crisis at the SGC. After it’s over and Earth is safe, can Hammond remain in command?

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Date: 2016-05-09 15:12 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, what if the attack by Apophis on Earth happened later, while Sam was host to Jolinar, and no one knew yet she was a host - and so went with the others to his ship, like in the episode?

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Date: 2016-05-09 20:46 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] anthropos_agnostos
SG-1, Anna|Sekhmet|Tok'Ra, What if victim of the Trust's genetic experiments, Anna, had survived the events of the episode "Resurrection"? Due to being imbued with the Goa'uld's genetic memory, she still has the issue of carrying the remnants of Sekhmet's consciousness. What if Anna decides to become a Tok'Ra host to help keep Sekhmet in check? How would the three minds (Anna's, Sekhmet's and the Tok'Ra's) interact with one another?

SG-1, Cameron Mitchell, Any Tok'Ra, What if Col. Mitchell is unable to recruit one or more of the "old gang" (Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) to rejoin SG-1 when he is assigned to lead the S.G.C.'s flagship team? Mitchell has to fill the vacant spot(s) with someone new and he chooses a Tok'Ra to be on his team. Whom would it be? (Be as creative as you want here!)

SG-1, Charlie of the Retou|Tok'Ra, Either during episode "Babylon" or "Arthur's Mantle" the S.G.C. requests the help of Charlie (last seen leaving for a Tok'Ra base in episode "Show and Tell") due to his ability to see what's invisible.

SG-1, Daniel Jackson, Any Tok'Ra, The events of the episode "Absolute Power" are not all just a dream and Daniel Jackson really does become megalomaniacal from the Goa'uld knowledge given to him by Shifu. Before Daniel can stop him, Teal'c manages to make it off world and warn the Tok'Ra (& any other Earth allies who would listen) about what's going on. Now the Tok'Ra have to try & rescue what's left of SG-1 and stop Daniel before it's too late.

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Date: 2016-05-10 14:40 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
any show, anyone, the Ori plague is ravaging Earth, and they have not found the cure. The Tok'ra offer to make a few of the surviving Earth biochemists and doctors hosts, so they can survive (symbiotes can cure the plague) and continue working for a cure for the rest of humans.

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Date: 2016-05-10 14:44 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
Any show, anyone, any Tok'ra, a Tok'ra ship crashed on Earth centuries ago, and it turns out those onboard survived. What happened to them? Did they get new hosts as the years passed? Did they stick themselves in stasis jars? Die somewhere in secret? Who were they? Perhaps they had found a daughter of Egeria and she and several other Tok'ra are alive and in hiding on Earth and have not heard of the Stargate program. How do the SGC find out about them? Or are they approached by the Tok'ra?

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Date: 2016-05-10 15:04 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
SG-1, any Tok'ra, a Tok'ra is visiting Earth and has been allowed off the base together with some people from the SGC (SG-1 or whomever). Suddenly the Tok'ra sense an energy signature from a symbiote. What happens? Is it a Tok'ra or a Goa'uld?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, the Jaffa capture them before they can flee with SG-1 from Nasya

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, Jolinar doesn't go to see Cassandra and make it off world with SG-1. She escapes and goes to the Tok'ra. What now? Will Sam remain her host?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, Jolinar doesn't go to see Cassandra and make it off world with SG-1. The Goa'uld attack the planet they went to before she can flee, and all of SG-1 (including Jolinar) are captured. What now? What do the rest of SG-1 do when they find out about Jolinar? Will they trust each other enough to be able to help each other escape?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, the ashrak is stopped before he can kill Jolinar. What happens now? Will the NID get control of Sam|Jolinar? Will they escape together? Will the rest of the SG-1 help them escape, maybe together with them?

SG-1, Sam|Jolinar, Jolinar did not die, but is in a coma, unbeknownst to anyone. She is slowly healing and wakes up during "Need", at the time when Sam otherwise remembers the stuff about the bad effect of the sarcophagus. Now perhaps it is Jolinar saying it.

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Date: 2016-05-10 15:10 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
SG-1, Teal'c|Junior, SG-1 except Teal'c make it back from 1969. Teal'c is stranded and when Junior matures he takes Teal'c as a host. Do Junior turn Tok'ra? Or do SG-1 and the Tok'ra have to find Teal'c|Junior somewhere hiding on Earth, as a Goa'uld? Or have Teal'c|Junior somehow contacted the Goa'uld and are now in charge of ruling Earth, and SGC never happens, but maybe Sam and/or Jack and/or Daniel meet the Tok'ra when they come to check on the Goa'uld world of the Tau'ri?

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Date: 2016-05-10 15:21 (UTC)
ltkatia: Sam/Martouf in the desert (Default)
From: [personal profile] ltkatia
SG-1, Martouf|Lantash, any other Tok'ra, instead of Martouf|Lantash being zatarc, some other Tok'ra is a zatarc

SG-1, SG-1 and Martouf|Lantash, when SG-1 go to some world, maybe during season 7 or so, they find a stasis field among some alien ruins. It turns out they triggered it in an alternate time line and that Martouf|Lantash was also on that mission. When did this happen? Why doesn't the rest of them remember it? How come a Martouf|Lantash was killed in their timeline, when he/they is clearly alive? It is all very confusing - up to the writer to explain!

SG-1, Martouf|Lantash and SG-1, when SG-1 are captured by some Goa'uld, it turns out there is another prisoner, Martouf|Lantash. This should take place before "The Tok'ra I&II" but after "In the Line of Duty". Can they work together? Does Sam recognize Martouf|Lantash? Will they escape together?

SG-1, Martouf|Lantash and SG-1, when SG-1 are captured by some Goa'uld, it turns out there is another prisoner, Martouf|Lantash. Should take place AFTER Divide and Conquer. What is going on? Are the Tok'ra lying? Was the killed Martouf|Lantash clones? Or did the Tok'ra heal him and he ran away? Do Martouf and Lantash remember what has happened - or even recognize SG-1?

SG-1, Martouf|Lantash and SG-1, time travel to any time in Earth's past, maybe while the Goa'uld are still there

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Date: 2016-05-11 00:58 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
SG-1, Any Tok’ra, Ba’al, Bra’tac, Janet Frasier, AU of the aborted timeline from “2010”. The SGC figures out the reality of the Aschen before Earth is lost but they’ve already let the genie out of the bottle by telling the Aschen about the rest of the galaxy. To fight one of the plagues the Aschen have inflicted on the jaffa, goa’uld and Tok’ra alike, Ba’al and the Tok’ra have teamed up (reluctantly) and they’re seeking help from the Tau’ri and Bra’tac.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, Sam and Jolinar have come to a degree of truce during In The Line Of Duty, and Sam has reluctantly agreed to help Jolinar get away and go home. Knowing she might not get back home for a while (or ever if things go badly), before they visit the hospital, Sam stops for a decadent treat (something like a fancy chocolate sundae with an unusual topping, etc.). It turns out that something in it acts like a sedative on a symbiote and Sam has to decide what to do now that Jolinar is asleep. Does she keep quiet and follow Jolinar’s plan? Or does she turn herself in along with a sample of what she just ate and trust in the SGC to do the right thing?

SG-1, Quinta|Jolinar, SG-1 team, Quinta’s injuries during the attack on Nasya are much less serious and Jolinar does not try to jump hosts. However, medical checks at the SGC reveal her presence. As Quinta is not from earth, they argue that the SGC has no right to detain them when they have committed no crime against the Tau’ri. During the discussions, the ashrak attacks and Quinta|Jolinar takes a near-fatal injury to protect Daniel. Can Hammond repay that by continuing to detain them or does the SGC help Jolinar go home?

SG-1, Any Tok’ra, Tok’ra versus Goa’uld. Same species, divided by in philosophy. A Tok’ra is faced with a situation that challenges their beliefs about how black-and-white the division is and how secure – or fragile – the line between them.

SG-1, Jolinar, Bra’tac, When Bra’tac is a young jaffa, he is in the wrong place, wrong time when Jolinar is sabotaging one of Apophis’s ships. She has a choice of leaving him to die or saving him and chooses the latter. How much does she reveal to him about the Tok’ra? Does it change what he eventually tells his protégé, Teal’c, about the Tok’ra and Jolinar in particular? Does it change the canon events of In The Line of Duty? If it doesn’t change things, how does Bra’tac feel when he learns of Jolinar’s death?

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Date: 2016-05-11 01:03 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Just reposting these as I forgot to write the character names the way we were supposed to. *blush* (it's the last four prompts from the anon post dated 2016-05-04 11:34)

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, During In The Line Of Duty, a desperate Sam|Jolinar attempt to flee the ashrak via a quantuum mirror. Can be an alternate Sam visiting the main canon reality, or some other combination. What do they find on the other side of the mirror and how do they get home?

SG-1, SG-1 Team, Jacob Carter|Selmak, Any Tok’ra, SG-1 are running a training exercise off-world for a bunch of new SGC recruits and Jacob brings some Tok’ra along to join in.

SG-1, Any Tok'ra, SG-1 team, George Hammond, The Tok'ra council feels Sam is owed a debt for what she went through as an involuntary host to Jolinar. How do they attempt to repay this debt?

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, Someone from the SGC comes forward offering to be a host to Jolinar during In The Line of Duty. Why would they offer, how does Sam feel about it and what is Jolinar's response?

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Date: 2016-05-14 11:19 (UTC)
mirrored_illusions: Daniel Sam Jack sitting and staring in surprise. (Stargate SG-1)
From: [personal profile] mirrored_illusions
SG-1, Janet Frasier|Egeria, they came through a Quantum Mirror, and not having a G.D.O., they go to various planets the SGC had contact with in their reality in the hope that one of them will have a Sagan Box so they can contact the SGC for them.

SG-1, Sara O'Neill /or& Jack O'Neill, any Tok'ra, Sara becomes terminally ill with something, and as she knows about the Stargate Program, Jack is given the option to offer her the chance to become a host.

SG-1, Sha're/Daniel Jackson, in an attempt to infiltrate the Goa'uld the Tok'ra manage to capture Amaunet, remove her, and then convince Sha're to become a Tok'ra host. How does Sha're handle this, and how does Daniel react when he finally find out?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Elizabeth Weir|any Tok'ra, Elizabeth became a host prior to becoming the leader of the Atlantis Expedition. Rewrite of any episode.

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, John Sheppard, Marshall Sumner|any Tok'ra, Colonel Sumner became a host prior to becoming the military leader of the Atlantis Expedition. Does Sheppard know his CO is a host and if he does will he try to save the symbiote after killing Sumner?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, John Sheppard|any Tok'ra, due to an agreement between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra at least two people going on the Atlantis Expedition has to be either Tok'ra or take a symbiote. Being the last person to join, and due to his black mark, he has to become a host in order to go on the Expedition.

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Ronon Dex, during a visit to Earth Ronon is shot with a staff weapon and is dying. At least one Tok'ra is also on the mission and the host is also mortally wounded. Does Ronon accept the symbiote?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Team Sheppard, a Team Sheppard comes through the Stargate from another reality and all four of them are Tok'ra hosts.

Crossover, SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers|Egeria, Egeria wasn't on Pangar, instead she was in a canopic jar in Shadow Valley Vineyards outside Sunnydale where the Slayer's Scythe was hidden. During the battle between Buffy and the Potentials versus the Turok-Han Buffy is thrown into the canopic jar and it breaks. Once out of the jar Egeria instinctively takes Buffy as her host, but quickly hides her presence and doesn't reveal herself until later. Post-Chosen everyone but Buffy|Egeria and Faith are dead, and only those Potentials in Sunnydale were Called. The two Slayers head for Colorado Springs and the Stargate. How does SG-1 and the people at the SGC react to having a California girl claiming to be the host of the missing Tok'ra Queen, and them being in the company of a wanted fugitive?

Crossover, SG-1/SGA/The Walking Dead(/any fandom(s)), Samantha Carter|Jolinar or Egeria, Janet Frasier|any Tok'ra, Carolyn Lam|any Tok'ra, Cassandra Frasier|any Tok'ra, any, X number of people from the SGC took a symbiote in an attempt to survive the zombie infection. Are Rick's group willing to take in/join their group with a bunch of military people, including two M.D.'s? And are there other survivors from the SGC/Atlantis somewhere?

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Date: 2016-05-14 23:14 (UTC)
roeskva: Jolinar confronts the ashrak (Default)
From: [personal profile] roeskva
Some old prompts I would like to see something written for:

SG1, any, the zatarc programming works on humans, but not symbiotes. So the symbiote should be able to take over, suppress the human and keep them that way until they can be cured (perhaps even by their symbiote). Rewrite Divide and Conquer assuming this to be the case. It certainly makes much more sense if you look at what else is said on the show - every time there is something mind altering, Sam and Teal'c are immune. Maybe even make the humans suspected of being zatarcs hosts to cure them.

SG1, Dr. Raully, she survived her wounds by taking Sam as host (Sam volunteers and/or is unconscious and/or badly injured)

SG1, Egeria, Did something happen to make her turn Tok'ra, or was she always different?

SG1, Garshaw of Belote, let us hear about how she came to be Tok'ra

SG1, Martouf|Lantash, Lantash is in Elliot's body and Martouf would be separate. I would love to see a fic with those two meeting up and both of them still being in love with Sam. Martouf again becomes Lantash's host. How does this happen?

SG1, Martouf|Lantash, Martouf had ascended, and when Lantash and Elliot dies, they ascend too. Lantash and Martouf meet up and 'blend' as ascended beings, since they missed each other. They later meet Daniel and help SG-1 together with him. When he descends, they descend too. Possible Sam/Martouf|Lantash.

SG1, Rosha|Jolinar, Nasyan Man|Jolinar, how did the Jolinar get her host on Nasya?

SG1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, an alien device brings her back. Should take place just before "Fair Game" - I want to see how that episode would go with Sam as a Tok'ra. I am sure the Goa'uld hates Jolinar as much as she hates them!

SG1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, something goes terribly wrong at a point in time of your choice, and the only way to fix it is by using a machine which will send her consciousness back in time to July, 1998 (ca. timeline for "In the Line of Duty"). The catch? In order to fix the future she has to find a way to convince Jolinar of what's going on, convince Jolinar to allow her (Sam) full control of her own body so she can explain it to her team/General Hammond, and remain a Tok'ra host in order to prevent the catastrophic event in the future that was. Piece of cake, right? Not so much.

SG1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, the ashrak's attack leaves Sam & Jolinar in a coma and their condition is deteriorating. Soon after the incident however the rest of SG-1 travels to P7J-989 where they encounter the "Gamekeeper" & the VR pod-technology. The decision is made to place Sam in one of the VR stasis pods until such time that the S.G.C. finds a way to save her (Carter might not be able to access the virtual reality but the pod should keep her alive as it did with the residence of the planet for centuries). When does Sam & Jolinar wake up and who is there to greet them?

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Date: 2016-05-15 10:27 (UTC)
mirrored_illusions: Daniel Sam Jack sitting and staring in surprise. (Stargate SG-1)
From: [personal profile] mirrored_illusions
SG-1, Catherine Langford|Egeria, AU - at some point after the Stargate Program becomes operational and SG-1 starts going on missions, Catherine finds a canopic jar and accidentally breaks it. The queen symbiote, Egeria, instinctively takes her as her host. What happens then? Do they tell the people at the SGC, and if so, when? How do they go about finding the Tok'ra (if set pre-ItLoF)? What if they show up at the SGC while Jolinar is there?

SG-1, Daniel Jackson, any Tok'ra, Daniel befriends a Tok'ra linguist, and in between missions they work on translating things - both in the Tok'ra tunnels and at the SGC.

SG-1, Egeria, Teal'c, Egeria is dying but she lives just long enough to have one last clutch of symbiotes. She helped the Pangerans make a cure for Tretonin but there was no way to make it functional without destroying the immune system, even for the Jaffa. Instead Teal'c takes one of Egeria's new symbiotes.

SG-1, Freya|Anise, how do they see the Tau'ri? Are they potential allies, arrogant upstarts, in way over their heads? Something else?

SG-1, Freya|Anise, Samantha Carter, they had to get off this planet.

SG-1, Samantha Carter (clone)|Jolinar/Jack O'Neill (clone)|Kanan, AU - both Jack and Sam were cloned by Loki, but what no one realized until later was that the cloning and Thor's correction so they wouldn't die resurrected their symbiotes. The latter was kept secret, along with their identities, and now the two of them are on an undercover mission for the Tok'ra in a Goa'uld stronghold.

SG-1, Samantha Carter|Jolinar /& Jack O'Neill(/Kanan), the events of Moebius caused events to change so that Sam, and maybe Jack, are both hosts.

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, any, any Tok'ra, Atlantis get a couple of Tok'ra in an attempt to see if the healing device can do anything for people who have been fed on.

Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, when they agreed to this mission neither one of them thought they would be sitting in the Tok'ra Tunnels trying to explain DADT to a group of Tok'ra.

Crossover, SG1/SGA, John Sheppard|Anise, John found Atlantis' "voice" to be soothing, but his new symbiote found it disturbing. Especially as it sounded distorted to her.
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