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Stuff the Tok'ra have given to/done for the Tau'ri and the Galaxy

Examples of some of the things the Tok'ra have done for the Tau'ri, Jaffa, and the rest of the Galaxy. All episodes referred to are from Stargate SG-1 unless otherwise noted.

  • Cured Jacob Carter (who in return saved the life of Selmak). (S02xE11: The Tok'ra I and S02xE12: The Tok'ra II). Later Selmak helped Jacob get along with his son again. (S03xE02: Seth)

  • Fought the Goa'uld and kept them feauding for thousands of years until they could be eliminated (mentioned in several episodes, among others S04xE03: Upgrades, S04xE22: Exodus, and S09xE07: Ex Deus Machina where the Jaffa Ka'lel says this: "I needn't remind the council that the Tok'ra did battle with the Goa'uld for just as many years…their efforts were instrumental in securing our freedom.")

  • Warns them against Sokar and against what might happen if they let Apophis go (even dead). (S02xE18: Serpent's Song)

  • Gave them a Tollan communicator. (S02xE18: Serpent's Song)

  • Brings TERs (promises to bring more later) and helps against the Reetou. (S02xE20: Show and Tell)

  • Spies on Hathor and makes a map of her installation and where they keep SG-1 captured. Sends this map to SG team (S02xE22 Out of Mind)

  • Dr. Raully saves O'Neill from becoming host to a Goa'uld and stops Hathor, even risking her own life. (S02xE22: Out of Mind and S03xE01: Into the Fire)

  • Killed Sokar with a bomb, stopping him from becoming all-powerful (and he's a really bad Goa'uld so that would be really bad) (S03xE13: the Devil You Know)

  • Removes  Klorel from Skaara (S03xE15: Pretense)

  • Brings Atanek armbands which SG-1 tests. This enables them to destroy Apophis's mothership. While they later blame her for the armbands falling off during the mission to destroy Apophis's mothership, in truth she could not know they would fall off or that they would do so then. (S04xE03: Upgrades)

  • Gets a symbiote for Shaunac (S04xE04: Crossroads)

  • Egeria came to the Tau'ri to stop the Goa'uld from taking humans through the Stargate as slaves. (S04xE04: Crossroads)

  • Zatarc detector (S04xE05: Divide and Conquer), which can also be used as a lie detector (S06xE09: Alliance)

  • Uses Tanith to give Apophis false information (several episodes between S04xE04: Crossroads and S04xE22: Exodus)

  • Teaches the Tau'ri how to fly Goa'uld ships (mentioned in S04xE22: Exodus)

  • Showed the Tau'ri (Sam at least) blueprints for typical motherships (S04xE22: Exodus and S05xE01: Enemies)

  • Regularly gives the Tau'ri intel and advice (S02xE18: Serpent's Song, S02xE22: Out of Mind, S03xE12: Jolinar's MemoriesS03xE02: Seth, S04xE03: Upgrades, S04xE12: Tangent, S04xE14: Serpent's Venom, S05xE14: 48 Hours)

  • Gave advice on the function of Stargates and DHDs when Teal'c was stranded, as well as hints on fixing it and some warnings of what could go wrong (S05xE14: 48 Hours)

  • Symbiote poison (S05xE15: Summit and S05xE16: Last Stand) The Tok'ra will not use it until they can assure that the Jaffa are not affected.

  • Uses the compound taken from the Reo'l to make a ring that you can stab others with to make them think you are the one you say you are. (S05xE15: Summit)

  • Jalen comes to the aid of SG-1 when they are stranded after stopping an asteroid sent by Anubis from destroying Earth (S05xE17: Fail Safe)

  • Jacob/Selmak comes to try and save the life of Daniel with a healing device. (S05xE21: Meridian)

  • Helped the Tau'ri repair a cargo ship so the Tau'ri would have a ship if they needed it. (Mentioned in S05xE22: Revelations)

  • Sends Thoran to try and help with the virus SG-1 (and others) got from Aiyana (though they don't think they have the technology to do much) (S06xE04: Frozen)

  • Offers a symbiote to heal O'Neill (it will be a temporary blending since he does not wish to remain a host). Despite all else, Kanan DID heal O'Neill. (S06xE04: Frozen)

  • Tries to help SG-1 retrieve O'Neill when Kanan has gone back to Ba'al to save Shallan (Ba'al's lo'tar. He went back partially because of influence from O'Neill's wish not to leave anyone behind, and partially because he was in love with Shallan). (S06xE06: Abyss)

  • Comes to help when SG-1 asks for assistance with the Pangarians who needs saving after becoming dependent on flawed tretonin. Egeria and Malek save them, despite the Pangarians having killed mmillions of Egeria's children and slowly killed her with medical experimentation and forced breeding. (S06xE10: Cure)

  • Based on the Tretonin made on Pangar, the Tok'ra makes a changed version that will fit Jaffa physiology and enable them to no longer need symbiotes - something the Tok'ra has worked for centuries to achieve. (S06xE19: The Changeling)

  • Saves Teal'c and Bra'tac with tretonin when Junior dies from exhaustion (S06xE19: The Changeling)

  • Sends a ship to scan for O'Neill when he is lost and eventually rescues him and Maybourne from the moon where they are stranded (S06xE15: Paradise Lost).

  • Regularly gives the Tau'ri intelligence (S06xE21: Prophecy - Tok'ra informs the Tau'ri that not only did Baal abandon P4S-237 over a hundred years ago, but to the best of their knowledge he no longer receives any Naquadah shipments from the planet.)

  • Brings strategic information about Ba'al and Yu. (S06xE21: Prophecy)

  • The Tok'ra regularly use their ships to fly and check on things for the Tau'ri - like if there are still people on Abydos (S06xE22: Full Circle)

  • Helps Sam with naquadria research (S07xE01: Fallen)

  • According to intelligence provided by the Tok'ra, Anubis is quickly decimating the forces of the remaining system lords. (S07xE01: Fallen)

  • According to intelligence provided by the Tok'ra, the power core of Anubis' new weapon must be cooled by a ventilation shaft on the exterior of the ship. If that can be targeted and destroyed just as the weapon is powering up, the crystals will over heat and be destroyed. (S07xE01: Fallen)

  • Have deviced an injectable radioactive isotope that allows people to, for instance, sneak onto a ship and move around undetected by internal sensors for 8 hours. (S07xE01: Fallen)

  • The Tok'ra have given the Tau'ri some Tok'ra communicators to use for safe communication from deep under ground (Mentioned in S07xE02: Homecoming)

  • The Tau'ri receive regular reports from Tok'ra intelligence. (Mentioned in S07xE02: Homecoming)

  • Offers to put young clone-O'Neill in stasis until they can heal him (S07xE03: Fragile Balance)

  • Analyzes young clone-O'Neill's DNA and finds that he is a clone (S07xE03: Fragile Balance)

  • Have given Tau'ri Tok'ra forcefields/forceshields (Mentioned in S07xE11: Evolution I and S07xE12: Evolution II and in S09xE09: Prototype)

  • Gives the Tau'ri (and the Kelownans) Tok'ra tunnel crystals to make a tunnel fast enough down to stop a naquadria reaction from destroying Kelowna (S07xE14: Fallout)

  • Removes Osiris from Sarah Gardener (07xE15: Chimera)

  • Gives the SGC Tok'ra (data?) crystals which Sam has been using for various energy transfers  (S07xE21: Lost City I)

  • Keeps on giving regular reports to the SGC. (S08xE04: Zero Hour)

  • Has given the formula for symbiote poison to the SGC, so they can use it as a defensive option in an attack against Earth. The Tok'ra still do not want to use it for attacks until a way has been found to protect the Jaffa, but Earth is considering it. Both Earth and the Tok'ra have promised not to use it except in defense. (S08xE04: Zero Hour) Later the Trust use it. (S08xE10: Endgame)

  • The SGC has been told the location of several Tok'ra operatives, and some locations are still known by the time the Trust attacks the Jaffa with symbiote poison. (S08xE10: Endgame)

  • The Tok’Ra incited a rebellion on Vala's (Qetesh's) planet.

  • The Tok'ra removed Qetesh from Vala.

  • More intelligence from the Tok'ra (S08xE13: It's Good to Be King - The war between Ba’al and the System Lords has reached a critical stage. According to Tok’Ra intelligence, Bastet and Olukun are dead, Morrigan has capitulated, and Lord Yu and Amateratsu are rallying their armies for what will probably be their last stand. In the face of imminent defeat, some of the System Lords are actively seeking out areas of refuge. Planets they abandoned long ago are now being scouted as possible sanctuaries.)

  • Saved Maybourne when Earth asked them to. The Tok'ra put Maybourne on a safe world which once belonged to the System Lord Ares. (Mentioned in S08xE13: It's Good to Be King)

  • More intelligence from the Tok'ra. (S08xE14: Full Alert - According to Tok’Ra intelligence, The Trust launched at least two poison attacks against Goa’uld-occupied worlds after Earth took back the Gate they had.)

  • Jacob/Selmak brings a receiver to the SGC which allows them to tap into the subspace network the Tok'ra have. The Tok'ra operatives have spent several years tagging as many Goa’uld ships as possible in an effort to track their movements. They have beacons on more than a hundred motherships transmitting their location via subspace to an encoded Tok’Ra network. With this they can for instance keep tabs on Ba’al’s fleet, see how their battle with the Replicators is faring and also get up to the minute Tok’Ra intelligence reports from their agents in the field. (S08xE16: Reckoning I and S08xE17: Reckoning II). Yes, Jacob/Selmak stole it and so it was not sanctioned by the Tok'ra High Council.

  • More intelligence from the Tok'ra. (S09xE09: Prototype - Sam says: "It's a report from the Tok'ra…they've discovered a gravitational disturbance with their long range sensors …")

  • More intelligence from the Tok'ra (AU). (S09xE13: Ripple Effect - AU-Daniel says: "... anyway…the Tok'ra have been monitoring the in roads that the Ori have been making in the region for quite some time…")

  • AU-Martouf/Lantash help Sam find a way to return the stranded SG-1 teams to their own universes (S09xE13: Ripple Effect)

  • More Tok'ra intelligence. (S09xE16: Off the Grid - Harriman says: "… according to the Tok'ra dispatch…")

  • The Tau'ri have gotten Tok'ra subspace communicators from the Tok'ra. (S09xE19: Crusade: Sam says: "...so using that and this Tok’ra subspace communicator we’ve been trying to mimic the frequency sent and received by the stones…we just didn’t think we were having any luck.")

  • More Tok'ra intelligence. (S09xE19: Crusade: Sam says: "Sir. The Tok’ra and the Asgard are scanning for subspace anomalies that would indicate super gate activity…we’re monitoring the existing black holes that we know of…but it’s a big galaxy…")

  • Info from the Tok'ra: (S10xE08: Memento Mori: Daniel says: "Well…from what we learned from the trust operative and the information provided to us from the Jaffa and the Tok'ra, this is what I've been able to piece together so far. *shows an image of Athena* Um…Athena, the Greek goddess of war, A.K.A. Charlotte Mayfield, A.K.A. The goa'uld responsible for kidnapping Vala. Now, according to what I've learned, she was a minor player who rose to mid-tier status by pursuing alliances with more powerful rivals…Cronos, Camulus, Svarog, and even Anubis when he was first on the outs with the system lords.")

  • Tok'ra intel. (S10xE19: Dominion: Sam says: "We've been trading intelligence with the Tok'ra since the Ori ships first arrived. They wanna get rid of them just as much as we do.")

  • Removes Ba'al from Adria (S10xE19: Dominion)

  • A Tok'ra symbiote offers to try and control Adria (S10xE19: Dominion)


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