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Screencaps of episodes with Tok’ra

The following is a list of episodes that have named Tok’ra in them. In addition to the listed named Tok’ra, there are often other, unnamed Tok’ra in the episodes. Click the link beside an episode to download screencaps for that episode.

The screencaps have been done by [personal profile] roeskva , and there are no requirement that you credit or anything. You are also welcome to re-upload as you like, anywhere.

The caps are zipped .jpg / 1024x576 / source: DVD.

A table with canon named Tok'ra, a short description, and which episodes they are in, can be found here.

Season 02
S02xE02 In the Line of Duty (Jolinar)
S02xE11-12 Tok’ra I & Tok'ra II (Martouf/Lantash, Yosuuf/Garshaw, Jacob/Selmak)
S02xE18 Serpent’s Song (Martouf/Lantash)
S02xE20 Show and Tell (Jacob/Selmak)
S02xE22 Out of Mind (Dr. Raully)

Season 03
S03xE01 Into the Fire (Dr. Raully)
S03xE02 Seth (Jacob/Selmak)
S03xE07 Deadman Switch (Korra)
S03xE12 Jolinar’s Memories (Martouf/Lantash, Jacob/Selmak, ‘Rosha/Jolinar’ - memory flashes)
S03xE13 The Devil You Know (Martouf/Lantash, Jacob/Selmak, Aldwin, ‘Rosha/Jolinar’ - memory flashes and hallucinations)

Season 04
S04xE03 Upgrades (Freya/Anise, Marnon)
S04xE04 Crossroads (Freya/Anise)
S04xE05 Divide and Conquer (Freya/Anise, Martouf/Lantash, Per’sus)
S04xE12 Tangent (Jacob/Selmak)
S04xE14 The Serpent’s Venom (Jacob/Selmak)
S04xE17 Absolute Power (Aldwin)
S04xE22 Exodus (Jacob/Selmak, Jalen - not named in episode)

Season 05
S05xE01 Enemies (Ren’al, Jacob/Selmak)
S05xE15 Summit (Aldwin, Lantash, Ren’al, Jacob/Selmak)
S05xE16 Last Stand (Aldwin, Lantash, Jacob/Selmak)
S05xE17 Fail Safe (Jalen)
S05xE21 Meridian (Jacob/Selmak)

Season 06
S06xE03 Descent (Jacob/Selmak)
S06xE04 Frozen (Thoran)
S06xE06 Abyss (Thoran, Kanan)
S06xE08 The Other Guys (Khonsu of Amon Shek)
S06xE09 Allegiance (Malek, Ocker, Jacob/Selmak)
S06xE10 Cure (Malek, Kelmaa, Egeria)
S06xE15 Paradise Lost (Jalrow - not seen)
S06xE19 The Changeling (Jacob/Selmak)
S06xE21 Prophecy (Sina)

Season 07
S07xE03 Fragile Balance (Jacob/Selmak)
S07xE09 Avenger 2.0 (Thellas)
S07xE11 Evolution I (Jacob/Selmak)
S07xE12 Evolution II (Jacob/Selmak)
S07xE13 Grace (Jacob/Selmak - hallucination)
S07xE16 Death Knell (Delek, Jacob/Selmak)

Season 08
S08xE10 Endgame (Zarin)
S08xE16 Reckoning I (Jacob/Selmak)
S08xE17 Reckoning II (Jacob/Selmak)
S08xE18 Threads (Jacob/Selmak)

Season 09
S09xE13 Ripple Effect (Martouf/Lantash)

Season 10
S10xE19 Dominion (Ta’seem, Zanuf)

Screencaps of all episodes of Stargate SG-1 can be found here (link to pages where separate episodes can be downloaded):

s01 | s02 | s03 | s04 | s05 | s06 | s07 | s08 | s09 | s10 | all seasons of SG-1 + movies

(The links will be filled in as I, [personal profile] roeskva get the episodes capped).   All done! :)


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